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Baby Lockhart-Brady
Days of our lives
Current status Former; Mentioned
Duration 2006
First appearance 2006
Last appearance 2006
Fullname Baby Lockhart-Brady
Born Never born
Died May 2006
Cause of death Miscarriage
Family Brady family
Lockhart family
Parents Shawn Douglas Brady
Mimi Lockhart
Belle Black(stepmother)
Siblings Claire Brady
Baby Black-Brady+
(paternal half)
Baby Lockhartt+
Tyler Wilkens
Emily Lockhart
(maternal half)

Baby Lockhart-Brady was the late child of Shawn Douglas Brady and Mimi Lockhart.


Baby Lockhart-Brady parents Shawn Douglas Brady and Mimi Lockhart.

Baby Lockhart-Brady was the late child of Shawn and Mimi.

Mimi gets pregnant with Baby Lockhart-Brady.

Baby Lockhart-Brady was conceived during IVF in 2006.

Baby Lockhart-Brady was seen as miracle because Mimi had a abortion that rendered her unable to have children prior to having Baby Lockhart-Brady.

Baby Lockhart-Brady has a older paternal half-sister Claire Brady who born before Baby Lockhart-Brady conception.

Mimi miscarried here's and Shawn child Baby Lockhart-Brady.

Baby Lockhart-Brady parents got married but unfortunately their marriage was strained by Claire being Shawn daughter and Mimi was under lots of stress.

Mimi miscarried hers and Shawn child as result of lot of the stress keeping Claire from Shawn in 2006.