Daniel DiMera
Days of our Lives
Portrayed by Unknown Baby
Current status Former; Recurring
Duration 2012
First appearance October 2012
Last appearance October 2012
Cause/reason Died
Fullname Daniel Rafael DiMera
Namesake(s) Daniel Jonas
Gender Male
Family DiMera family
Walker family
Parents Nicole Walker
EJ DiMera

Daniel Rafael DiMera is a character from the soap opera Days of Our Lives. He was the son of Nicole Walker and EJ DiMera.

Nicole had Daniel Pre-Maturely, resulting in his death.


Daniel was conceived at a time when his parents, E.J. and Nicole, were separated. EJ was with Sami Brady and Nicole had a crush on Daniel Jonas, who was with Jennifer Horton. Nicole didn’t want EJ to know they had a child, so Rafe Hernandez pretended to be the child’s father.

Daniel survived in his mother’s womb during the earthquake at a fundraiser held in honour of the late Alexandra Carver, but Daniel died when Nicole fell down the stairs during an argument with Jennifer and was born prematurely. Nicole attempted to use Daniel’s death to drive a wedge in between Daniel and Jennifer by claiming Jennifer had pushed her intentionally and murdered her baby.

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