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Bonnie Lockhart
Bonnie Lockhart.jpg
Judi Evans As Bonnie Lockhart
Days of our Lives
Portrayed by Robin Riker (2000)
Kathy Connell (2000–02)
Judi Evans (2003–07; 2017–present)
Current status Present; Recurring
Duration 2000–02, 2003–07, 2017–present
First appearance July 11th, 2000
Created by Tom Langan
Introduced by Ken Corday and Tom Langan (2000)
Ken Corday, Albert Alarr and Greg Meng (2017)
Fullname Bonnie Maureen Lockhart
Alias(es) Maureen Lockhart
Adrienne Johnson
Gender Female
Occupation Con Artist
Owns Alice's Western Bar - Jailbird!
House Cleaner
Residence Salem, Illinois
Family Lockhart family
Spouses David Lockhart † (divorced in 2003)
Mickey Horton † (2004; invalid)
Romances Roman Brady (brief flirtation)
Bart Biederbecke † (kissed)
Lucas Horton (ONS as Adrienne)
Justin Kiriakis (as Adrienne)
Children Patrick Lockhart
Mimi Lockhart
Connor Lockhart
Baby Lockhart Sr.
Grandchildren Tyler Wilkens
Emily Lockhart

Bonnie Lockhart is a character from the soap opera Days of Our Lives portrayed by Robin Riker in 2000, Kathy Conell from 2000-02. Judi Evans, who previously played Adrienne Johnson, took over the role the following year; she is the most notable actress to play the role and has had the longest tenure. Evans played Bonnie from September 1, 2003, to March 1, 2007. A decade later, Bonnie returned to the show on July 21, 2017, when Evans was also portraying Adrienne. The character departed again on October 25, 2017, then returned on August 20, 2018, and still remains on the show as of 2020.


The character of Mimi Lockhart's mother was introduced as "Maureen Lockhart" in 2002. Her storyline mainly dealt with the Lockhart family's homelessness due to her husband David's unemployment. The character was completely reconceived in 2003 with Evans's introduction as Bonnie Lockhart, a brash, trashy schemer and gold-digger. With David having abandoned his family, Mrs. Lockhart reclaims her pre-marriage identity and desists from David's demeaning use of her hated middle name, Maureen. Working as a housecleaner, Bonnie resents her employers and other established families in Salem, even the blue-collar Bradys, because of what she perceives as their privilege. Bonnie frequently interferes in her daughter Mimi's life. When Mimi's boyfriend Rex Brady is believed to be a member of the wealthy DiMera family, Bonnie encourages the relationship. But after Rex's true Brady family heritage is revealed, Bonnie discourages Rex from proposing to Mimi and persuades a pregnant Mimi to have an abortion without telling Rex about the pregnancy. After one of her employers, Maggie Horton, is seemingly murdered in late 2003, Bonnie gets Maggie's widower, Mickey Horton, to marry her.

Mickey sets her up as the impresario of Maggie's old restaurant, Chez Rouge, which she reopens as a honky-tonk, Alice's, named after her new mother-in-law, Alice Horton, in hopes of ingratiating herself with Mickey's skeptical family. Mickey ends his marriage to Bonnie to resume his relationship with Maggie after she is found alive. Hoping to extort the Kiriakis family, Bonnie pays Mimi's surrogate Lauren to carry to term after accidentally being implanted with an embryo fathered by Philip Kiriakis instead of by Mimi's boyfriend Shawn-Douglas Brady. In 2007, the skeleton of David Lockhart's murdered corpse is found buried under a church. Bonnie reveals that Mimi killed her abusive father in self-defense years earlier and blacked out the incident. To protect Mimi, Bonnie confesses to killing David and sends Mimi to live in Arizona and look after Connor there. Bonnie stands trial offscreen and is jailed. Bonnie's scheme with Lauren comes to light after Bonnie's incarceration ends the payments, so Lauren abandons the baby, Tyler, who is adopted.

Bonnie escapes from prison in 2017 with the help of Hattie Adams and Anjelica Deveraux. It is established that Bonnie looks identical to Adrienne Kiriakis, which was not addressed in Evans's previous appearances as the characters. Anjelica abducts Adrienne and leaves her imprisoned in Bonnie's place while Bonnie impersonates Adrienne. Anjelica orders Bonnie to break up with Adrienne's boyfriend Lucas Horton and reunite with Adrienne's and Angelica's ex-husband, Justin Kiriakis, and then break his heart, enabling Anjelica to seduce him. Bonnie dumps Lucas, despite her attraction to him. This drives recovering alcoholic Lucas to drink, and when he drunkenly returns to Bonnie's hotel room, she welcomes him for a tryst. When Anjelica suddenly dies of a heart attack, Bonnie focuses on getting revenge on Maggie for, as she sees it, stealing Mickey from her. Using Justin to gain access to the Kiriakis mansion, where Maggie lives as Victor Kiriakis's wife after Mikey's death, Bonnie obtains incriminating information about Victor and attempts to blackmail him into divorcing Maggie and marrying her. Victor agrees, but secretly informs his loved ones about the blackmail, humoring Bonnie to buy time to eliminate the evidence of his crimes. To prevent parolee Sheila Watkins from honoring Adrienne's request to raise the alarm, Bonnie gives Sheila a job as a housekeeper. Victor rebukes Bonnie at the intended wedding, and Adrienne's brother Steve Johnson detects her impersonation and exposes her. She flees Salem before she can be sent back to jail.

The next year, Bonnie returns to Salem with a baby, also named Bonnie, she claims was conceived with Lucas in their one-night stand. A DNA test proves that the baby is Bonnie and Lucas's. Bonnie then hides "Baby Bonnie" and refuses to divulge her whereabouts unless Lucas helps extricate her from her legal problems. Bonnie is set to be released when the truth is revealed: the baby is really Emily, Mimi's daughter by Rex from their own one-night stand in a recent chance meeting. The DNA test produced a false positive due to the close relationships between Bonnie and her daughter, and between brothers Rex and Lucas. Bonnie's deal is rescinded, and Hattie convinces Bonnie to return to prison and serve out the remainder of her sentence.

In 2019, after the show's one-year time jump, Bonnie has been released from prison and written a memoir. Bonnie does not appear onscreen, but Hattie reads Bonnie's book, Love Made Me Loony.