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Abe Carver
Days of our Lives
Portrayed by James Reynolds
Current status Present; Contract
Duration 1981–present
First appearance October 29, 1981
Created by Pat Falken Smith
Introduced by Betty Corday And Al Rabin
Fullname Abraham Washington Carver
Nickname(s) Saint
Gender Male
Born August 17, 1953
Age 74
Occupation Former Mayor
Former Police commissioner
Former Chief of police
Former Police officer
Residence 2818 Ashland Drive, Salem, Illinois
Family Carver family
Parents Benjamin Carver †
Rita Carver †
Siblings Theo Carver
Jonah Carver
Karen Carver
Spouses Lexie Carver † (1991-2012)
Romances Maxine Landis
Fay Walker
Valerie Grant
Joan Hopkins
Nikki Wade
Denise Preston
Tamara Price
Sheila Watkins
Children Brandon Walker
Theo Carver
Lani Price (adoptive)
Grandchildren David Grant
Nieces and nephews Jett Carver

Abraham "Abe" Washington Carver is a character on the soap opera Days of Our Lives, portrayed by James Reynolds since he originated it on the series in 1981, and is currently the third longest serving actor on the show. The character was created by head writer Pat Falken Smith. Abe is the widowed husband of Lexie Carver, daughter of international crime lord, Stefano DiMera. He is the father of Brandon Walker, Theo Carver and Lani Price. He is the grandfather of the late David Grant.

Abe is considered a Saint amongst the citizens of Salem.


Abe was first seen as a police officer who was investigating Anna Brady's claims that she was sold into white slavery, and then reported the existence of her secret Swiss bank account to her husband, Roman Brady. A pretty woman named Nikki Wade was hired as secretary for the Salem PD. Nikki appeared to be normal and average, but she was really from family that was extremely wealthy and respected. Abe and Nikki started dating, but he ended up he standing her up at a debutante ball to go after a drug dealer that turned out to be a fellow officer undercover named Roman Brady. Abe and Nikki argued because neither knew what the other had been doing. Abe and Nikki broke up, and Nikki left Salem.

At some point, Abe met and married a fellow cop named Alexandra Brooks. After Roman used illegal means to catch a criminal named Rafe Torres, Abe was promoted to police commissioner. In 1995, Abe went to Aremid to investigate the murder of Tony DiMera, and Lexie searched the Aremid birth records only for her and Abe to fins out that her aunt Frankie Brooks was really called Celeste Perrault, and was her biological mother. She was also Tony's half-brother since his father, Stefano DiMera, was also her biological father.

Abe and Lexie had to chase after Stefano, whom had kidnapped Marlena Evans, and fled to Paris. Abe, Lexie, John Black, Stefano's adopted daughter Kristen DiMera, and John's friend René attended a ball that John set up to look for Marlena. Stefano had anticipated this and set up a lot of women that looked like Marlena at the ball. Abe and Lexie saved Kristen and her mother Rachel Blake from an underground explosion, but Rachel saw Stefano trying to get away, so she shot a gas tank that triggered an explosion that presumably killed the both of them Stefano survived, and Abe finally located him, but Stefano was pardoned of his crimes after giving the drug that could cure Roman Brady.

In the late 90s, a young man named Brandon Walker came to Salem. Brandon hated Abe, and Abe didn't understand why. Brandon got in touch with Larry, who Abe had shot years ago and paralyzed, and had Larry sue Abe. Brandon's mother Fay Walker arrived in town. Abe had an affair with Faye when Brandon was young, and Faye explained that Brandon saw them and blamed him for breaking up their family.

Abe and Lexie were unable to conceive a child, so they finally agreed to discuss adoption. Abe and Lexie agreed for Stefano to arrange for them to meet a young woman named Marlo, and adopt her baby. Abe and Lexie named their sos Isacc, and had just got him home when Abe misunderstood a situation involving Brady Black playing cowboys and Indians. Brady was wanted by the police, and Abe accidentally shot him. Brady was unable to use his legs for a long time and sued the police force

Abe and Lexie were heartbroken when they learned that Issac was Bo and Hope's son when the birth father of the baby they had been raising came to town to claim him. Abe and Lexie fought to keep Issac, but when Abe saw what this was doing to Lexie, he signed over custody. After Stefano fled town to avoid arrest, Lexie went off the rails and acted more like her father. Abe and Lexie briefly separated, and she kidnapped Isaac from Bo and Hope. Lexi was arrested and jailed for her crime.

Abe stood by Lexie, and they eventually reconciled. Lexie became pregnant and gave birth to baby boy that they named Theo Carver II after his brother. On the day of Theo's Christening, Brandon revealed that he was Abe's son. Abe learned Lexie had slept with Brandon and could be Theo's father, but a DNA test confirmed that Abe was Theo's father. Abe and Brandon forged a father and so. bond before Brandon left town. Tony returned to town alive, and said that Stefano had died in a car crash and made him promise to return to Salem to take care of Lexie, but questioned the validity of Tony's claim.

In 2003, Abe was allegedly shot and killed by what would come to be known as the Salem Stalker. Abe was revealed to he alive on an island called Melaswen with several other victims of the Stalker. It was eventually revealed that the Stalker was orchestrated by Tony, who planned to blow up the Island with various residents. Some Salemmites made it home, but others were captured by Tony and imprisoned in a DiMera castle in Europe.

Abe was reunited with Lexie and Theo, thrilled to see his son in person for the first time since the day of this christening, but soon began having vision problems. He was devastated to learn that he could soon be completely blind, and was more determined than ever to spend as much time as he could with his family while he could still see them.

Abe was thrilled when Brandon came home for Thanksgiving for a brief visit. After Brandon left, though, things began going downhill for Abe. He lost his vision completely and learned he was impotent, and often became angry with Lexie very easily. He began accusing her of wanting to sleep with Tek, even though she hadn't done so (at that time). A short time later, though, Abe and Lexie both decided their marriage was important to them, and that they wanted to work it out.

Abe was devastated when Lexie was believed dead in a horrible car accident. Shortly after, his eyesight began to deteriorate again, and Abe had to undergo a second transplant. Not long after, it was discovered that Lexie was really alive, and had been held hostage in the tunnels under Salem for a number of months. The two were reunited and began looking forward to a future again raising their son Theo. Abe and Lexie began noticing that Theo was having problems playing with other children. After several tests, Theo was diagnosed with autism. Devastated, Abe and Lexie went to counseling and worked through their problems. The therapy helped. Abe's new look on life did cause him to make some serious changes.

First, Abe finally vented his frustrations over Lexie's infidelities and was able to forgive her. Second, Abe got so frustrated with the corruption at city hall, lead by Mayor Marino, that Abe decided to quit his job as the police commissioner and run for mayor. In November 2008, Abe Carver was elected the mayor of Salem. He appointed Bo as the police commissioner and vowed that together, he and Abe were going to finally bring down Stefano.

Abe was up for re-election in 2011 and it appeared that he would run unopposed. But, EJ DiMera decided to enter the race. Abe hired Jennifer Horton to be his publicist. Together, they fought a clean campaign for a while. But, when the campaign appeared to get dirty, Jennifer presented Abe with a proposition - she had a reporter friend who could get Abe the debate questions ahead of time. Abe agreed to go forward with it, and Jennifer arranged for the questions to be delivered. Additionally, during a visit to the DiMera mansion for Sydney's birthday party, Abe switched EJ's set of questions with a set of dummy questions. On the day of the debate, Abe was well prepared and won the debate.

On election day, it appeared that Abe had won the election. Jennifer and Abe were thrilled. But soon allegations of ballot tampering were brought against the two. They were arrested and EJ was declared the winner of the election. Lexie was furious with Abe at first, but eventually forgave him. With Lexie back by his side, Abe was determined to fight the charges.

Abe And Lexi Carver

In spring 2012, Lexie learned that she had a long-lost brother. Celeste had another child who had been kept from her and the family for years. Lexie and Cameron were thrilled to meet, and Cameron quickly formed a bond with Lexie and her family. But they did not have much time to spend together as Lexie was diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor.

After some research, Abe learned that the brain tumor could have been caused by extended exposure to fumes like those present in the underground tunnels where Andre kept Lexie prisoner. Even though Stefano didn't personally lock Lexie in the tunnels, he knew that Andre was dangerous and thus felt a great responsibility for Lexie's tumor. Lexie forgave Stefano and made peace with him. When Stefano was fatally shot a few weeks later, Lexie helped plan his memorial service.

Lexie opted not to go forward with any treatment, but to spend her remaining time doing things that she likes with people that she loves. Abe and EJ recreated France in the town square so that Lexie could have her day in "Paris." Friends came to the Carver house to share memories with Lexie. Lexie made scrapbooks and videos for Theo and Abe to watch after she died. And, she also left instructions for all of her friends to watch out for Theo and Abe.

As Lexie grew weaker, she spent more and more time at home. Finally, Lexie died in Abe's arms while the two of them sat together in their garden. A few days later, friends and family gathered to say goodbye to Lexie in a memorial service that consisted of dancing, poetry, and laughter.

Abe picked up the pieces and looked towards raising Theo. Abe also served as a consultant for the Salem P.D. and even served as temporary Commissioner when Roman had to step down for a brief time. He continued on with the police in a special capacity, as needed.

Abe's personal life picked up as well when he began spending more time with Maxine Landis, head nurse of Salem U Hospital. Abe and Maxine bonded over the grief of losing a spouse and enjoyed spending time together. In September 2015, Abe was asked to take over as mayor of Salem again. Abe agreed.