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Bob Anderson
Bob Anderson.jpg
Days of our Lives
Portrayed by Mark Tapscott 1972-80
Dick Gitting (1978)
Current status Former; Regular
Duration 1972–80
First appearance July 18, 1972
Last appearance March 28, 1980
Cause/reason Died
Created by William J. Bell
Introduced by Betty Corday
Fullname Robert Anderson Sr.
Gender Male
Cause of death Heart Attack
Occupation Businessman (Owned Anderson Manufacturing)
Residence Salem, Illinois (at time of death)
Family Anderson Family
Spouses Phyllis Anderson (divorced)
Julie Olsen (divorced)
Linda Patterson (divorced)
Romances Adele Winston
Children Brooke Hamilton † (via Adele)
Mary Anderson † (via Phyllis)
Robert Anderson Jr. † (via Julie)

Robert "Bob" Anderson is a character from the soap opera Days of Our Lives, portrayed by Mark Tapscott from 1972 to 1980, and Dick Gitting in 1978.


Bob gave Scott Banning, Sr. a job at his company in 1973, but when Scott was killed on the job, Bob felt so bad for his widow Julie Olson Williams that he offered her a place to live and financial support. Bob soon fell in love with Julie and in 1974 he divorced Phyllis to marry her.

Bob's age and busy life made Julie unhappy and end their marriage. Eventually, Bob began to suspect that Julie was having affairs with younger men, which was false. In 1976, Julie divorced Bob.

Bob eventually would learn that Brooke Hamilton stolen some checks from his company and used the money to finance a trip to New Your with her dying mother Adele Winston. Bob confronted them in the hospital and Adele confessed to him that Brooke was his child. After Adele died, Bob gave Brooke a job at his company, and she then payed back what she stole.

Bob began to suffer heart problems and Linda Patterson began to take more control over the company. Linda enjoyed her newly acquired power and in order to keep it, she married Bob in.

Bob later had a heart attack and gave his wife power over the company. However when Linda chased Chris Kositchek out of the company, Bob hired him back.

Later that year, after Linda and Stephanie Woodruff began dirty dealings in the company, Mary confronted her father about Linda having an affair with Neil Curtis. Bob quickly investigated the alleged affair and took away Linda's power at the company.

Bob then confronted Linda about her affair and Linda became so upset that she fell down the stairs and was rushed into emergency surgery. Linda made it through but couldn't remember the affair she'd had. Linda returned to Bob and tried to make things work. She was replaced by Stephanie at the company, however Bob was unaware that Stephanie was his daughter Brooke in disguise. When Bob ordered a security check at the plant, Stephanie burnt her hands so that she could not be fingerprinted. Bob continued to give Stephanie more power at Anderson and eventually allowed her to move onto his estate, never suspecting that she was out to sabotage his company. When a solar power device was stolen from the company, Bob accused Linda of stealing it, and dropped her from his will. Desperate to get back on his good side, Linda lied saying she was having Bobs baby.

Bob's health began to decline rapidly. Bob told Linda that if she and her daughter Melissa left town, he would include them in his will, and they agreed. Bob's first wife, Phyllis, returned to take care of him and he proposed to her, but before they could be married, Bob had a heart attack and passed away.