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Baby Banning
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Current status Former;Mentioned
Fullname Baby Banning
Died 1983
Cause of death Miscarriage due to falling off the horse.
Family Martin Family
Banning family
DiMera family
Parents David Banning+
Renee DuMonde+
Siblings Scotty Banning
Eli Grant
(paternal half)
Jessica Blake
Grandparents David Martin+
Julie Olson Williams
Scott Banning
Janet Banning
Stefano DiMera+
Lee DuMonde
Great-grandparents John Martin+
Helen Martin+
Ben Olson+
Addie Horton+
Santo DiMera+
Signora DiMera+
Aunts and uncles Robert Anderson Jr.+
EJ DiMera
Chad DiMera
Jake DiMera
Stefan DiMera+
Lexie Carver+
Megan Hathaway+
Andre DiMera+
Tony DiMera
Kristen DiMera
Peter Blake
Great-aunts and uncles Steve Olson
Hope Brady
Six Uncles
Ryan Brady+
Nieces and nephews David Grant+
Carver Grant
Jules Grant
Nick Fallon
First cousins Baby Boy Brady-Hathaway+(via Megan)
Baby DiMera+(via Tony)
John Black Jr.+
Rachel Black (via Kristen)
Theo Carver(via Lexie)
Steven Hawk(via Benjy)
Johnny DiMera
Sydney DiMera Sr.+
Sydney DiMera Jr.
Daniel DiMera†(via EJ)
Grace DiMera+
Thomas DiMera
Charlotte DiMera
Baby Girl DiMera+(via Chad)
Other relatives Carrie Brady
Arianna Horton
Lucas Horton
Rex Brady
Cassie Brady
Billie Reed
Austin Reed
Philip Kiriakis
Brandon Walker
Lani Price(adoptive)
(step cousins)

Baby Banning was the late child of the late David Banning and Renee DuMonde.


Baby Banning parents Renee DuMonde and David Banning.

Baby Banning was the only child of Renee and the second child of David's.

Baby Banning was conceived during their parents marriage.

Renee and David mourn the lose of their baby.

Baby Banning was the second grandchild of Stefano DiMera and unfortunately the second deceased grandchild.

Baby Banning was so loved by their parents when they were married.

Tony shows up to give Renee who lost her Baby Banning with David There.

Baby Banning died due to a miscarriage when Renee was going horseback riding with her horse and she fall off and sustained injuries that caused her to lose the baby in late 1983.

Renee grief the lose of hers and David baby hard and to the point she moved into the DiMera manison because Stefano demand she stayed married to David and so they worked out their marriage but also Renee developed a jealously for Tony and Anna marriage and when Tony and Anna found out they were pregnant Renee was so angry thinking about the baby she lost with David she decided to plot a plan to kill Anna because she had developed feelings for Tony instead having to fix her marriage and when Anna and Tony decided to take a trip that when Renee set a trap she rigged the yacht and that caused Anna and Tony to go over board and they landed up in the water where David found them and saved them both but Renee was upset this unfortunate accident cost Anna and Tony their child when Anna miscarried.

David and Renee divorced when David found out she caused the yacht accident which killed Anna and Tony child and Renee turned to Tony where they made love but it was only short lived when Renee married Alex and even that marriage was short lived.

Renee was killed that same year she suffered a miscarriage on September 2,1983 by the Salem Slasher Her brother André DiMera.