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Allie Horton
Days Of Our Lives
Portrayed by Elle and Ithaca Kremer (2007–08)
Charlotte and Stella Penfield (2008)
Kallie Lynn (2008 in Lucas's nightmare)
Ella and Anna Gietzen (2009)
Carolyn and Campbell Rose (2009–14)
Lindsay Arnold (2020–present)
Current status Present; Contract
Duration 2007–14, 2020–present
First appearance October 23, 2007
Created by Hogan Sheffer and Meg Kelly
Introduced by Ken Corday and Edward J. Scott
Ken Corday, Albert Alarr and Greg Meng (2020)
Fullname Alice "Allie" Caroline Roberts
Gender Female
Born October 23, 2000 (originally 2007)
Age 21
Residence Salem, Illinois
Family Horton, Brady, Roberts
Parents Lucas Horton
Sami Brady
EJ DiMera (step)
Siblings Will Horton (full)
Johnny DiMera
(half-fraternal twin)
Sydney DiMera
Sydney DiMera Sr.
Daniel DiMera
Romances Charlie Dale † (he raped her)
Tripp Dalton
(kissed; 2020)
(lovers; 2021-present)
Chanel Dupree
(kissed; 2021)
Children Henry Horton (via Charlie)
Grandparents Bill Horton
Kate Roberts
Roman Brady (maternal)
Marlena Evans (maternal)
John Black (step)
Aunts and uncles Mike Horton
Jennifer Horton
Austin Reed
Billie Reed
Philip Kiriakis
Rex Brady
Cassie Brady
D.J. Craig
Carrie Brady
Eric Brady
Belle Black
Brady Black (step)
Nieces and nephews Arianna Horton
First cousins Jeremy Horton
Abigail Deveraux
JJ Deveraux
Chelsea Brady
Tyler Wilkens
Claire Brady
Noah Reed
Emily Lockhart
Mackenzie Horton

Alice "Allie" Caroline Horton is a character from the soap opera Days of Our Lives, currently portrayed by Lindsay Arnold. Allie is the daughter of Sami Brady and Lucas Horton.

Casting and Characterization

Allie was played by a unknown baby in 2007, and then by twins Elle and Ithaca Kremer from 2007-2008. Charlotte and Stella Penzield then portrayed Allie in 2008, followed by Ella and Anne Gietzen. Carolyn and Campbell Rose held the role the longest from 2009 till 2014 when the character left Salem.

In May 2020, rumors of a Allie returning to Salem as an adult. This was confirmed in a promo that showed the new Allie, and shortly after the actress was revealed to be Lindsey Arnold. Arnold first appeared as Allie on June 10, 2020. Allie has been said to be like her mother Sami. Prior to that, Kallie Flynn played a teen aged Allie in her father Lucas's nightmare where she was imagined as depressed, broke, chubby alcoholic; who is bullied by her twin brother Johnny DiMera.

In September 2020. it was announced that Arnold had been upped to contract status with the show.


Allie is the daughter of Lucas Horton and Sami Brady. She has one older half-brother Will Horton, and is the twin half-sister of Johnny DiMera. She also has a younger half-sibling Sydney DiMera. Her grandparents are Roman Brady, Marlena Evans, the late Bill Horton, and Kate Roberts. Her step-grandfather is John Black. As a child, she was partially raised by Johnny’s father EJ DiMera and Rafe Hernandez. Incidentally, Johnny’s late grandfather Stefano DiMera and late uncle André DiMera both became her step-grandfathers through her marriage to Kate at some point.

Allie is the mother of Henry Horton born in July of 2021 (T.J.) with Tripp Dalton, who she believes raped her in London on Christmas holiday 2020. Allie got pregnant just like her mother Sami at a very young age with a son of her own. However, in truth, Charlie Dale, Tripp's half-brother, was the one who assaulted her in London and got her pregnant. In January 12, 2021, Nicole confirmed to her that Charlie was the one who raped her. Not long after, Allie's hypnosis under her grandmother Marlena would cause her to remember that horrible night and confirm him as her rapist. In February 25, Allie finally got justice when she learned Charlie was found shot and killed in his apartment by an unknown assailant, later revealed to be Jan Spears, in attempt to frame Allie's aunt, Belle Black.

After Charlie's death, Allie and Tripp became close and bonded over her son Henry, whom Tripp promised to care for him whenever needed. While bonding over Henry, Tripp and Allie started to grow feelings for one another. In July 13, 2021, they made love for the first time.

Allie is very close with her cousin Claire Brady and her best friend, Chanel Dupree. Allie and Chanel end up sharing a kiss that Allie says was nothing, but she becomes hostile when’s he finds out her Johnny and Chanel are dating. After Allie and Chanel sleep together, and her relationship with Tripp is ended, she is forced to confront her feelings for Chanel and realizes she is bisexual.

Allie has a strong bond with her older brother Will Horton and her uncle Eric Brady and aunt by marriage Nicole Walker but also her grandmother Marlena who help deliver her and Johnny and step-grandfather John and grandmother Kate. Despite her tumultuous relationship with Johnny, Allie does love her twin brother and ultimately helps him oust The Devil from his body only to become possessed herself.


In December of 2006, Sami Brady and Lucas Roberts went for a romantic winter vacation when a terrible storm hits, forcing them to take shelter in an abandoned log cabin. While staying in the log cabin, Lucas and Sami made love in front of the fire. The roof suddenly collapsed, and a huge beam fell on Lucas's leg. Lucas was trapped and had a chance of freezing to death.

Sami went looking for help, and flagged down a car. The driver was E.J. DiMera. Sami begged for E.J.'s help, and he said he would help if she had sex with him. Sami reluctantly agrees, and essentially let EJ rape her to help save Lucas.

In early 2007, Sami Brady learned that she was pregnant with twins. The DNA test originally said that E.J. was the father, but Nick Fallon later confessed to switching the test and confirmed Lucas the father.

Allie Horton was born October 23, 2007 alongside her twin brother Johnny. Their grandmother Grace DiMera delivered Allie. Lucas temporarily got full custody when Sami had to go into the witness protection, and from October 2008 to January 2009, Allie lived with Lucas and Chloe Lane.

When Sami came out of the witness protection, she had a new baby with her named Grace DiMera. Grace died of bacterial meningitis, but it was later revealed that Allie's true half-sister was alive and being raised by E.J., and Nicole Walker as Sydney DiMera

Allie spent time with both Lucas and Sami, and later went to spend time with Lucas in Hong Kong. For the most part, Allie was raised with her brother Johnny and half-sister Sydney with E.J. often serving as a stepfather.

Allie left town with her mother and siblings after E.J.'s death in 2014. When Sami made frequent returns to Salem, Allie and her siblings were left behind him. Lucas moved to be closer to Allie and would care for them. E.J. would be revealed to be alive and join Sami and Lucas in raising her children together.

Allie loves spending time with her siblings: Johnny DiMera, Sydney DiMera and Will Horton. Allie became an aunt when Gabi Hernandez gave birth to Arianna Horton, Will's daughter.

A adult Allie returns to town on June 10,2020 when she shows up on her uncle Eric Brady's doorstep. Allie asks Eric and his girlfriend Nicole Walker if she can crash there. Eric and Nicole agree, but Eric tells Allie she has to call Sami as soon as possible. Allie promises to help out as much as she can, and Eric also tells her no partying and drinking. Allie admits that won't be a problem, and unzips her hoodie to show that she is pregnant.

Meanwhile, Lucas shows up at the DiMera mansion to confront Kate about giving Allie money. Kate admits she also gave Allie her credit card, and Lucas realizes they can use her credit card to track where Allie has been. They discover Allie is in Salem, and Kate thinks it is too surprise her.

Eric and Nicole are stunned that Allie is pregnant. Allie is concerned that Eric is going to kick her out now, and starts getting defensive and calling Eric "father". Eric snaps at Allie that he isn't lecturing her. Eric and Nicole wonder if Sami knows, Nd Allie said she doesn't. Allie doesn't want Sami to know because she knows how mad she'll be. Eric says she'll have to tell Sami sooner or later when she has a baby, but Allie admits she isn't sure what she is doing about the baby.

Allie admits she doesn't know who the father of her baby is and plans on giving the baby up for adoption to her older brother Will and his husband Sonny to raise as their own. Sami eventually finds out starts trying to pressure Allie into keeping the baby, alienating her.

However, when Allie's son is born, she changed her mind and decides to keep the baby, naming him Henry Lucas Horton. Sami leaves town to return to London and attend to EJ so Allie stays with Nicole and Eric, but Eric soon leaves to return to Africa to help the children there.

Allie eventually admits that she was raped while in London, and when she sees Steve Johnson's son Tripp Dalton, she accuses him of the rape. Tripp vehemently denies the accusations, but Allie and her entire family believe Tripp is guilty.

When London authorities determine that there isn't enough evidence to pursue a case against Tripp, Allie takes matters into her own hands and threatens to shoot Tripp in his privates if he doesn't confess. Tripp claims they had sex, but it was consensual, which Allie doesn't buy.

Allie is stopped by the unexpected arrival of Tripp's thought to be dead mother Ava Vitali, who easily disarms Allie. As time goes on, Allie starts to doubt Tripp. She also gets a strange feeling about her cousin Claire Brady's new boyfriend Charlie Dale.

Allie undergoes hypnosis, which verifies Tripp's version of events and reveals that Charlie had been the one to rape Allie. What's more is that while Tripp isn't Henry's father; he is his uncle since Charlie is also Ava's son.

Soon after the truth comes out, Charlie is found dead in his apartment from a gunshot wound. Allie is a suspect, but eventually cleared of the crime. Sami, originally believing Allie is guilty, attempts to interfere with the investigation to protect her.

Allie offers a heartfelt apology to Tripp, who accepts it and they become close as Tripp helps her with Henry. They share a close moment on numerous occasions and Allie starts to develop feelings for Tripp, but feels that they could never be anymore than friends.

Allie runs into her old friend from London Chanel Dupree, and they catch up over drinks. Allie told Chanel about her being raped and that she has a son now. Chanel asked Allie if she had a boyfriend, and Allie said she was interested in this one guy, but it could never work out because she intially thought he was her rapist and Henry's father, and she almost tried to ruin his life.

Allie and Chanel started reminiscing about old times, and they both said that they would do anything to go back to that time. Chanel and Allie then shared a passionate kiss, which surprised Allie since had never kissed a woman before. Allie asked if Chanel of she has ever kissed a woman, and Chanel said she has been with mostly guys, but has been with girls as well.

Chanel noted she didn't want to put labels on, but was equally surprised that Allie had never kissed a woman because they hung out with a wild crowd. She asked if Allie liked it, and Allie stammered that she did, but wasn't into it. Chanel asked if they can still be besties and Allie said they could. She offered to help Allie with that guy she likes, but Allie declined the offer and said it would never work out.

Claire storms in and demands Chanel get away from Allie, accusing her of attempting to seduce Allie into buying her drinks. Allie is stunned by Claire's behaviour and confused about the accusations. Claire snaps that Chanel lied about buying her and Tripp's drinks and then tried to take off without paying.

When Claire brings up Chanel kissing Allie, Allie wonders how she knew about that, and Claire says that Tripp saw them. Allie accuses Tripp of spying on her, but Tripp says he was there to talk to her. Allie asks to speak to Tripp in private and they go outside where she attempts to explain what he saw.

Tripp says she doesn't owe him an explanation, and instead kisses Allie after confessing he has feelings for her. Chanel sees the kiss and applauds Allie as she leaves. Tripp notes Chanel is something else, and Allie agrees that she is, but promises Tripp will like Chanel if he gives her a chance.

Chanel and Allie decide to open a bakery together. They blackmail Julie for the recipe for Alice's famous doughnuts, but their plans hits a small snag when it is revealed that Chanel's mother Paulina Price was planning to tear down Horton Town Square and replace it with her own business venture: Price Town. Paulina eventually cancelled her plans when she saw how much Horton Town Square meant to everyone.

Allie and Chanel opened their new bakery Sweet Bits, and Allie struggled with her feelings for Chanel. After making love one night, Tripp told Allie he loved her and Allie didn't say it back. Allie felt extremely guilty and confided in Marlena that she and Chanel kissed and that she had feelings for her as well as Tripp.

EJ returned to Salem. He wanted to fix his and Sami's broken relationship. Allie was in full support and introduced EJ to Henry. Eric returned to town, and at his welcome home party, Xander Kiriakis revealed that he and Nicole had slept together.

Sami had paid Xander off to reveal the truth, and Eric went back to Africa. Soon after, it was revealed that when Sami first came back to town, she slept with Lucas. Sami disappeared soon after, but her family thought she just left town to get away, getting the occasional text from her.

Chanel started talking about seeing a new guy, and soon after, Allie realized that her brother Johnny was back in town. Allie and Chanel made plans to double date, so Allie and Tripp could meet her boyfriend. Tripp mentioned to Allie that Chanel called him Giovanni, and Allie realized it was Johnny as Chanel and Johnny arrived.

Dinner was awkward, especially since Johnny had found out that Chanel had kissed another woman, and quickly realized it was Allie. Allie was annoyed and did not approve of the relationship. She confronted Johnny, and accused him of using Chanel for sex like he used her friend Katie in high school. Johnny accused his sister of being jealous.

Allie and Johnny continued to have a somewhat tense relationship over him being with Chanel. Johnny wanted to make a movie based off if their mothers life and asked Allie to play Sami. Allie was hesitant, but eventually agreed. However, when Will sent over the script, Allie and Johnny were stunned to find out that Marlena had allegedly been possessed by The Devil.

Allie found out the story was true from John, and was thrown through a loop. She shared the news with Tripp, who didn't believe it. Johnny decided to eventually make a movie based solely off of Marlena's possession. On Halloween, Allie and Chanel almost kissed after sharing a new cupcake when Johnny startled them both, wearing a wolf mask.

Johnny brought out a ouji board, and talked Allie and Chanel inti playing with it. Chanel got creeped out and left early while Johnny and Allie kept playing. According to the ouji board, The devil was in Salem and at the DiMera Crypt.

Things got even more creepier when a zombie looking Charlie showed up at Nicole's apartment. Allie couldn't believe that Charlie was back from the dead, bur Charlie insisted he was back from the dead. Charlie demanded to see his son, but Allie refused.

Allie started taunting Charlie over how Ava loved Tripp more than him, causing Charlie to snap and lash out at Allie. Tripp burst through the door, and Charlie grabbed Allie. Tripp taunted Charlie until he let go of Allie, and Allie hit Charlie with a frying pan.

Tripp and Charlie scuffled on the couch, and Tripp got the upper hand by beating Charlie with the frying pan till he lost consciousness. Allie and Tripp embraced, and Allie told Tripp she loved him. When they looked back, Charlie was gone, and they questioned whatever the events of the night really had happened.

Turns out, the devil was in Salem and had repossessed Marlena. Allie worried about her grandma, but then, while having breakfast with Lucas, Allie was stunned to get a call from Sami, who revealed that she had been kidnapped.

Lucas successfully rescued Sami and brought her home. Allie was relieved and happy to have her mom back in Salem. Sami raced off to reunite with EJ, which really upset Lucas. Allie started suggesting to Sami that she and Lucas reunite, but Sami was adamant that she wanted to be back with EJ.

Johnny and Chanel returned to Salem after taking a trip to Italy, and revealed they had gotten married. Allie was really upset by the news, and Johnny told Tripp Allie wanted his wife for herself. After Johnny and Chanel left, Tripp asked Allie if what Johnny said was true, but Allie denied it.

Johnny and Allie were both summoned to John and Marlena's penthouse to help exorcise the devil from Marlena. They agreed to put their differences aside for Marlena's sake, and united as a family. Eric was now a priest and led the family in an exorcism that banished the devil from Marlena's body.

On New Year's Eve, Allie and Tripp stopped the mansion with a bottle of champagne. Johnny wasn’t feeling good, so he and Chanel were snuggled up in bed together. Johnny said that he and Chanel would get dressed, and he would hop in the shower and meet them downstairs for the countdown.

Johnny ended up missing the countdown, and eventually took so long that Allie and Tripp had to leave. Chanel called Allie and invited her and Tripp to a party at the DiMera mansion that her mother was throwing for her. Tripp was on call, and had to leave before he could even attend the party with Allie, so Allie went by herself.

EJ, Paulina, and Lani Price all made a toast, and then Allie made a toast where she once again apologized for her initial reaction and said how happy she was that her brother and best friend found love. Channel, in turn, said Allie was already her best friend and not they are sisters.

Johnny made his toast, and deferred to the portrait of his deceased grandfather Stefano DiMera, saying how he always saw him as strong for going after what he wanted even though others feared him and considered him evil. Johnny said he finally knows what he wants and that's not Chanel.

All of the guests were stunned by Johnny's announcement and Chanel thought he was joking, but Johnny said he wasn’t; he didn't want to be married to Chanel anymore. Channel was crushed and Allie was furious with Johnny, who said he was sorry but feels they rushed into things and he wasn't ready to be tied down.

Channel ran out in tears, and Allie followed, trying to comfort her. Allie told Chanel anyone would be lucky to have her, and they kissed. Allie broke the kiss, and wanted to leave. Chanel begged Allie to staty and promised nothing else would happen.

Allie called Nicole to see if she could watch Henry, and Nicole said she could, so Allie stayed. Chanel went to climb into bed, and refused to let her sleep on the couch. Allie went to get into bed, and Chanel asked if she was going to sleep in her dress.

Channel helped Allie get out of her dress, and she climbed into bed wearing her underwear. Channel and Allie couldn’t sleep and started talking again. In such an intimate position, the two women couldn’t deny their feelings for each other anymore, and made love.

The next morning, Allie and Chanel talked about what happened the previous night and Allie admitted she liked, but was wracked with guilt especially when Tripp called her. Allie wanted to tell Tripp the truth, but Chanel advised her not to.

Allie went to see Tripp at the hospital and was ready to tell him the truth, but ultimately couldn’t bring herself to do it. When Tripp graduated med school, Allie brought him a pin that hospitals used her as their symbol. She felt guilty though when Tripp explained the origins of parts of the pin were rooted in symbols of deception.

Allie accidentally found out from Ava that Tripp planned to propose, and Ava begged her to act surprise. Allie shared the news with Chanel, and accepted Tripp’s proposal. The ring Tripp gave her had belonged to his great-grandmother.

When they shared their news with Chanel, Johnny revealed that Allie and Chanel had slept together. He had previously heard Allie and Chanel talk about their one night stand. Allie was forced to admit it was true and Tripp broke up with her on the spot, demanding the ring back.

Kate found Allie crying, and Allie filled Kate in on what had happened. Kate and Roman had hoped Tripp could forgive Allie, but he couldn’t, so they were officially broken up. When Will and Sonny returned to town for a visit, Allie confided in Will about her confusing love life and Will realized her sister was likely bisexual. Allie confided her guilt in hurting Tripp, and said she really loved him, but she also came to the conclusion that she has feelings for Chanel.

Allie decided to confess her feelings for Chanel and give dating her a try. The couple were charged with baking Ben and Ciara’s wedding cake for their gender reveal party. As such, they were given the envelope that had the baby’s gender contained. As Chanel playfully teased Allie about the envelope, Johnny came by and mockingly noted that they make a cute couple. Allie and Chanel had not yet told Tripp that they were together, so Johnny told him.

After Tripp furiously lashed out at Chanel, Allie decided enough was enough and went to the mansion to confront Johnny. Johnny had hoped it was enough that Allie was mad and needed to tell him off, but Allie was also getting confused as to why Johnny has become so cruel recently, realizing that this wasn’t how he normally was. As Johnny tried in vain to dismiss Allie, she came to realize he had a secret that he didn’t her to know.

Allie became more worried as Johnny started showing physical signs of weakness and pain. Allie begged Johnny to let her help him, saying she loved him. Allie was worried he was sick and wanted to take him to the hospital as Johnny kept telling her to leave him alone, finally bellowing it in a demonic voice with yellow eyes. Allie quickly realized Johnny had become possessed by the devil, and that’s the reason why he has become so cruel lately.

The devil gleefully admitted to everything and then said it had to kill Allie, but Allie defiantly grabbed the devil and said to Johnny that she has loved him since before he was born, and will love him until she dies. The devil was shocked by Allie’s resistance and demanded she let it go. Allie refused, and spoke to Johnny, saying she was right here and together they can send the devil back to Hell.

With Allie’s help, Johnny was able to force the devil from his body, but lost consciousness as the devil went into Allie next. Abigail found Allie standing in the middle of the room and they discussed her fractured relationship with Johnny as Abigail talked about her own relationship with JJ. After Abigail left, the devil told Johnny it was fun while it lasted, but they now have a new twin to play with.

The devil took Johnny to the crypt, who had no memory of his time of being possessed and believed the devil had jumped into Allie right after being possessed. The devil clarified that they had went into Johnny’s first, and taunted Johnny over how they broke Chanel’s heart, and that Chanel and Allie slept together. Johnny refused to believe Allie would betray Tripp, but the devil said she did and they told Tripp, which meant they were done as well.

The devil then alluded to a baby, and Johnny worked the devil was talking about Henry, but quickly realized the devil was still after Ciara's baby. The devil said that first they have to deal with Chanel, Johnny wondered what the devil was going to do, and it told him that it didn't know yet, but Chanel was in their way again.

The devil decided to break up with Chanel like they had with Johnny. "Allie" also quit the bakery, but would deliver the cake Allie and Chanel had made to Ben and Ciara's baby shower.The devil went to Ben and Ciara's apartment; and saw they had a new cross. They contemplated flippant it upside down, but decided against it. "Allie" had brought a cake for the baby shower that would have the filling in to determine what gender the baby is.

At the Baby shower, the devil had freaked the guests out when cake cause they put cherry filling that caused it to look like blood was coming out of the cake "Allie" blamed it on Chanel and said she grabbed the wrong filling. "Allie" said Ben and Ciara were having a boy, and then said to itself that they always wanted a boy. While that was going on, the devil summoned the soul of Johnny's dead uncle André DiMera to deal with Johnny, so no one would go looking for him.

The devil pulled a prank on Johnny by transforming into Chanel and pretending to find Johnny. The devil then told Johnny that Chanel didn't care about him and everyone thought he had left town thanks to André's letter. The devil decided to show Johnny that Chanel and Tripp were getting closer due to their mutual heartbreak. The devil then went to Ben and Ciara 's apartment where they drugged Ben and Ciara, but the devil revealed to Ben that they had possessed Allie.

The devil then took Ben and chained him across from Johnny. The devil went to visits Evan Frears who was confused on why "Allie" would visit him. The devil broke Evan out of prison and attacked Jake DiMera. The devil then disguised Jake as Ben, and made it look like Evan had killed him. The devil then knocked Evan out to make it look like Allie had saved Ciara.

The devil claimed Ben was dead and took Ciara to a cabin. the devil also called André back to the crypt to force Ben to kill Johnny. The devil was hoping to corrupt Ben, but EJ and Susan saved Johnny and sent André back to Hell.When Ciara wanted to talk to Rafe, the devil faked a phone call from Rafe, saying Ben was dead and that it wasn't safe as long as Evan was on the lose. Ciara continued to push back against the devil's insistence, but then her water broke and the devil delivered Ciara's son that she had already decided to name Bo Weston.