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Chanel Dupree
Days Of Our Lives
Portrayed by Precious Way (2021)
Raven Bowens (2021–)
Current status Present; Contract
Duration 2021–present
First appearance March 25, 2021
Created by Ron Carlivati
Introduced by Albert Alarr
Ken Corday
Gender Female
Residence Salem, Illinois
Family Price Family
Parents Paulina Price
George Dupree
Siblings Lani Price (half)
Spouses Xander Kiriakis (2021)
Johnny DiMera (2021-2022)
Romances Theo Carver (pre–2021)
Allie Horton (ONS)
Johnny DiMera
Grandparents Olivia Price
Aunts and uncles Tamara Price
Nieces and nephews David Grant
Carver Grant
Jules Grant

Chanel Dupree is a character from the soap opera Days of Our Lives, portrayed by Precious Way. She first debuted on March 25, 2021.

On June 9, 2021 it was announced that Raven Bowens would replace Precious Way as Chanel, she will first air July 6.


Chanel came into town, looking for the Salem Inn. She interrupted Claire Brady's phone call to her mom, and later came back and apologized. Chanel complimented Clare's outfit, but said it did not go with her frown and she looked like she lost her best friend. Claire said she did, but it was a long story.

Chanel asked to sit, and Claire said she could. Chanel proposed they ordered some expensive champagne, and she and Claire drank and laughed as Chanel told Claire about her road trip. Chanel asked Claire to guess how many times she stopped, and a tipsy Claire suggested then and the twelve as Chanel teased math wasn't her stronger subject. Claire said three, and was stunned when Chanel said she only stopped to get gas.

Tripp Dalton stopped by to talk to Claire, and Chanel invited him to join them. As she went to get another bottle, she overheard Claire and Tripp talk about Ciara Brady and how the last thing she remembered was catching them to together half-naked. Chanel was intrigued and got them to confess how Tripp was with Claire and Claire's aunt.

Chanel was impressed with Tripp and asked who the cougar was only to find out it was Ciara, who was around Claire's age. Chanel asked if Tripp and Claire ever actually dated, and they said they did, but they were over. Claire mentioned that she dated Charlie Dale, who was Tripp's half-brother and her been recently murdered.

When Chanel was ready to leave, she tried to avoid paying the bill, but Claire stopped her and they got into an argument as Eli Grant happened by with Lani Price, her children, and Paulina. Paulina announced Chanel as her daughter and paid the bill.

After Claire and Tripp left, Chanel lashed out at Paulina for cutting off her credit cards, and was even more furious that she wanted to pay for the twins college. Alone in Paulina's suite, Paulina told Chanel she wanted her to get a job and admitted that she had failed her by spoiling her.

Chanel ran into Xander Kiriakis and tricked him into marriage believing he was rich since he was a Kiriakis. Chanel was furious to learn he wasn't, but when she learned Paulina didn't approve the marriage, decided to scam her mother into paying them to end the marriage. It almost succeeded, but Paulina caught on to their ruse and refused to pay them anything. Chanel and Xander got annulment after.

Chanel was surprised and thrilled to run into her bbf Allie Horton. As the girls excitedly talked about old times, Chanel and Allie shared a kiss, which confused and stunned Allie as she didn't think Chanel was into women. Allie admitted she isn't into women, so Chanel apologized and they agreed not to think about it anymore. Tripp, who was Allie's boyfriend, saw the kiss and told Claire, who then accused Chanel of trying to con her cousin like she conned them, not knowing that Allie and Chanel were already friends. Allie defended Chanel to Claire.

Chanel stayed with Eli and Lani till she could find a job. After learning how good of a baker Allie was, Chanel decided they could open a bakery. Allie knew they could get the recipe for her great-grandmother Alice Horton's donuts by blackmailing Eli's grandmother and Alice's granddaughter Julie Olson Williams to give them the recipe. Allie was aware of the pot brownies incidence caused by her cousin J.J. Deveraux, and threatened to expose it, so Julie gave them the recipe.

Chanel was happy to share her nee business venture with Paulina, but then learned that Paulina had plans to demolish Horton Town Square, where they planned to use the old GabiChic building as there store, and set up Price Town. Chanel was furious with Paulina, and Paulina eventually decided to keep Horton Town Square as it was and supported Chanel's dream.

One night at the bar, Chanel met Johnny DiMera, who also went by Giovanni. Chanel liked the name. When Johnny found out his dad had cut him off, Chanel offered to pay for drinks and said she had her credit card cut up in front of her when her mom cut her off. Chanel and Johnny started flirting, and Chanel mentioned she met a guy to Allie, who was intrigued. Paulina soon met Johnny, and let is slip that Chanel had kissed another woman, which Johnny was fine with.

Chanel went to see Johnny at the mansion where she saw the portrait of Johnny's grandfather Stefano DiMera noting him to be very intimidating. She also met Johnny's father EJ DiMera. On a double date, Chanel and Johnny were shocked to find out that Johnny was her best friends twin brother, even though they had different last names cause they had different fathers. The double with Allie and Tripp Dalton fell apart when Johnny brought up Allie and Chanel's kiss.

Johnny and Chanel went back to the mansion where Allie stormed in and accused Johnny of being a player, saying he would just use Chanel and throw her away like he did to Allie's high school best friend Katie. Chanel decided to leave for the night, but later made up with both Johnny and they got Allie to reluctantly accept their relationship.


  • She's a fan of the show "Sister, Sister." According to an interview, Chanel's actress, Raven Bowens, grew up watching it as well. Jackée Harry, Paulina's actress, starred on the show.
  • Chanel identifies as sexually fluid.