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Baby Kiriakis
Days of our lives
Current status Former; Mentioned
Last appearance March 1,2011
Fullname Baby Kiriakis
Born Never born
Died March 1,2011
Cause of death Miscarriage
Family Kiriakis family
Roberts family
Jonas family
Manning family
Parents Philip Kiriakis
Melanie Jonas

Baby Kiriakis was the late child of Philip Kiriakis and his ex wife Melanie Jonas.


Baby Kiriakis parents Melanie Jonas and Philip Kiriakis.

On the day of Parker's baptism, Caroline Brady revealed that she had switched the test results. Philip was Parker's father which actually is Melanie father Daniel son.

Melanie founds out she pregnant with Baby Kiriakis.

Melanie was heartbroken and left Philip. But, she soon learned that she was also pregnant with Philip's child.

Melanie before she miscarriage her's and Philip Baby Kiriakis.

Philip hoped that the baby would bring Melanie back to him. Melanie had almost agreed,

Melanie found out she miscarried her's and Philip child Baby Kiriakis.

Melanie started having stomach pains while talking to Philip and Philip takes Melanie to the hospital where Melanie suffered a miscarriage on March 1,2011.

Melanie and Philip mourns the lose of their Baby Kiriakis.

The trauma made Melanie reevaluate her life. She realized that although she still loved Philip, she couldn't be with him and be a mother to Parker. Melanie filed for divorce.