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David Lockhart
David Lockhart.JPG
Days of our Lives
Portrayed by Ian Patrick Williams (2000, 2002)
William Bumiller (2007)
Current status Former; Appearance
Duration 2000, 2002, 2007
First appearance June 7, 2000 (flashbacks)
Last appearance March 1, 2007 (flashbacks)
Cause/reason Appeared in flashbacks
Gender Male
Cause of death Accidentally killed by his daughter Mimi Lockhart
Family Lockhart family
Siblings Calista Lockhart
Spouses Bonnie Lockhart (divorced in 2003)
Children Baby Lockhart Sr.
Mimi Lockhart
Patrick Lockhart
Connor Lockhart
Grandchildren Tyler Wilkens (via mimi)
Emily Lockhart (via mimi)

David Lockhart is a character from the soap opera Days of Our Lives, portrayed by Ian Patrick Williams in flashbacks in 2000 and 2002, and William Bumiller in 2007 through flashbacks.


David Lockhart was married to Bonnie Lockhart, and fathered three children with her: Patrick Lockhart, Mimi Lockhart, and Connor Lockhart. The Lockhart's were a dysfunctional family. David lost his job, so the Lockhart's struggled with money, and Connor went in and out of juvie. It has also said that David was abusive to his family.

In 2003, David died offscreen, but Bonnie told everyone that he had abandoned their family. In 2007, David's remains were found by Mimi and Max Brady. They at first referred to him as Mr. Bones until Mimi learned the bones belonged to her father, and believes her mother had killed her father. Mimi to got the blood on David's ring tested to prove it, but the blood came back as a match for Mimi.

Bonnie revealed to Mimi that she had killed David. Mimi came home one night to find David abusing Bonnie. Mimi tried to stop her father, and David hit her. Mimi then picked up a fire poker and whacked David over the head with it, and killed him. Bonnie and her sons buried David's body to cover for her.

Mimi was devastated to learn the truth, and wanted to turn herself in. Bonnie begged her not to and instead told her to take Connor and leave town, so he doesn't end up like his mother and Patrick, who was currently in prison.

Bonnie turned herself in for David's murder and was sentenced to prison where she spent nine years, and despite a couple of escape attempts, was released in 2021. Bonnie focused on turning her life and found a new man in Justin Kiriakis, but then David's sister Calista Lockhart turned up, and she too believed Bonnie had murdered her brother.