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Baby Boy Brady-Hathaway
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Current status Former; Mentioned
Fullname Baby Boy Brady-Hathaway
Gender Male
Died 1980
Cause of death A miscarriage due a botch abortion when Megan was 16 years old
Parents Bo Brady
Megan Hathaway
Hope Brady(stepmother)
Siblings Shawn Douglas Brady
Chelsea Brady
Zack Brady+
Ciara Brady
(paternal half)
Grandparents Victor Kiriakis
Caroline Brady+
Shawn Brady+
Stefano DiMera+
Mrs Hathaway+
Maxwell Hathaway+
Great-grandparents Peter Brady+
Yurgos Kiriakis+
Sophie Kiriakis+
Santo DiMera+
Signora DiMera+
Aunts and uncles Roman Brady
Kayla Brady
Kimberly Brady
Philip Kiriakis
Frankie Brady
Max Brady
Isabella Toscano+
Tony DiMera
Andre DiMera+
Renee DuMonde+
EJ DiMera
Chad DiMera
Kristen DiMera
Jake DiMera
Stefan DiMera+
Peter Blake
Lexie Carver
Benjy Hawk+
Great-aunts and uncles Eric Brady I+
Colleen Brady+
Molly Brady+
Alexander Kiriakis+
Titus Kiriakis+
Deimos Kiriakis+
Six Uncles
Ryan Brady+
Nieces and nephews Claire Brady
Baby Lockhart-Brady
Baby Black-Brady
(via Shawn)
Baby Weston
(via Ciara)
First cousins Sami Brady
Eric Brady
Cassie Brady
Rex Brady
Carrie Brady
Baby Brady+
Andrew Donovan, VI
Stephanie Johnson
Joey Johnson
Theresa Donovan
Brady Black
Tyler Wilkens
Baby Kiriakis+
Baby Banning+
Baby DiMera+
John Black Jr.+
Theo Carver
Steven Hawk
Johnny DiMera
Sydney DiMera Sr.+
Sydney DiMera Jr.
Grace DiMera+
Daniel DiMera+
Thomas DiMera
Charlotte DiMera
Rachel Black
Baby Girl DiMera+
Arianna Horton(step)
Carrie Brady(step)
Lucas Horton(step)

Rex Brady(step)
Cassie Brady(step)
Philip Kiriakis(step)
Billie Reed(step)
Austin Reed(step)
Jessica Blake(step)
Brandon Walker
Land Price(adoptive step)
Other relatives Tate Black
Emily Lockhart
Mackenzie Horton+
Will Horton
Allie Horton
Arianna Horton
Henry Horton

Baby Boy Brady-Hathaway was the late son of Bo Brady and Megan Hathaway.


Baby Brady-Hathaway Parents Megan Hathaway and Bo Brady.

Baby Boy Brady-Hathaway was conceived during a high school affair between Megan and Bo when Megan was sixteen years old.

Megan told Bo she was pregnant with their son Baby Boy Brady-Hathaway and confirmed she was sixteen at the time of conception.

Megan mother wanted her to give the baby up for adoption when she was just a teen.

Bo find out Megan was pregnant when she returned to Salem and Bo believed their child was place up for adoption.

Megan hugs Bo wishing they could've raised their child, their son Baby Boy Brady-Hathaway together unknown to Bo she had a miscarriage due to a botched abortion.

Megan found she was pregnant with a son due to a botch Abortion Megan miscarried their son.

Megan had a abortion but it was a botched and found it she was having a son and due to a botched abortion She had a miscarriage early into the pregnancy and Bo was heartbroken.

Bo continued to search for the child that he believed Megan gave up for adoption but little he did he know Megan was setting him up she actually lost their son due to miscarriage and trick Bo into believing the child lived and was going to kill a woman Diana and take her son to raise and the child they found wasn't his child and Bo gave Diana back her son and Megan was angry and plotted to killed Hope because she was jealous unfortunately Megan was killed by Larry Welch during a struggle and hit her head against the wall and died but Hope was framed for the murder and was cleared.

Baby Brady-Hathaway was the first grandchild of Stefano DiMera and unfortunately the first deceased grandchild.