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Baby Lockhart
Days of our lives
Current status Former; Mentioned
Fullname Baby Lockhart- Brady
Cause of death Abortion
Family Brady family
Roberts family
Lockhart family
Parents Rex Brady
Mimi Lockhart
Siblings Emily Lockhart(full)
Baby Lockhart-Brady+
Tyler Wilkens
(maternal half)

Baby Lockhart - Brady was the late child of Rex Brady and Mimi Lockhart.


Baby Lockhart parents Rex Brady and Mimi Lockhart.

Baby Lockhart-Brady was the late child of Rex and Mimi.

Baby Lockhart- Brady was Rex and Mimi first child together.

Baby Lockhart-Brady was conceived during a ONS .

Mimi and Rex was so young when she got pregnant with Baby Lockhart-Brady.

Mimi decided she didn't want the baby after Rex left.

Baby Lockhart - Brady died as result of Mimi getting abortion.

After Baby Lockhart-Brady death Mimi was left unable to have children because of the abortion.

Mimi tried to have a baby during IVF and Conceived with Shawn Douglas Brady but she had a miscarriage with Baby Lockhart-Brady in 2006.

Mimi tried again but their was a IVF mix-up and her surrogate got pregnant with her's and Philip son Tyler Wilkens by mistake and gave birth to Baby Lockhart second half-sibling in 2007.

Years later Baby Lockhart-Brady Parents got back together and they had Baby Lockhart-Brady full sibling Emily Lockhart in 2018.