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Baby Lockhart
Days of our lives
Current status Former; Mentioned
Fullname Baby Lockhart
Born Never born
Cause of death abortion
Family Lockhart family
Parents David Lockhart
Bonnie Lockhart
Siblings Patrick Lockhart
Connor Lockhart
Mimi Lockhart

Baby Lockhart was the late child of late David Lockhart and Bonnie Lockhart.


Baby Lockhart mother Bonnie Lockhart.

When Bonnie daughter Mimi Lockhart wanted to go through a abortion choice after not telling Rex Brady she was pregnant with his child Bonnie revealed she had a abortion when supporting Mimi choice and she too had the experience when she was young.

Bonnie was a teenager when she was pregnant with David Lockhart first child and wanted to have the abortion because she felt to young to have a baby in her life as teen so did it and the baby died due to the abortion and David was heartbroken but took her back and had three other children Patrick, Connor, Mimi.