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Ben and Ciara Weston
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Days of our Lives
Portrayed by Ben:
  • Justin Gaston (2014)
  • Robert Scott Wilson (2014-present)
  • Lauren Boles (2008-2015)
  • Vivian Jovanni (2015-2017)
  • Victoria Konefal (2017-)
  • Current status Married, In love, Best Friends, Soulmates, Psychically connected, parents
    Duration 2018 - present
    First appearance June 6, 2018
    Created by Ron Carlivati
    Introduced by Ron Carlivati
    Spin-off appearances Beyond Salem (2021)
    Fullname Benjamin Oliver Weston
    Ciara Alice Brady Weston
    Nickname(s) Ben:
  • Ollie (by Clyde)
  • Benny (by Chad)
  • Doodlebug (by Bo)
  • Ciara of the corn (by Claire)
  • Rock-star, my little kick-ass action hero, my little gear head, beautiful (by Ben)
  • Alias(es) Cin
    Namesake(s) Ciara: Alice Horton
    Gender Male, Female
    Born March 13, 1992 (Ben)
    July 16, 1997 (Ciara)
    (born onscreen)
    Age Ben (32)
    Ciara (24)
    Occupation Ben:
  • Mechanic
  • Junior Executive at Titan
  • Residence Salem, Illinois
    Robert Scott Wilson and Victoria Konefal as Ben Weston and Ciara Brady
    Cin 5.gif
    Family Weston, Brady, Kiriakis, Horton
    Parents Ben's parents:
  • Clyde Weston
  • Unknown mother
    Ciara's parents:
  • Bo Brady
  • Hope Brady
  • Siblings Ben's siblings:
  • Jordan Ridgeway
    Ciara's siblings:
  • Shawn Douglas Brady
  • Zack Brady
  • Chelsea Brady
  • Spouses Marriage Status:
  • July 2020 - July 2021 (divorced)
  • August 2021 - (married)
  • Children Bo Weston (born 2023 due to the Days time jump)
    Grandparents Ciara's grandparents:
  • Doug Williams
  • Addie Horton
  • Shawn Brady I
  • Caroline Brady
  • Victor Kiriakis
  • Aunts and uncles Ciara's aunts/uncles:
  • Isabella Toscano
  • Philip Kiriakis
  • Roman Brady
  • Kimberly Brady
  • Kayla Brady
  • Frankie Brady (adoptive)
  • Max Brady (adoptive)
  • Steve Olson
  • Julie Olson Williams
  • Douglas LeClaire †
  • Nieces and nephews Ciara's nieces/nephews
  • Claire Brady
    (Ciara's niece)
    Ben's nieces/nephews
  • David Ridgeway
    (Ben's nephew)
  • First cousins Ciara's cousins:
  • Brady Black
  • Tyler Wilkens
  • Carrie Brady
  • Sami Brady
  • Eric Brady
  • Cassie Brady
  • Rex Brady
  • Andrew Donovan IV
  • Theresa Donovan
  • Stephanie Johnson
  • Joey Johnson
  • Spencer Olson
  • David Banning
  • Benjamin "Ben" Weston and Ciara Alice Brady Weston are a popular favorite supercouple from the soap opera Days of Our Lives, portrayed by Robert Scott Wilson and Victoria Konefal. The couple is often referred to by the portmanteau Cin.


    Benjamin Oliver Weston is the son of convicted drug lord Clyde Weston and his deceased wife Rebecca and the younger brother of the late Jordan Ridgeway. He was previously involved with Abigail Deveraux and part of a love triangle with her and Chad DiMera. After suffering a psychotic breakdown that caused him to kill 3 people and almost kill a fourth, Will Horton, he was sent to a mental hospital for 3 years. He came back to Salem in 2018 looking for redemption and slowly fell in love with Ciara after saving her life. He is of the Weston family.

    Ciara Alice Brady is the only daughter of the legendary supercouple Bo and Hope Brady and the youngest and only sister of Shawn Douglas Brady and the late Zack Brady. Born on screen, she is one of the legacy characters of Days. A golden child with a rebellious heart, she's had several crushes during her younger years, on Chad DiMera and Theo Carver and was in a relationship with Tripp Dalton for a while. In the past she was also brutally raped by her step-brother, Chase Jennings. After an incident in which she crashed her bike and broke her leg she was found and saved by Ben, who nurtured her back to health. Despite everyone's disapproval she started to fall for him. She is of the Brady, Kiriakis and Horton families.

    Ben and Ciara welcome their first child, Bo Weston on May 6, 2023 (due to the days time jump).


    In June 2018, Ciara crashes her bike on route 17. Ben finds her and takes her to the burnt cabin where he held Abigail and Chad hostage. At first, Ciara doesn't trust Ben. After he sets her leg and they open up to each other about their inner demons, she begins to see a different side to him. By July, Ciara and Ben have started becoming friends, but that all changes when Ben runs out of his meds. Luckily, Ciara is able to talk him out of his hallucinations, and Ben goes to the pharmacy to refill his prescription. Mysteriously, while Ciara is asleep, the cabin catches on fire. Rafe arrives to rescue her in time, and when Ben gets back, he is shocked to find the cabin in smoke.

    Ciara is pressured by Hope to sever ties with Ben. Her mother is convinced he set the fire, but Ciara defends Ben and believes he wouldn't hurt her. Ben was scared when he saw the cabin on fire, not because he knew he would be blamed for it, but because he cares about Ciara and doesn't want anything bad to happen to her. When Hope agrees to drop the arson case against him, Ben is about to leave town, even though he doesn't want to. He feels like it's hopeless to stay since the police will always harass him. However, Ciara makes him realize that he should get to live his life on his own terms, and it's unfair the police are pressuring him to leave. Ciara gets up to go see her mother but falls because of her injured leg. Ben tries to catch her but they end up both falling to the ground. Ben helps Ciara up, and agrees to stay in Salem after all, since he doesn't actually want to leave. Together, Ciara and Ben will fight against the police and disapproving Salemites.

    In August 2018, Tripp gets upset when he sees a shirtless Ben in their loft. Later, Ciara suggests Ben moves in with them. While Ciara and Tripp fight over this, Ben quietly eats Apple Snax cereal in the background. Claire, upon arriving, votes to have Ben stay because she hopes it will create problems for Ciara and Tripp, who have reunited as a couple. Ben figures out Claire's ulterior motives and confronts her about it. Claire turns the tables on Ben and asks if he is interested in Ciara. Ben does not believe that a girl like Ciara could ever have feelings for a guy like him.

    Despite Ciara and Tripp being a couple, Ciara continues to have a strong bond with Ben. They share many emotional moments together throughout September and October. When Ben fixes Ciara's bike, she is greatly moved by this. The bike means a lot to her since it belonged to her dad. Eventually, Ben admits to Claire that he has feelings for Ciara, but he can’t act on them or else he will be perceived as a predator. Claire convinces him to team up with her so they can break up Ciara and Tripp. Towards the end of October, after sharing an intense story with Ciara about his childhood with his father, Ben almost kisses her, but she pulls away.

    In November 2018, Ben says to Ciara he wishes she didn’t have a boyfriend. When Ciara asks what he means, Ben tells Ciara he has feelings for her. Much to Ben's dismay, Ciara is committed to her relationship with Tripp. However, when Ciara finds out Tripp planted fake evidence against Ben, they break up. Ben tells Ciara again that he still has feelings for her and wonders if anything has changed on her end. Ciara admits she might feel something more for him than friendship, but she isn't sure and doesn't know what it means. Ben and Ciara finally decide to become a couple, and they have one month of happiness together. Sadly, it doesn't last long. When Ciara finds out that Ben conspired with Claire to break her and Tripp up, she becomes upset with him and goes to South Africa to visit Theo, and stays there for most of January.

    In February 2019, Ciara comes back early to make amends with Ben, but she is kidnapped by Jordan who wants to "protect" people from her brother. Ben is unaware of this and becomes frantic when she doesn't answer his calls or texts. He asks Claire if she's heard from Ciara, but she hasn't either. When Ben reveals that he and Claire conspired to break up Tripp and Ciara, Tripp gets angry at Claire. In retaliation, Claire taunts Ben that Ciara and Theo are probably getting back together as they speak. Ben becomes very distraught over this, saying that the whole town could hate him - the whole universe could hate him - but not Ciara. Feeling torn up, Ben goes to visit Marlena and confides that he feels lost without Ciara.

    Not long after that, Jordan tries to frame Ben for kidnapping Ciara. Hope arrests him, but thankfully, Ben escapes from the interrogation room. Meanwhile, Jordan snaps and tries to burn Ciara alive by setting the cabin on fire. With help from Chad, Ben shows up at the cabin in time to save her and they have an emotional reunion. Later, in the hospital, Jordan tries to kill Ben, but Ciara saves his life. She fights for the syringe but is knocked to the ground. Jordan is about to finish what she started and kill her, but Ben saves Ciara's life.

    After this, Ben is afraid he might be losing control and, not wanting to hurt Ciara, breaks up with her despite the fact that she tells him she trusts him and they can face his illness together, leaving her heartbroken. Ciara is not willing to give up on them and visits him at the DiMera mansion, persuading him to rekindle their relationship. A shooting occurs while they're reconciling and Ben's hand gets injured so Ciara insists that he goes to the hospital. There, she remains with him and takes care of him, giving him a sponge bath, like he did when she was hurt at the cabin. They cuddle and kiss and Kayla walks in on them, interrupting to tell Ben he can be released and that his sister Jordan had a kid.

    Ben is shocked by the revelation and first sees his nephew, David, while Lani is babysitting him with Eli. Lani is reluctant to let him hold the baby but Ciara ultimately persuades her and Ben shares a nice moment with his nephew, holding him for the first time.

    Ben suggests that she spends the night at the gatehouse with him when she says she doesn't want to go back to the loft with the Tripp and Haley wedding happening. She asks if he's proposing they sleep together but he says he can take the sofa while she takes the bed. Ciara reassures him and tells him she is ready to take the next step with him and make love. He wants to be sure she is comfortable after what happened to her and doesn't want to ruin things between them. They're interrupted when Ben gets a call from Stefan who needs his help.

    Ciara spends the night at Ben's and the next day she's held at gunpoint with Gabi when a man from the cartel, Hector, breaks into the mansion to get revenge on Stefan. Stefan and Ben eventually get there but Hector takes Ciara with him as leverage to get out of town since she's the commissioner's daughter. Ben and Hope go after him and when they split Ben is the one to find Ciara and save her after a three-way violent confrontantion.

    That night they go back to the gatehouse and order Chinese. Things heat up and they finally end up making love. Afterwards Ben tells her he never imagined he could be so happy, and that being with her makes him more than just happy. He wants to make sure she knows he's not the man he used to be anymore and with her by his side he'll never be that man again. She tells him she was always haunted by what Chase did to her but with him she feels like she can finally put it behind her. They share their firsts "I love you's".

    The morning after Hope comes looking for Ben and, seeing Ciara wearing one of his shirts while he comes out of the bathroom asking her if she wants to take a shower with him, understands they are now having sex. While she's not thrilled, Ciara convinces her that she has to trust her because she can make her own choices and Ben is the first person that truly respects her and is a really good person now. She likens their love to the one her parents shared, at the beginning antagonized by everyone, but ultimately accepted because people recognized they belonged together.

    Ciara is then able to talk to Rafe and convince him to let Ben spend some time with David. Meanwhile, Ben starts to suspect Claire was the one who set the fire that almost killed Ciara back at the cabin. Ciara doesn't believe she could actually do that but eventually they realize Ben is right. Eve sees them while they're having something to eat in the square and starts to taunt Ben. When she walks away he says he won't go up against her so Ciara says she will and confronts her. Claire starts another fire to hurt Tripp and Haley and when Ben tries to save them he is arrested. He and Ciara then secretly plan to prove that Claire is the culprit. They pretend to have broken up and Ciara comes up with a plan involving Tripp to make Claire jealous. When they succeed Claire kidnaps her and takes her to the cabin, determined to kill her. Ben, Marlena and Hope team up and are able to get to them and talk Claire down, saving Ciara. Claire is sent to Bayview and it is discovered that Eve was Claire's accomplice: she was hoping to frame Ben and make him pay for her daughter's death.

    They then talk about what happened with Claire as Ciara feels responsible and he comforts her. He says one day, back at Bayview, he hurt himself because he thought no one cared about him, but now he doesn't feel that way anymore thanks to her. He tells her so many people love her and they will be there for her, and that's what will make the difference, just like her love made the difference for him. The next day they wake up together and find out Eve was forced to drop the charges against him but she calls him to assure him one day she'll make him pay.

    Stefan asks Ben to attend his wedding to Gabi and invites Ciara to come too. They eventually accept and stand up for them. When Stefan asks Ben to investigate and find out who killed Ted Ciara helps him as she doesn't want to risk him getting arrested again considering his record. When Gabi fires Ben for not knowing she and Stefan had been trapped in the wine cellar for hours Ciara stands up for him and later he gets the job back. Ben tells her he doesn't deserve her and the fact that she loves him makes him feel like the luckiest guy in the world. He tells her he never had a home until he met her and that fate brought them together, so he won't allow anyone or anything to tear them apart.

    When he and Ciara find an unconscious Julie in the park he saves her by performing CPR. Meanwhile, Victor is not pleased by the fact that his favorite niece is dating a former serial killer and sends Brady to offer her a job at Titan in the hope that it will make her break up with Ben, but it doesn't work. Ciara takes the job but makes it clear that she won't renounce Ben. Victor also has Xander kidnap Ben. He has him tied up to a chair in his mansion and threatens him: if he doesn't leave Ciara, Xander will strangle him with a necktie. Ben refuses and says he'll love Ciara until the day he dies. Xander refuses to kill him and Victor is about to do it himself when Brady stops him.

    Ben is excited to be able to spend some time with his nephew and wants to give him everything he didn't have as a kid. He also feels insecure about him one day finding out what his uncle has done in the past. Ciara tells him he's not that man anymore. He says his life was darkness, pain and regret before she came into it, flooding it with light and love. To him, she is light and he loves her more than anything.

    Jordan comes back in town, says she's been released from Bayview and claims to be better but Ben and Ciara are suspicious. When Ciara is almost run over by a car they're convinced Ben's sister is behind it. When Jordan is cleared she and Ben tentatively try to rebuild their relationship and she invites him and Ciara to David's birthday. Jordan is actually still sick and her plan is to poison Ciara with a cupcake and frame Ben for her death. Rafe ends up eating the cupcake and feeling sick but doesn't die. Ciara and Ben realize Jordan is not better at all. Jordan tries to flee with David but Ben is able to retrieve the baby while his sister goes on the run.

    He's then plagued by nightmares where his sister kills Ciara. One day he comes back to the gatehouse and finds a body. Initially he thinks it might be Ciara's but soon after he realizes it's actually Jordan's.

    Ben and Ciara's Wedding Vows

    Ben: "No one here today will be telling any heartwarming stories about me, but that's okay. Because before I met Ciara, the stories people would have told would not be the ones anybody would wanna hear. I think we all know I'm the feral cat. But I've owned my past to the best of my abilities. I've made amends when I could, and the way I see it now my real story, my real life, began the day I met you. I'm sure a lot of you are wondering about Ciara's engagement ring, well, yes, it is a washer, from her dad's bike, that I took what I repaired it, when she crashed and broke her leg. A crash. That's how we met. It was the moment that brought us together and it gave us the chance to fall in love. You know people my whole life have told me that I'm no good, that nobody would ever care about me. My story, my story was not supposed to be this, it was not supposed to be a love story. By some kind of miracle... you, it is. Yes, I fixed your broken bike. And yes, I fixed your broken leg. But when you met me, my heart, my soul... everything about me was broken, until you loved me. Ciara your love, fixed me."

    Ciara: "Benjamin Oliver've told me so many times that I believed in you when no one else would. But what was hard for me wasn't believing in you, it was believing in myself. When we met, Ben, I was so mad at the world, and I just wanted to make sure that no one could ever hurt me again. But then I woke up in that cabin, after I crashed my bike, and you were so kind, and you were so gentle and you made me feel safer than I've ever felt in my entire life. And I felt safe every day since. Safe to trust again and safe to be myself again. I know that our life won't be easy, no, but I also know that it's okay for me to be scared sometimes because I'm gonna have you right by my side every single day. It's your love and your strenght that taught me to open my heart again, to you and to the entire world. You say that I'm the one who fixed you, and that may be true, but I was just as broken as you were when we first met, and it turns out that your love was the only thing that could fix me too."


    • Ben found Ciara on route 17. The number of Ben's motel room is also 17.
    • The name "Benjamin" means "child of good fortune" or "son of the south" while the name "Ciara" means "light" or "bright" in some languages (like in Italian), while in others (like in Irish) it means "dark" or "black".
    • When Ben was engaged to Abigail (Ciara's cousin), Ciara was supposed to be their flower girl. Funnily enough, she was then aged up and ended up being his bride.
    • "Cin" is also a pun on the word 'sin' which is fitting since their romance is originally frowned upon.
    • Their romance is considered a modern, soap retelling of "The Beauty and The Beast", since Ciara is the one person that sees the good inside Ben.
    • Ben is a Pisces and Ciara is a Cancer. Both Pisces and Cancer are ruled by the water element.
    • They got engaged on March 12th 2020.
    • They got married on the 22nd of July 2020.
    • Ciara's engagement ring is a washer that Ben took from her dad's bike when he repaired it after the crash that led them to meet.
    • St. Luke's Church, their wedding venue, is the same church where Ben crashed Sonny and Paul and Chad and Abigail's wedding to reveal Will was alive, a year before he met Ciara.