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Charlie Dale
Days of Our Lives
Portrayed by Mike C. Manning
Current status Current; Guest
Duration 2020–22
First appearance October 6, 2020
Last appearance May 16, 2022
Cause/reason Reduced to dust
Created by Ron Carlivati
Introduced by Ken Corday
Albert Alarr
Nickname(s) Chuck
(by Ben)
Vicious Freak
(by Claire)
Gender Male
Born April
Died February 25, 2021
Cause of death Shot and killed by Jan Spears (living)
Hit in the back with a baseball bat by Tripp Johnson (undead)
Occupation Intern at Titan (formerly)
Vitali mob employee (formerly)
Residence Salem, Illinois (at time of death)
Family Vitali (disowned)
Parents Jimmy Giacomo[1]
Ava Vitali
Siblings Tripp Johnson (maternal-half)
Romances Claire Brady
(obsession; 2020-21)
(dating; 2020-21)
Children Henry Horton (with Allie)
Grandparents Martino Vitali
Aunts and uncles Margarita
(maternal great)
Other relatives Angelo Vitali
Eddie Vitali

Charlie Martino Dale is a character from the soap opera Days of Our Lives, portrayed by Mike C. Manning from October 6, 2020 to February 24, 2021 when the character was killed off. He briefly returned from November 3, 2021 to November 5, 2021 a spectre after being revived by the devil. He reprised his the role on May 13, 2022 when the devil brought Charlie back to life again.

He is known for being Allie Horton's rapist and her son, Henry's late biological father. He is the late estranged/disowned son of Ava Vitali and the late younger half-brother of Tripp Johnson.


Charlie was the son of Ava Vitali and Jimmy Giacomo. Jimmy worked for Ava's father Martino Vitali. After Martino sold Ava's son with Steve Johnson, he recruited Jimmy to be with Ava. Ava didn't love Jimmy, but he wooed her and eventually they slept together.

Jimmy took him to see Ava a few times. Charlie was happy to see his mom, but he could tell Ava was faking her excitement to see him. Charlie tried so hard to be the perfect little boy, hoping Ava would love him. Ava never acknowledged Charlie as her son, so Jimmy stopped taking him to see her, and Martino arranged for Jimmy to raise Charlie by himself in Philadelphia. Ava's cousin Angelo Vitali seemed to keep in touch with Jimmy as he knew lots about Charlie's personality.

When he was a grown man, in Christmas 2019, Ava asked Charlie to keep an eye on his half-brother Tripp Johnson, who was alive and in London. Charlie followed Tripp and Allie Horton back to her apartment. After Tripp left, Charlie lashed out at Allie for picking Tripp over him, and then raped her, unintentionally sired a son with her. After learning that he has a son, he shows no real interest in him whatsoever, prompting Tripp to take on the role as Henry's father figure in his life.

A year and a half later, he would be exposed as Allie's rapist, after his mother Ava exposed him. Allie's hypnosis would cause her to remember that horrible night and confirm him as her rapist, which led to his arrest by his ex-girlfriend's father, Shawn Douglas Brady. However, Charlie stated that what happened between him and Allie was consensual and the London authorities nor the Salem P.D. didn't have any enough evidence to arrest him, so they had to let him go. He became the town pariah as everyone wanted him to pay for what he did to Allie, including his own mother.

Eventually, after making so many enemies, on February 25, he was found murdered in his apartment by Commissioner Rafe Hernandez. Like Deimos Kiriakis and Stefan DiMera, Charlie was remembered as the black sheep of his own family; no one mourned for him, everyone including his own mother Ava believed he got exactly what he deserved; though at times Ava has shown remorse, regret, and slight sorrow over how things ultimately turned out for Charlie. In April 19, 2021, it was revealed that Jan Spears shot and killed Charlie in an attempt to frame her nemesis, Belle Black, for the crime.


In 2020, Charlie first appeared as an intern at TITAN. He was sent away by Xander Kiriakis and Philip Kiriakis to get some drinks. When he returned, Xander was about to punch Philip. He ended up knocking the drinks on Charlie's shirt.

He later ran into Claire Brady, who spilled coffee on him. Claire was remorseful and Charlie asked her out. Claire found out Charlie was interning at TITAN and warned him to be careful since she was related to the Kiriakis family.

Charlie and Claire continued to bond and Claire confided in him about the death of her best friend/aunt Ciara Brady. She also confided him that her ex Tripp Johnson has been accused of raping her cousin Allie Horton.

Charlie and Claire continued to bond and get closer, but then Charlie saw Claire sharing a good bye kiss with her ex Theo Carver. Charlie started avoiding Claire until Jan Spears confronted him, and Charlie admitted what he saw. Claire cleared up the confusion, and Charlie was Claire's date to her parents Shawn Douglas Brady and Belle Black wedding that hit a snag because of Jan's obsession with Shawn.

Charlie was recruited by Xander to spy on Philip, but he was caught by Philip, who then convinced Charlie to work for him against Xander. Xander eventually found out and was irritated with Charlie, who asked Xander not to hurt him. Xander assured him he wouldn't and said that Charlie's assumption hurt him. He got Charlie back on his side and assured him he would move up in the ranks at TITAN if he worked with him.

While on a date with Claire, Charlie revealed he lived with his father in Philadelphia and had a brother that he wasn't close to. After the date, Charlie showed up at Ava Vitali's place. Ava had texted Charlie to meet with her, and revealed that Charlie had been tasked with keeping an eye on her son Tripp Johnson.

Ava explained that Tripp had been accused of raping Allie Horton, and then accused Charlie of doing it. Charlie was furious and yelled that since a DNA test said Tripp was the father of Allie's son Henry Horton that means he did it; but Ava told Charlie that the DNA could be a match for him since he and Tripp are both her sons.

Ava eventually got Charlie to admit he raped Allie, but he begged her not to say anything since no charges were being pressed against him. Ava told Charlie that Tripp's life was ruined and the truth had to come up. Tripp knocked on the door as Charlie begged Ava not to tell Trip anything.

Ava appeared to be conflicted, but in the end, said she had to tell Tripp the truth. Charlie knocked Ava out with a vase and grabbed a screwdriver incase he had to attack Tripp, but he secretly hoped he would go away. Tripp eventually did and Charlie took Ava back to his place where he bound and gagged her to a chair.

On Christmas Day, Charlie put on a Christmas movie for Ava to watch while he left for John and Marlena's. There, Charlie saw Allie and was so upset that he faked not feeling well, and left suddenly. He got back just in time to stop Ava from escaping.

Claire went to see Charlie at his apartment. Charlie hid Ava in his room, and convinced Claire to stay in the living room, saying his room was a mess, Claire gave Charlie his gift, which was a new shirt. As soon as Charlie took his shirt off, Claire seductively suggested they go to Charlie's room, saying they wouldn't notice the mess. Charlie suggested he try on the shirt she gave him, but Claire heard her noises, so Charlie hurried her out.

Charlie revealed to Ava that he had been drugging her food and was going to have her committed as her son. Ava hallucinated Tripp finding her, and then Charlie fatally stabbing him in the back. Meanwhile, Charlie saw Allie again, and when she went to leave; he said arrivederci (what he also said the night he raped her), making her visibly uncomfortable.

The night Charlie and Claire were finally about to make love, they were interrupted by Marlena Evans and Ben Weston. Charlie was later brought to the station after Rafe Hernandez found Ava tied up in his apartment. Charlie denied Ava being his mother, but later admitted it was true.

Allie confronted Charlie and tried to get him to confess to raping her, but he wouldn't budge. Allie brought up that they had a son named Henry, and asked if that meant anything to him. Claire later showed up, and Charlie denied everything her.

Charlie's lawyer got him out on bail where he went to this apartment and finally came face to face with his brother Tripp. Charlie and Tripp had a long talk where Charlie explained his conception and history to Tripp, who sympathized with him for being rejected by their mother.

Tripp suggested Charlie turn himself in, offering to help him since they were brothers, but Charlie continued to deny any wrongdoing. Tripp vowed he wound find the truth and clear his name. Alone, Charlie thought about Allie talking about their son.

Charlie tried to talk Claire, but Claire no longer trusted him because he lied about Ava being his mother and that he had her tied up in his apartment. Down on his luck, Charlie struck up a conversation with Gwen Rizczech, who also knew what it was like to be rejected by a parent in favor of a sibling. Charlie said Ava's rejection caused him to do something he wishes he could take back. Gwen inquired what that was, and Charlie invited her to have lunch. Gwen said she had to take a rain check.

At home, Charlie is visited by Tripp, who hands him DNA proof that he raped Allie. Charlie tells Tripp he knew he was up to something, but instead it Tripp planting evidence, he was looking evidence. Charlie maintained that the evidence wouldn't hold up in court and refused to admit to anything.

Charlie visited Ava, who told him that she was going to testify against him for raping Allie. Ava admitted to her son that she is a disappointment to her family, and she has done some horrible things herself; but, she can't get past the fact that he rapes a woman and callously lies about it. Charlie declared Ava can't testify if she is dead and goes to choke her, but Ava fights him off, and then Nicole and Rafe come into the room, and Charlie leaves.

Charlie tries to talk to Claire again, but Claire tearfully cries that Allie remembers him raping her now. Charlie admits he and Allie had sex, but maintains it was consensual. Ben arrives and warns Charlie away. Later, Charlie is walking through the square when he sees Allie, her father Lucas Horton, and their son Henry Horton. Charlie asks if the baby was his son, and Lucas grabbed Charlie and threatened to kill him, but Allie got him to back down.

Charlie and Gwen have another encounter, but this time it is tense as Charlie accuses Gwen of killing Laura Horton while Gwen shows disdain for Charlie raping Allie and says no women would ever wants to be alone with him.

Claire called Charlie and said she wanted to see him. She asked Charlie to come over to her place, and he was ecstatic to. When Charlie arrives, he worried about being interrupted, but Claire says she turned her phone off, so they won't be. Charlie's heart briefly sank when Claire said she believes that he raped Allie, but then said that she thinks she can get past it. Claire tells Charlie she believes he deserved a second chance like she had gotten, but wants Charlie to be honest with her, Charlie hesitates at first, but reluctantly admits he raped Allie.

Claire and Charlie embrace, and she thanks him for his honesty. She asks that Charlie leave, but he refuses. Claire says she needs some time to process and says she'll call him tomorrow. Claire says she needs to go him, so she can take a shower, Charlie suggests they take one together. Claire's phone rings, and Charlie looks at it and realized she recorded their conversation. He is furious with Claire for deceiving him, and Claire screams for help as Belle comes in and demand Charlie get away from Claire.

Claire says she recorded Charlie's confession, and Belle and Charlie lunge for Claire's phone. Charlie gets is first, and deletes the recording. Belle orders Charlie to stay away from Claire, and threatens to kill him. Charlie laughs at her to try it, and leaves.

Charlie encountered John in the park, who wondered why he was still walking around free. Charlie told John about Claire tricking him and recording his confession till he stopped her. Furious, John grabbed Charlie and demanded to know what he did to Claire. Charlie said she is fine, and John let him go. Charlie told John he may want to get control of his temper, and John told him to walk away. Charlie sneered he may want to look into anger management classes before he has a stroke.

Charlie saw Tripp with Steve, and heard Tripp say that he will be there for Henry. Charlie refused to let Tripp be involved in his son's life. Steve stood up for Tripp and warned Charlie not to mess with his family. Steve said that if the London Authorities don't do anything, then he will. Charlie maintained his innocence, and said that he won't let Tripp come near his son. Tripp asked Charlie since when did he care about Henry. Charlie snapped that Henry is the one thing in this town that is his, and he won't let Tripp anywhere near him.

Charlie stopped by Ava's apartment to see her, and saw Nicole. Nicole ordered Charlie to stay away from Ava, and told him her testimony will send him to prison. Charlie saw a suitcase and asked where Ava is. Nicole said she won't tell him, and Charlie snapped that Ava is not the victim since she never cared about him, and ruined his life. Nicole says he did that all on his own and he could have killed Ava with the drugs he gave her.

Charlie cried that he was the devoted son, but Tripp stole her love from him, and now he wants to steal Henry. Charlie says he would rather see Tripp dead than anywhere near his son, and then mulled over the idea to Nicole's horror. Nicole asked if Charlie just threatened to kill his own brother, and Charlie suggested that with Tripp dead, maybe Ava would have enough love for him before walking away.

Later that night, Charlie is lamenting how everyone is out to get him, but they can't stop him. Someone knocks on his door, and he opens it to an unknown person, who points a gun at him, Charlie puts his hands up and begs that assailant to not shoot.

The next day, Charlie's body is found by Rafe Hernandez, but he wasn't the first one who found it. Allie's mother Sami Brady previously had a gun and saw Charlie lying dead, saying he got exactly what he deserved. A long with Sami, Claire Brady, Kate Roberts, Allie Horton, John and Belle Black, Ava Vitali, and Tripp Johnson are all suspects in his murder.

In February 16, it's revealed that the weapon used to kill Charlie belonged to Kate Roberts. It's revealed on March 16, Sami didn't kill Charlie as he was dead by the time she came to confront him, however, she took the gun that killed him and shot his dead corpse as a form of closure. In addition, not long after, it was revealed Allie was the one who Charlie opened the door to, the night he was murdered, and threatened to kill him, however, Allie was unable to shoot him and he took the gun from her while she ran out of his apartment. On April 2, Ava admitted to Nicole that she went to Charlie's apartment the night he was shot and found him after he had been shot. Despite all that had happened, Ava was tearfully glad to see her son alive and wanted to call an ambulance, but Charlie refused and Ava held him as he lay dying. Charlie said he loved Ava and asked her to say it back to which she said it back and held him as he died finally being a mother to him. After telling Nicole, Ava burst into tears and said she hasn't told anyone cause she saw Tripp leaving the apartment that night. In addition, Ava felt an enormous amount of guilt as she's not sure if she meant what she told Charlie as she wanted him to hear what he wanted her to say. On April 16, John was hypnotized by Marlena and remembered that he had entered Charlie's apartment and saw him get shot. The assailant had wore a red jacket with the hood up. In April 19, 2021, it was revealed that Jan Spears shot and killed Charlie in an attempt to frame her nemesis, Belle Black, for the crime. She left him to die slowly on the floor of his apartment as punishment for his crimes as she herself is a victim of rape.

On October 31st, The Devil possessed Marlena wondered through the cemetery. They stopped by Charlie's grave and commanded he rise up and demonstrate their power to Allie. Charlie's hand burst through the ground, and he dug his way out. He rose before the devil and said he was at the devil's command. The devil commanded Charlie to show Allie it's power and Charlie liked the idea of targeting Allie, and anyone else he wanted as the devil only wanted him to cause chaos. The devil noted Charlie still hasn't thanked them for bringing him back and asked if his mother taught him manners. Charlie said she didn't, said thank-you, bowed slightly before wondering off.

Before seeing Allie, Charlie saw Ava being threatened by Carmine Merlino and stabbed him. Carmine died, and Ava was shocked to see Charlie. Ava gasped that Charlie was dead, but Charlie said he wasn't, but Carmine was. He menaced Ava and asked her to thank him for saving his life. Ava thanked him, and Charlie asked if this was enough to get her to love him. Ava said she loved Charlie and told him before he died, but Charlie doesn't think she meant it. He thinks she won't ever love him. Charlie said he wanted to show her hell, which he calls home sweet. Ava shoved Charlie away, and ran at the door.

Charlie shows up on Allie's doorstep. Allie thinks she's being pranked, bur Charlie insists it's really him, mocking the idea of using a mask like Kristen DiMera. He offers to prove to her he is real, by asking her to try and take the mask off. When she can't, Charlie says he came back for his son. Allie said Henry is not his son in the way that matter. Charlie blames her for that, saying she turned everyone against him when she accused him of being a rape. He mocks the idea of Tripp being and Allie being together since she had accused him of rape.

Allie tried to leave when Charlie goes to Henry's room, but returns in a rage when he realized Henry isn't there. He demands that Allie tell him where Henry is. Instead, Allie taunts Charlie over the idea that no one came to his funeral, and the only reason she didn't go was because she was afraid she'd be arrested for excessive celebration. Charlie turned away and tried to cover his ears as Allie mocked him about Ava loving Tripp more. Charlie snapped and grabbed Allie, screaming at her to shut up. He realizes Allie was trying to make him forget about Henry, and demands to know where he is again.

Tripp breaks the door down, and Charlie grabs Allie. Tripp is stunned to see Charlie, and Charlie blames Tripp for his death. Tripp says Jan Spears shot him, but Charlie says he was there and knocked on the door, but didn't bother to check to see if he was in his apartment. Charlie throws Allie outside and she smacks him in the back of the head. Tripp and Charlie brawl, and Tripp restrains him on the couch. Allie hands Tripp the frying pan and he beats Charlie until he loses consciousness. Charlie then disappears and returns to his grave.

In 2022, Allie, possessed by the Devil, resurrects Charlie again as a guardian for Bo Weston after he takes over the baby's body. He knocks out Johnny DiMera when he tries to stop the ritual. The Devil promises to let Charlie kill him and Allie later. However, Ciara and Ben arrive and the baby is rescued. The Devil flees and Charlie is furious over being robbed of the chance to be a father again. He lunges to kill an unconscious Ben, but Tripp hits with a baseball bat and disappears back into his grave once again.



  1. Ava revealed his name to Rafe on 2/25/21