Claire Brady
Olivia Rose Keegan as Claire Brady
Days of Our Lives
Portrayed by Olivia and Ava White (2006-07)
Alina Foley (2008)
Olivia Rose Keegan (2015-19)
Current status Former; Regular
Duration 2005-08, 2015-19
First appearance September 27, 2005
Last appearance July 9, 2019
Cause/reason Went To Bayview To Try And Get Better
Created by James E. Reilly
Introduced by Ken Corday and Stephen Wyman
Alias(es) Claire Kiriakis
Gender Female
Born September 27, 1998
(originally September 27, 2005)
Age 20
Education Salem University
Occupation Waiter
Hospital Assistant
Residence Townhouse
715 Pinewood Avenue
Salem, Illinois, U.S.
Alina Foley as Claire Brady
Family Brady, Black, Kiriakis, Horton
Parents Shawn Douglas Brady
Belle Black
Romances Chase Jennings
(crush; 2016)
Theo Carver
(lovers, 2016-18)
Tripp Dalton
(kissed/almost had sex; 2018)(lovers; 2019)
Grandparents Bo Brady
Hope Brady
John Black
Marlena Evans
Great-grandparents Victor Kiriakis
Caroline Brady
Shawn Brady I (adoptive)
(via Bo)
Doug Williams
Addie Horton
Julie Williams (step)
Tim Robicheaux
Maude Robicheaux
Aunts and uncles Chelsea Brady
Zack Brady
Ciara Brady
Brady Black
Paul Narita
Sami Brady
Eric Brady
First cousins Will Horton
Johnny DiMera
Allie Horton
Sydney DiMera
Tate Black
Godparents Mimi Lockhart

Claire Brady is a fictional character on the NBC soap opera, Days of our Lives, portrayed by Olivia Rose Keegan since 2015.

She is the daughter of Shawn Douglas Brady and Belle Black. She is the granddaughter of the legendary supercouple Bo and Hope Brady, and John Black and Marlena Evans.

She is known for her strong rivalry with her aunt Ciara.

Casting Edit

Claire Brady was originally portrayed by identical twins Olivia and Ava White from January 2006 to December 2007 and Alina Foley in 2008. In May 2016, Keegan was upgraded to contract status.

In July 2015, it was announced the character will be rapidly aged with actress Olivia Rose Keegan in the role, as part of the show's fiftieth anniversary. While the series has brought back Jason Cook as Shawn-Douglas Brady and Martha Madison as Belle, they have also SORAS’d their child, Claire!  After the talent search it was actress/singer Olivia Rose Keegan who has nabbed the coveted part!  When viewers last saw the character of Claire in 2008, she was very little girl who left Salem with her parents.

Fans of DAYS have already noticed the striking resemblance to the original Belle, General Hospital’s Kirsten Storms (Maxie) and Madison.

As for Keegan, she has appeared on numerous television series including: Modern Family and Sam & Cat.  Olivia is also quite the musical performer – in fact via her Instagram account – she has been touting her cover of Adele’s “Crazy For You”.

Keegan will be departing the soap, last airing July 9th 2019.

Background Edit

In September 27, 2005, Claire Kiriakis was born at St. Luke's during the almost wedding of Sami Brady and Lucas Roberts delivered by her maternal grandmother Marlena Evans and Dr. Lexie Carver. Philip and Belle chose Claire as her name when she was born, Mimi Lockhart and Shawn Douglas Brady became Godparents. When she got and her liver failed and she was ill almost near death it's revealed her blood type is AB-.

But in 2006, it's revealed through a DNA test that Shawn is Claire's father. Philip tried to get full custody of Claire after he returned from war, but Belle and Shawn took the baby and ran to Toronto and stayed at a shelter where 'Merle' helped them escape to Australia on a cruise ship. Upon their return to Salem, Philip promised to leave Claire with her rightful family. In 2008, Claire's parents took her with them to set sail around the world.

She returned to Salem as a teenager in 2015, and she finally graduated from high school in 2016 with Theo Carver, her aunt Ciara Brady, her cousin Joey Johnson, and Jade Michaels. Her main goal is to become a famous pop singer. In 2016, she began having a romantic relationship with Theo. She took a job as a hospital assistant and a waiter in a cafe. She currently works with her friend Tripp Dalton and lives with him and her aunt Ciara. She and Theo were in a committed relationship till they broke up in May 2018. After her break up, her infatuation and lust for Tripp continued to grow, and on July 6, she finally admitted to Tripp that while she was with Theo she had feelings for him and still does to this day.


In September 27, 2005, Claire Kiriakis was born at St. Luke's during the almost wedding of Sami Brady and Lucas Roberts delivered by her maternal grandmother Marlena Evans and Dr. Lexie Carver. Philip and Belle chose Claire as her name when she was born, Mimi Lockhart and Shawn Douglas Brady became Godparents.

Claire became very ill when she was just a few months old and Belle took her to the hospital. It was there that Kate found out Claire's blood type was AB- and knew that she wasn't Philip's daughter. She kept it from Philip and Belle but told Victor. Mimi found out the same information and kept it secret, because she was marrying Shawn and didn't want him to find out the truth and go back to Belle.

A little after thanksgiving, Claire needed a liver transplant and her doctor Lexi Carver found Claire's uncle Zack Brady as a match. He had died the same night and his liver was donated to Claire. She survived and went home with Philip and Belle. It was a few months later that Mimi spilled the news to Shawn that she too knew all along that Claire wasn't Philip's baby. Belle and Philip had a DNA test done and Philip was devastated. Later, Belle took Claire to her parents and left Philip, after she miscarried. Philip tried to get full custody of Claire after he returned from war, but Belle and Shawn took the baby and ran to Toronto and stayed at a shelter where 'Merle' helped them escape to Australia on a cruise ship.

Upon their return to Salem, Philip promised to leave Claire with her rightful family. Claire was aged at this point and then kidnapped by Crystal Miller and brought to New Ross, Ireland for protection. This is where she was found in January 2008 by Hope, Bo, John, Marlena, Belle, Chloe, Philip and Shawn. Claire's grandmother Colleen Brady revealed the source of the Brady/DiMera feud when she admitted to her affair with Santo DiMera. She also revealed that she was John's mother, making her Claire's great-grandmother. Colleen admitted to everyone that she was terminally ill and died shortly after.

On the way home from Ireland, Claire and her parents, along with everyone else flying back, faced a traumatic plane crash due to sabotage caused by Ava Vitali. Claire's great-grandfather, Shawn Brady I, died a hero on the plane saving his son's life. Upon arrival in Salem, Claire's grandfather, Bo, was rushed to the hospital for pancreatic failure and went through a life-saving surgery. Claire's parents, Belle and Shawn, reunited and decided to take Claire and sail around the world.


Claire returns to Salem with her mother

In November 25, Claire returned to Salem with her mother as a teenager for thanksgiving and her grandpa Bo's funeral. During the family's absence from Salem, they had settled down in Maine, but Nicole had not Cheated Daniel and now Claire's parents were separated. Shawn decided to return to Maine and Claire went to visit him. She returned to spend Christmas in Salem with her family, and she got to know some of the younger residents like Gabi Hernandez, and her and Will's daughter Arianna Horton. Eve Donovan heard Claire singing in Horton Town Square, and asked her to be part of a music event she was organizing. Claire was ecstatic, but Belle suggested that Claire should spent Christmas with her father. Claire accused her mother they are about to get married, but Belle said she was sorry they weren't. Claire told her mother she wasn't sorry and felt she wanted to start over without her and Shawn.


Claire pleads her father to reunite with her mother

Claire was offered a chance to go to New York for an audition by Eve, but Claire was hesitant to go, and Eve encouraged her to give it some thought. Claire was later upset to see Philip and Belle together. Claire asked Philip to stay away from Belle, and said she and her father just needed time to figure things out. Soon after seeing her mother get close with Philip, she phoned her father to come back to Salem so he can save her mother from herself. Claire noticed that Ciara seemed to have a crush on Chase, and Ciara pointed out that Claire also seems to be crushing on Chase. Ciara encouraged Claire to talk to Chase, but Chase told her he wasn't ready to date. Belle and Claire's relationship became fractured even more when Belle told Eve to stay away from Claire. Eve encouraged Belle not to give up on a relationship with her mom. Eve and Claire went to New York for audition. Claire failed the audition, and was so disappointed that she left New York by herself, and returned to Salem.


Claire and her friends in Jail

In an effort to cheer Claire up, Belle bought Victor's nightclub, so Claire could practice her singing. Claire saw it as a way in trying to buy her love, and rejected the gesture. Claire noticed that Ciara wasn't acting herself, and also a seemed to hold a lot of resentment for Chase. Claire decided to ask Chase out, but he rejected the offer. Claire told Ciara that she has asked Chase out, and Ciara reluctantly admitted to Claire that Chase had raped her. Claire, Theo Carver, and Joey Johnson all kidnapped Chase and brought him to a warehouse, so Ciara could confront Chase. Afterwards, the police were called and Chase was arrested. Claire focused on being a friend to Ciara, and her music. Both Ciara and her parents were impressed with Claire's talent. Claire helped set up for prom where Mark McNair forcibly kissed Ciara, causing Theo to beat him up. Claire took her classmate Henry to the prom, and encouraged Ciara to go as well. At the prom, someone rigged the projector to show humiliating photos of Ciara and Theo. When the group saw Mark smirking, they deduced he was behind it, and vandalized his car as payback. Unfortunately, the car belonged to Mark's father, who was also a judge. The teens were all put in jail for the night, and bailed out the next day. Later, while having breakfast Claire noticed a moment between her parents and they announced they were back together.


Claire held hostage by Orpheus

Claire decided to drop out of school, and focus on her music. She took and Shawn and Belle's skepticism as not being supportive, but they later told her they would support her if this is what she wants. When Chloe Lane returned to town, she and Philip partnered up in the music business, and offered Claire a recording contract. Claire discovered Chloe was pregnant, and that she didn't want anyone to know. Later her parents got back together in the summer of 2016. But they had to leave for Hong Kong for her mother's work. She remained in Salem where she was around for the prison break of Orpheus, Xander Cook, and Clyde Weston, she was kidnapped by them for money in exchange. She was eventually rescued by her grandpa John and Steve Johnson. After the siege, Claire began hitting on Theo. They began dating. Claire and Ciara began to work as volunteers at the hospital. Soon when Valerie Grant came back to town, Theo was suspicious for her as he thought she was keeping a secret from his father who she began to date. Claire decided to help him spy on her to find out her secret, this got her into conflict with Ciara as she believed she's making Theo do things that are wrong.


Claire telling her grandma about Theo's feelings for Ciara

In 2017, Claire began to realize that Theo still has feelings for Ciara and decides to do whatever it takes to break them up. She hid a letter that Ciara had written for Theo which details her feelings for him. Her friend Jade offered her a way into becoming more famous by making a sex-tape but she refused. However, Jade was persistant for she believed she knew best and so she secretly taped Theo and Claire having sex. On June 13, Theo's father Abe Carver and Claire's grandmother Hope Brady discovered the sex video by accident on Theo's computer, they confronted them about it. Both Theo and Claire denied being behind it. Soon however Theo began accusing Claire of being behind this, this broke her heart and after it was revealed that it was Jade who did this all on her own, Claire realized that Theo doesn't trust her so she broke up with him. Claire spoke to her grandmother Marlena on her heartbreak and told her everything about her paranoia of Theo and Ciara's feelings for each other. She gave Theo the letter Ciara had written for him months ago and he was in disbelief that she could do something like this. Later in the summer, she took a job as a waiter.


Claire gives Tripp her MP3 player

On August 10, Claire meets with Tripp at work and he gave her back an MP3 player she had recently let him borrow. Tripp raved about how amazing her voice is and how he has no doubts she will be among the best singers in the future. He reveals to her that he plans to leave Salem, because he is the one who set Kayla up. He explains why and Claire's shocked. She was able to convince him to apologize to her. Claire started to excuse herself so she'd get back to work, but before walking away, she asked if she was ever going to see Tripp again. He's not sure. She gave Tripp her MP3 player to Tripp as a sort of reminder of her.


Claire is happy that Tripp will move in with her and Theo

When she and Joey learn of Chad's arrest, Joey informed her that he plans to confess on killing Ava, and was surprised to hear that Tripp knew he killed his mother and yet did not turn his brother in. On August 31, Claire suggested to Theo that Tripp could move in with them and this made Theo jealous, believing she and Tripp have gotten close. Later, Claire offered Tripp to move into her and Theo's apartment, which he happily accepted despite Theo's reluctance. She began noticing Theo's jealousy to grow right before she leaves to go help Tripp move his stuff into the apartment. Later, Theo confessed his love for Claire and they got back together.


Tripp and Claire share a close moment

On October 19, Claire helped Tripp get a job at the same cafe she’s working at as a waiter. This brought her into conflict with a jealous Theo. On November 13, at the loft, Claire revealed to Tripp that she told Theo that she really feels comfortable around him, for he understands and captivates her better than him. When they are playing video games they share a close moment, which is interrupted by a call. Claire learns that Theo has been shot. Claire faints because of the news, and Tripp stays next to her in the hospital. On December 26, Theo wakes up from his coma and Claire is beyond relieved. Ciara and Claire continue fighting and on December 28, Claire learns of Tripp's feelings for her. She did not reciprocate.


Claire and Theo's farewell kiss

After New Years Eve, Claire learned Theo has to go to South Africa to recover and that he'll be there for a year. On January 8, Tripp comforted Claire that Theo will be leaving despite being reluctant at first in accepting his comfort, thinking he might be moving in on her. But realized she needed him around her for unknown reasons. On January 17, Claire and Theo kissed and bid farewell to each other as he was heading to South Africa.

Despite still being in love with Theo, Claire still seems to have an infatuation for Tripp, noted by Ciara. In February, Claire learns from eavesdropping on Ciara and Tripp's conversation that her grandmother's fiancé Rafe had cheated with her aunt Sami, at first she was hesitant on revealing the truth to her grandmother but in the day of the wedding at Doug's Place, she revealed the affair to her grandmother in public.

Tripp tried his best to make peace between Ciara and Claire. Claire's deceit on the face of Bella contest was exposed. On June, when Claire returned from her trip to visit Theo she revealed to Tripp that he broke up with her for what she did during the Bella contest. After learning Ciara broke up with him, as they were both in heavy emotional pain, they ended up nearly having sex. In June 5, Ciara walked in on them, and after vexing them and being pushed she revealed to Tripp that she was raped by her former step-brother Chase, which was why she couldn't make love to him. She walked out without hearing an explanation. After Ciara left, Claire explained Tripp what happened with Chase that led to her rape.

Days pass, as they don't hear from Ciara, they soon learn from Rafe that she might be held captive by Ben. On July 6, she admitted to Tripp that while she was with Theo she still had feelings for him and still does to this day, but she lets him know that she accepts his desire to be with Ciara. When Ciara is brought back home, she is very defensive towards Ben which surprises Claire and Tripp. Claire soon notices that Ciara might have feelings for Ben. When Ben stops by their house to see Ciara, Claire attacks him with a frying pan. Hope and Rafe soon arrive and Rafe takes him out. Days later, when Ciara invites Ben to move in with them. Tripp was against it, but Claire supported her, mainly because she wants to push Ciara and Ben together so Tripp could be hers.

Crimes committedEdit

  • Kidnapped and held Chase Jennings against his will. [2016]
  • Vandalized Judge McNair's car. [Apr 28, 2016]
  • Helped Theo to spy on Valerie Grant. [2017]

  • Secretly recorded a conversation between Ciara Brady and Tripp Dalton. [2018]
  • Rigged the Basic Black Bella Contest through Wyatt’s help. [revealed Apr 18, 2018]
  • Assaulted Ben Weston with a frying pan. [July 30, 2018]
  • Plotted with Ben to break up Tripp and Ciara [2018]
  • Started the fire that almost killed Ciara [Jul 2018; revealed Feb 25, 2019]
  • Conspired with Eve Donovan to frame Ben for the fires
  • Tried to kill Tripp and Haley
  • Held a knife to Tripp’s throat [Jul 2018]
  • Kidnapped Ciara and tried to kill her by lighting her on fire [Jul 2018]
  • Contemplated suicide by lighting herself on fire [Jul 2018]

Maladies and InjuriesEdit

  • Liver failure [2006]
  • Kidnapped and promptly returned as she was being protected by Colleen Brady [Jan 2008]

  • Kidnapped by Orpheus, Clyde Weston, and Xander Cook [Sep 2016]
  • Secretly taped by Jade Michaels for a sex-tape [Jul 2017]
  • Faints after learning Theo has been shot [Nov 14, 2017]
  • Punched in the face by Ciara Brady [Mar 5, 2018]
  • Kidnapped and held at gunpoint by Kristen DiMera [Aug 2018]
  • Suffered from a breakdown and tried to kill Ciara, Tripp, and Haley; contemplated her suicide herself
  • Hospitalized and sedated after having a breakdown and trying to kill Ciara, Tripp, and Haley

Likes and DislikesEdit

  • Her favorite cake is red velvet cake. (April 5th, 2019)


  • The necklace that Ciara wears on May 4th, 2018 is the same necklace that Claire wears on July 30th, 2018.


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