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Bart Biederbecke
Bart Biederbecke.jpg
Days of our Lives
Portrayed by Steve Blackwood
Current status Former; Regular
Duration 1997–2005, 2007
First appearance April 11, 1997
Last appearance August 3, 2007
Cause/reason Died
Fullname Bartholomew Biederbecke
Nickname(s) Bartleby
Gender Male
Died August 3, 2007
Cause of death Accidentally stabbed with a sword by Andre DiMera
Occupation DiMera family associate
Residence Formerly DiMera Mansion 430 Lakeview Drive Salem, Illinois
Formerly DiMera Castle (in Europe)
Romances Bonnie Lockhart (kissed)

Bart Biederbecke is a character from the soap opera Days of Our Lives, portrayed by Steve Blackwood from 1997–2007.


Bart has been a long-time DiMera henchman, and is mostly known for being Andre DiMera's (posing as Tony DiMera) loyal sidekick. Although Bart assists "Tony" in all of his evil endeavors, he often feels sorry for the victims, but knows that "Tony" is relentless when it comes to getting what he wants so he doesn't stand up to him. Bart has been shown as having a childish nature to him, and even watched cartoons. Bart also endured physical abuse from Sami Brady as she was often a thorn in "Tony's" side, and Bart would be ordered to bring her to him.

Bart first appeared as an independent contractor that Kristen DiMera hired. He was recognized as a DiMera employee by Celeste Perrault, but Bart said he has been clean ever since Stefano DiMera's death. In actuality, Stefano was still alive, and Bart was still working for him. Stefano often used Bart as a spy and had him keep an eye on people like his daughter Lexie Carver, and Vivian Alamain.

Andre meets Bart

Bart would work with Dr. Wilhelm Rolf to carry out Stefano's schemes, and Bart helped Stefano flee town in 2002. He and Rolf briefly worked under Lexie Carver before "Tony" returned to town. Although "Tony" was initially annoyed with Bart's quirks, he eventually grew to appreciate Bart's undying loyalty. In time, "Tony" would come to confide in Bart about his plans and schemes. Bart even betrayed Rolf for "Tony", and unknowingly told his propped up corpse that "Tony" had no more use for him, and he bid a fond farewell to his friend.

Bart reunited with Andre after he is presumed dead

"Tony" was presumed dead in 2004, and Bart mourned the death of his boss. He was elated when "Tony" was revealed to be alive, and continued to faithfully serve him, as he revealed he had faked everyone's murder. "Tony" and Bart fled to DiMera Castle with a handful of hostages after "Tony" blew up the island he kept everyone on. During a stand off with Bo Brady, Billie Reed, and Hope Brady; Bart managed to evade being captured while "Tony" and Patrick Lockhart were arrested. Bart attempted to blackmail Sami Brady with knowledge that she had previously assisted Tony with one of his schemes, but he soon vanished when he lost his leverage.

Bart returned in 2007, and was tasked with killing Sami by filling the car up with carbon monoxide, but EJ DiMera rescued her. "Tony" also returned to town, and Bart assisted him with trying to get the stem cells from Sami and EJ's children. Bart also became smitten with Tony's ex-wife, Anna DiMera. Bart knocked EJ out when he found him holding "Tony" at gunpoint. "Tony" and Bart tied EJ up and rigged a gun, so it would shoot EJ if someone tried to open the door. Bart worried about Stefano's reaction to EJ's murder, and "Tony" said he would have Stefano committed, and take on the Brady's himself.

"Tony" was lured to the roof where he and Bart were ambushed by Bo. "Tony" sent Bart away. Bart came back and found "Tony", who had been exposed as Andre, dangling on the edge. Bo was holding onto Andre, and Bart tried to help him pull Andre up, but Andre fell and was hospitalized. Bart was apprehended, so they could get a copy of the map that was tattooed on his back. The map showed the location of where the real Tony was being held.

Bart held at gunpoint by Sami

Bart was released and kidnapped Sami, who punched him. On a private plane, Stefano and Rolf prepared to get the stem cells from Sami and EJ's child, but then Rolf learned that the child wasn't a DiMera, so they dumped Sami at a motel. After Andre stabbed Roman Brady, Sami barged into the mansion, and held Bart as well as Stefano and EJ at gunpoint. Sami ended up shooting Bart in the foot when he attempted to disarm her.

Bart's final mission was to guard Stefano. He was subdued by Tony, who then drugged Stefano. He found the key said to end the feud between the DiMera's and Brady's around Stefano's neck and took it. Stefano gave it to Bart. Bart swallowed the key, and Tony threatened him with a sword. Andre arrived at the mansion, and he and Tony had a sword fight.

Andre accidentally fatally stabs Bart.

During the fight Bart got caught in the middle and was fatally stabbed by Andre. Andre was horrified by what he had done to someone he had come to consider as a friend. Stefano awoke, and was also horrified by what had happened. Tony slipped away while Andre and Stefano were distracted. Rolf came in and Stefano ordered him to save Bart. But Rolf said it was too late and Bart died soon after.