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David Grant
Lani dreams of David Grant alive.jpg
Days of our Lives
Portrayed by Unknown Baby
Current status Former; Recurring
Duration 2018
First appearance 2018
Last appearance 2018
Cause/reason Died
Gender Male
Died June 19, 2018
Cause of death Stillbirth
Residence Salem, Illinois (at time of death)
Family Carver family
Grant family
Horton family
Parents Lani Price
Eli Grant
Siblings Carver Grant

Julia Grant

Grandparents Abe Carver
Tamara Price
Ray Coates
Paulina Price
David Banning
Valerie Grant
Great-grandparents Paul Grant
Helen Grant
David Martin
Julie Olson Williams
Scott Banning † (adoptive)
Aunts and uncles Theo Carver
Scott Banning
Brandon Walker
Other relatives Hope Williams Brady
Jennifer Horton
Steven Olson
Tom Horton
Alice Horton

David Abraham Grant is a fictional character from the soap opera Days of Our Lives.

David is the baby that Lani Price and Eli Grant lost.


David Grant parents Eli Grant and Lani Price Grant

Lani ran into Eli, and confided in him. Eli was furious, and during the conversation he revealed he had fallen for her a long time ago. To suppress their pain Eli and Lani ended up sleeping together. Lani was filled with regret, but Eli felt there was nothing wrong only to find out later that Gabi had stayed with JJ because JJ had been planning to commit suicide.

In January 10, 2018; Lani discovers she is pregnant with Eli's baby and considers abortion without letting Eli and JJ know, only confiding in Kayla Brady about the child not being JJ's. Later, JJ finds out about her pregnancy, thinking the baby is his and convinces her not to abort the child. She keeps the truth from JJ about the baby not being his, but confesses to Eli about the baby being his after his mother Valerie Grant threatens her to.


David is born stillborn.

Gabi learns about Eli and Lani's fling and threatens to our Lani unless she helps clear her for murdering Andre DiMera. At Gabi's trial, JJ learned the truth and stormed out in a fit of rage. Lani goes into premature labor and ends up having a c-section due to the placentia ruptured and unfortunately the baby oxygen was cutting off and was declared stillborn when he was born and Eli told Lani their son was stillborn and didn't make it and Lani was heartbroken with grief and anger.

Elani mourns their stillborn son David Grant.

When they hold their stillborn son they decide to name him David Abraham Grant after his paternal great-grandfather David Martin and paternal grandfather David Banning and maternal adopted grandfather Abe Carver.

Elani mourns their stillborn son David Grant for the last time.

Lani and Eli grieved their son David everyday and grew closer together and they are now currently married and gave David two full siblings twins Carver Grant and Jules Grant.