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Baby Williams-Brady
Days of our lives
Current status Former; Mentioned
Duration 1985
First appearance 1985
Last appearance 1985
Fullname Baby Williams-Brady
Died 1985 but revised to 1970's
Salem, Illinois
Cause of death Miscarriage
Family Brady family
Williams family
Parents Bo Brady+
Hope Brady
Siblings Shawn Douglas Brady
Zack Brady+
Ciara Brady
Chelsea Brady(paternal half-sister)

Baby Williams-Brady was the late child of Bo Brady and Hope Brady.


Baby Williams-Brady parents Bo Brady and Hope Williams Brady.

Baby Williams-Brady was the first child of Bo Brady and Hope Williams .

Hope founds out she pregnant with Baby Williams-Brady.

Baby Williams-Brady was the first child loss that Bo and Hope suffered.The other child loss they suffered was with Zack Brady their son that was killed by Bo daughter Chelsea Brady in a hit in run car accident.Bo lost his first child a son Baby Boy Brady-Hathaway with his ex high school girlfriend Megan Hathaway in 1980.

Hope before her miscarriage with Baby Williams-Brady.

Baby Williams-Brady was conceived during their first marriage.

Hope miscarries her and Bo first child Baby Williams-Brady.

Baby Williams-Brady brought Bo and Hope Closer together.

Baby Williams-Brady parents drifted apart when No found out he was Victor Kiriakis biological son and that changed Bo and Hope didn't like it she was pregnant and under lot of stress.

Bope mourns the loss of their first child Baby Williams-Brady.

Hope miscarried Baby Williams-Brady in 1985 but revised to the 1970's.