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Bo Weston
Baby Weston .jpg
Days of our lives
Portrayed by Cody and Warren Kransnow (May 6,2022-present)
Current status Recurring
Duration 2022-present
First appearance May 6, 2022
Fullname Beauregard Brady Weston
Namesake(s) Bo Brady(his first name is after his maternal grandfather)
Brady family(his middle name is after Ciara maiden last name and her adoptive family Brady)
Gender Male
Born May 6, 2023 (due to the days time jump)
Residence Salem, Illinois
Family Brady family
Horton family
Kiriakis family
Williams family
Weston family
Parents Ben Weston
Ciara Brady
Grandparents Clyde Weston
Bo Brady
Hope Brady
Great-grandparents Victor Kiriakis
Caroline Brady
Shawn Brady(legal)
Doug Williams
Addie Horton
Julie Olson Williams(step)
Tom Horton
Alice Horton
(maternal great great)
Aunts and uncles Jordan Ridgeway
Oliver Weston†
Baby Brady-Hathaway
Baby Williams-Brady
Shawn Douglas Brady
Chelsea Brady
Zack Brady
Great-aunts and uncles Isabella Toscano
Philip Kiriakis
Roman Brady
Kimberly Brady
Kayla Brady
Frankie Brady (adoptive)
Max Brady (adoptive)
Julie Olson Williams
Steve Olson
Douglas LeClaire
First cousins David Ridgeway
Claire Brady
Baby Lockhart-Brady
Baby Black-Brady
Other relatives Brady Black
Tyler Wilkens
Baby Kiriakis
Carrie Brady
Sami Brady
Eric Brady
Cassie Brady
Rex Brady
Baby Brady
Andrew Donovan IV
Theresa Donovan
Stephanie Johnson
Joey Johnson
Spencer Olson
David Banning
(maternal second cousins)
Tate Black
Rachel Black
Will Horton
Allie Horton
Johnny DiMera
Sydney DiMera
Mackenzie Horton
Noah Reed
Baby Lockhart-Brady
Emily Lockhart
Baby Michaels-Johnson
Scotty Banning
Baby Banning
Eli Grant
(maternal third cousins)
Arianna Horton
Henry Horton
David Grant
Carver Grant
Jules Grant
(maternal fourth cousins)

Beauregard "Bo" Brady Weston is a fictional character from soap opera Days of Our Lives.Baby Weston is the son of the favorite popular supercouple Ben and Ciara Weston.


Bo Weston is portrayed by twins Cody and Warren Kransnow from May 6,2022.

Bo Weston first appearance is set for May 6,2022 according to spoilers report by SOD magazine.


Bo Weston parents reunited and remarried before he was conceived during his parents Ben and Ciara Weston honeymoon.

Bo Weston was the subject of the devil storyline and was mentioned several times throughout the story.

Bo Weston is the first child of Ben Weston and his wife Ciara Weston given Ben raised Chad and Abigail DiMera son Thomas DiMera when he was newborn believing Ben was the father at the time but also Ben and Ciara fought to see and raise Ben nephew David Ridgeway who left town with his paternal aunt Zoey Burge.

Bo Weston is the second living grandchild of the beloved supercouple Bo Brady and Hope Williams the first surviving grandchild is uncle Shawn Douglas Brady and Belle Black daughter Claire Brady.The other two children that uncle Shawn died in pregnancy Baby Black-Brady with Belle and Baby Lockhart-Brady with Mimi.

Bo Weston is the second living grandchild of Clyde Weston and the first grandchild of the late Mrs.Weston.

Bo Weston Lost Two uncles in childhood Ben's baby brother Oliver Weston and Ciara's older brother Zack Brady.As well as others that died Baby Williams-Brady (due to a miscarriage)and Baby Brady-Hathaway (due to a abortion).

Bo Weston is the first nephew of Chelsea Brady.

Bo Weston father was kidnapped by possessed Allie Horton and was placed into the DiMera crypt by Allie and was chained and Ben was also had company as Allie's twin brother Johnny DiMera was taken hostage as well and unfortunately they were meet by André DiMera who a ghost haunting them when Ben plot his escape he had a neck tie to Johnny throat where Johnny pretend to play dead so that Ben could escape to find Ciara.

Bo Weston mother Ciara Weston was kidnapped by the possessed Allie Horton when Allie made Ciara believe Ben was dead with the ghost Evan Frears showed with a necktie in his hand and Ciara feared Evan came back and Ben "was dead" and little did she know she was taken hostage by Allie and was taken to the cabin to give birth to Bo


Ciara goes into labor with Baby Weston.

When Bo Weston mother Ciara was sleeping she wakes up she then talks to Allie about how she wanted Ben to be there with her in the cabin but then Clara wanted to leave the cabin for some peace and Allie was acting suspicious to Ciara when she went into labor with Bo Weston.


Bo Weston is born on May 6, 2023(due to the Time Jump (2019-2020))to parents Ben and Ciara Weston and Ciara had help from Allie as the possessed devil with the delivery.

After Bo Weston was born he was taken by his mother cousin Allie Horton when she was possessed by the devil and Ciara was distraught as Allie walks out of the cabin with her son and unfortunately Ben was too late as he found Ciara already given brith to their son in the cabin thanks to Susan Banks psychic abilities and Johnny DiMera helps they finally found out Allie is possessed by the devil and that how they found her and Clara at the cabin unfortunately Ben and Clara son was already taken leaving them to both heartbroken for their child.

Allie had summoned Evan Frears to go to the hospital where Ciara and Ben had been checked out after she gave birth and Evan sneaks into Ciara room where he trys to kill her by strangling her and Ben catches him and kills him and saves Ciara and they discharged from the hospital but Allie still had their newborn son Bo with her as she was planning on taking the child soul and make him the new devil permanently and Allie is caught when Susan, Johnny and Marlena Evans summoned Bo Brady to help Ciara and find her baby and Bo comes out when Ciara and Ben about to leave the hospital and he helps guide them where their son is and yet Allie summoned Charlie Dale to help her get Ciara and Ben but unfortunately Charlie knocks out Ben as Ciara is left to fight Allie and save their son which she gains powers from Bo to help fight Allie off and she is somehow teleport to the church and Tripp arrives and kills Charlie with the shovel he knocked out Ben with and Tripp helps Ben and Ciara is reunited with her son Bo and Ben wakes up to hold his son and the married couple reunited with their son they named Bo Brady Weston at the hospital with Kayla Brady there to witness it.

Uncle Shawn Douglas Brady and aunt Belle Black Brady shows up at the hospital to see Ciara and Ben happily reunited with their son Bo and Shawn hold his nephew Bo was Belle starts bring up memories of their daughter Claire Brady when she was baby and Shawn said he will teach his nephew Bo all about his grandfather some day and after they left Bo shows up again see Ciara holding her son Bo and Ben along Ciara thanks Bo for his helping them find their son and he look at his grandson one last time before leaving.