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Baby Black-Brady
Days of our lives
Current status Former; Mentioned
Duration 2006-2007
First appearance 2006
Last appearance 2007
Fullname Baby Black-Brady
Born Never born
Died 2007
Salem, Illinois
Cause of death A miscarriage/abortion via Philip Kiriakis without the baby birth parents Belle Black and Shawn Douglas Brady consent.
Parents Shawn Douglas Brady
Belle Black
Siblings Claire Brady
Baby Lockhart-Brady+
(paternal half)

Baby Black-Brady was the late child of Shawn Douglas Brady and wife Belle Black.


Baby Black-Brady parents Shawn Douglas Brady and Belle Black-Brady.

Baby Black-Brady was the late child of Shawn and Belle.

Baby Black-Brady was conceived during a IVF mix-up when Shawn sperm was inserted into Belle egg while Philip Kiriakis sperm was inserted into Mimi Lockhart egg when the two couples decided to have a baby.

Baby Black-Brady was successfully conceived and Belle had no clue Shawn was the father while Mimi and Shawn surrogate successfully conceived Mimi and Philip child unknowingly .

Baby Black-Brady was a high risk pregnancy as Belle had so much complicated.

Baby Black-Brady was the second child of Shawn Douglas Brady and Belle Black as they have a daughter Claire Brady together.

Once Phillip found out Baby Black-Brady was his child but Shawn's he grew hatred toward the child but Shawn was willing to raise the child anyway.

Shawn stood by Belle throughout the pregnancy knowing the child was his while Mimi and Philip didn't want their child together as it was a mistake unfortunately the surrogate didn't aborted the child and carried their child to term.

Baby Black-Brady died as result of Phillip asking the doctors to terminated the pregnancy without Belle knowledge and resulting in Shawn and Belle child being a miscarriage abortion in 2007.

Mimi and Phillips son Tyler Wilkens survived and was born in 2007 While Shawn and Belle Baby died in 2007.