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Alex Marshall
Alex Marshall.jpg
Days of our Lives
Portrayed by Quinn Redeker
Current status Former; Regular
Duration 1979-87
First appearance July 25, 1979
Last appearance July 23, 1987
Cause/reason Sent To Prison For Burning Down The Salem Inn
Created by Elizabeth Harrower
Introduced by Betty Corday and H. Wesley Kenney
Gender Male
Occupation Businessman
Residence Prison
Siblings Harley Marshall †
Spouses Mary Anderson † (1980)
Renee DuMonde † (1983-84; dissolved)
Emma Donovan † (1985-87; dissolved)
Romances Nora
Barbara Talmadge
Marie Horton
Children Jessica Blake (with Marie)
Grandchildren Nick Fallon

Alex Marshall is a character from the soap opera Days of Our Lives, portrayed by Quinn Redeker from July 25, 1979 until July 23, 1987. He was a shady character, who was believed to have killed his brother Harley Marshall.


Alex Marshall arrived in Salem on July 25, 1979 as an employee of Anderson Manufacturing. Alex saw Stephanie Woodruff, and recognized her as someone who had had plastic surgery back in New York. Alex blackmailed Stephanie and eventually stole a Solar Power Device through Stephanie from Anderson Manufacturing. Later that year Alex set out to date sites on Bob Anderson's daughter Mary Anderson. Alex married Mary in March 1980, Mary's father died soon after the wedding. Alex was then blackmailed by a business associate of his name Jarvis Maxwell, who wanted to take control over Anderson Manufacturing.

Bob's will left control of Anderson Manufacturing to Chris Kositchek. Alex convinced Chris to make him his partner, and then Alex learned that Kellam Chandler was attempting to takeover Anderson Manufacturing. Alex helped Kellam make sure that the shipment of Solar Generators Anderson was to deliver never made it to their destination. Alex then employed David Banning to spy on Kellam for him, since Alex was still working for Jarvis. Alex's plans fell apart when his treachery was found out by Mary. She fired him from Anderson and divorced him.

Alex and Marie with their daughter Jessica

Jessica Blake came to Salem, and Alex felt pity for her, so he sponsored her tuition. Alex had several arguments with her mother and his ex Marie Horton about Jessica, who was hiding the fact that Alex was Jessica's biological father. Marie and Alex had been a sadomasochist relationship, and Marie had witnessed Alex accidentally kill his brother Harley by pushing him out of of a window during an argument. Alex legally adopted Jessica Blake in 1981, so Marie told him that Jessica was his daughter, but made him promise that he wouldn't tell Jessica. Alex wanted to re-kindle his relationship with Marie, but Marie had become a nun, and refused to break her vows. Alex and Marie went to Canada to learn more about Jessica, but their plane crashed on the way. Alex and Jessica took refuge in a nearby cabin for the night where they reconnected, and almost made love, but were rescued before they could. Alex learned the plane was sabotaged and blamed Kellam Chandler for it. Later that same year, Alex told Jessica that he was her father, and Jessica accepted him as her father, but turned against Marie for not telling her. Marie eventually left the convent, and planned to marry Alex, but they delayed their wedding when they learned Jessica had ran off to join a convent.

Marie and Alex eventually straightened things out with Jessica, but Mary Anderson had forgiven Alex and decided she wanted him back. Mary made Marie believe Alex was having an affair with her, and Mary broke up with Alex. Alex was shot and fell into coma. David Banning was arrested when Renee DuMonde saw him holding the gun, and when Alex awoke, he didn't remember who shot him. Alex was paralyzed from the waist down, and Mary moved back into care for him. Mary refused to sleep with Alex or remarry him, and they eventually parted ways for good.

While Alex as at the hospital for a check up, saw the man who shot him coming out of Stuart Whyland's office. Alex confronted Stuart, and Stuart blackmailed Alex into helping him takeover Anderson Manufacturing. Stuart demanded Alex say that David shot him, but Alex refused, and Stuart left Salem as a result. Alex soon became involved with Stefano DiMera's drug ring, and with Stefano DiMera. Stefano was being blackmailed by Evan, and he ordered Alex to take care of Evan. Alex broke into the hospital and switched Evan's medical records before he went for surgery. Evan was given penicillin, which ended up killinG him.

Renee and Alex

Alex and Stefano's drug ring got infiltrated and brought down by Roman Brady, and they both vowed to have revenge on him. Alex tried to kill Roman's sister Kayla Brady with a robot which had a poison needle. Kayla fell into a coma but survived. Later, Alex tried to kill Alice Horton, but killed a nurse by mistake. At Roman's wedding to Marlena Evans in 1983 Alex tried to have Roman killed, but failed. When Stefano died of a heart attack in 1983 he left behind two wills, and only Alex knew of the second will. The second will left his daughter Renee Dumonde a substantial amount of money, so after she divorced from David Banning, Alex quickly married her to get the inheritance. The marriage was shortlived as Renee was killed by the Salem Stalker, who turned out to be her cousin (later revealed to he her half-brother in 2015) André DiMera.

Alec went after Anna DiMera when she found evidence that implicated him in his. dealings with Stefano. Alex went after her, but she managed to get out of town in time. The evidence connecting Alex to Stefano was destroyed, and Anna returned safely to Salem. Alex managed to get Anna to spy on Tony DiMera for him. Stefano was revealed to he alive, and planted a bomb during a charity event for the new psychiatric wing at Salem University Hospital in 1984. Alex knew about the bomb and donated 1 million dollars.

In 1984, most of Alex's money went missing from his Swiss bank accounts and his shares of Anderson were being bought up at an alarming rate. In order to recoup his losses, Alex went into business with Anna, and opened up a fashion company. Alex and Anna fell in love and got married, but the marriage ended and he sold their company. Linda encouraged Alex to set fire to Anderson Manufacturing, so Alex burned down Anderson Manufacturing to collect the insurance money. Larry Welch found out about Alex and Linda's scheme, and blackmailed them

In 1985 Alex stole Anna's dress designs, but Anna had Eugene Bradford rigged the fabric on the dresses to disintegrate while they were on the runway. Anna and Tony DiMera got married, but Alex had replaced the minister with an actor, making the marriage invalid.

Later that same year, Victor Kiriakis blackmailed Alex into working for him, and had Alex help him buy up large portions of the businesses in Salem. In 1986, Alex met and fell in love with Shane Donovan's ex-wife Emma Donovan. Alex married Emma, but she was murdered in 1987 by Shane's ex ISA partner. On June 23, 1987 Alex was arrested after trying to burn down the Salem Inn, which he owned, to collect the insurance money. Offscreen, Alex was convicted and sent to prison where he quite possibly died or is still there since he hasn't been mentioned and presumably never met his grandson Nick Fallon.