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Baby Michaels-Johnson
Days of our lives
Current status Former; Mentioned
Duration 2016-2017
First appearance 2016
Last appearance January 1,2017
Died January 1, 2017
Salem, Illinois
Cause of death Miscarriage
Family Johnson family
Brady family
Parents Joey Johnson
Jade Michaels

Baby Michaels-Johnson was the late child of Joey Johnson and Jade Michaels.


Baby Michaels-Johnson parents Jade Michaels and Joey Johnson.

Baby Michaels-Johnson is the late child of Joey and Jade.

The night Baby Michaels-Johnson was conceived.

Baby Michaels-Johnson was conceived during a teen pregnancy with their parents.

Baby Michaels-Johnson was the first and only grandchild of Steve Johnson and Kayla Brady.

Jade and Joey bond over their baby.

Jade Michaels suffered a Miscarriage on New Years January 1,2017 with Baby Michaels-Johnson.

Jade miscarried their child Baby Michaels-Johnson and they mourn their baby.

A month later after Baby Michaels-Johnson death Jade and Joey broke up and remains friends.