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David Martin
David Martin - Clive Clerk.jpg
Days Of Our Lives
Portrayed by Clive Clerk (1966-1967)
First appearance 1966
Last appearance 1967
Cause/reason Murdered by Susan Martin
Parents John Martin †
Helen Martin †
Spouses Susan Martin (1966-1967)
Romances Julie Olson
Children David Banning † (with Julie)
Richard Martin † (with Susan)
Grandchildren Scotty Banning
Eli Grant

David Martin is a character on the soap opera Days of Our Lives, portrayed by Clive Clerk from 1966-67. He was the former lover of Julie Olson and father to her child, David Banning (born David Martin, Jr.).


Julie had planned on eloping with David Martin, but backed out after discussing the situation with Tom Horton . David eventually ended up marrying Julie's best friend Susan. While married to Susan, Julie continued to pursue David in hopes that he would one day leave his wife and marry her. That dream was shattered in 1967 when David was killed by Susan, who blamed him for the death of their son. During Susan's trial, it was revealed that Julie was pregnant with David Martin's child. After giving birth to a baby boy, whom she named David, Julie decided to follow her Grandfather's advice and give the baby up for adoption. The baby was eventually adopted by Scott and Janet Banning.