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Baby Spears
Days of our lives
Current status Former; Mentioned
Duration 2001-2002
First appearance 2001
Last appearance 2002
Cause/reason Stillbirth
Fullname Baby Spears
Gender Unknown
Born 2002
Died 2002
Salem, Illinois
Cause of death stillborn due to falling down the stairs.
Family Spears family
Parents Paul Mendez+
Jan Spears
Siblings Shawn Christian Spears-Frears (maternal half)
Grandparents Unknown Man
Gertrude Spears
Godparents Shawn Douglas Brady
(intended godfather)

Baby Mendez-Spears was the stillborn child of the late rapist Paul Mendez and Jan Spears.


Baby Mendez-Spears parents Jan Spears and Paul Mendez.

Things finally came to a head between Jan and Jason while they were on the island. She tired of his abusive behavior and obsessive drinking, and found herself sucked in by Paul Mendez and his promises to make her a star.

Paul takes Jan and rapes her the night their baby was conceived.

She started to realize that something was wrong, but before she could get away from him, Paul held her down and raped her, taking her virginity, and leaving her with gonorrhea...and a baby on the way.

Jan during her pregnancy with Baby Mendez-Spears.

Jan was utterly humiliated by the experience, and begged Shawn, who found her, not to tell anyone. When she, and then everyone else, discovered she was pregnant.

Jan Spears miscarried her Baby Mendez-Spears.

Shawn talked her into going through with the pregnancy, and promised that he would marry her, and raise the baby as his own, which devastated his girlfriend, Belle. Jan left town after losing the baby, and having the truth about what happened come out.