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David Ridgeway
David Ridgeway.jpg
Days of Our Lives
Portrayed by Dexter & Jaxton Ellis (2019)
Caleb & Kyler Ends
Current status Former; Recurring
Duration 2019-20
First appearance March 29, 2019
Last appearance June 10, 2020
Cause/reason Left town with his aunt Zoey Burge after she won custody.
Created by Ken Corday
Albert Alarr
Greg Meng
Introduced by Ron Carlivati
Gender Male
Born October 22, 2018[1]
Age 4 years old (Time Jump)
Residence Salem, Illinois (formerly)
Family Orpheus
Weston (step)
Parents Christian Maddox
Jordan Ridgeway (biologically)
Zoey Burge (guardian)
Siblings Shawn Christian Spears-Frears
(paternal half-brother)
Grandparents Orpheus
Rebecca †
Clyde Weston (step)
Mrs.Weston †
Aunts and uncles Ben Weston
Zoey Burge
(paternal great)
First cousins Unnamed boy
(via Zoey)

David Ridgeway is a character from the soap opera Days of Our Lives, portrayed by child actors Dexter and Jaxton Ellis in 2019. After the Time Jump (2019-20), the role was recast with Caleb & Kyler Ends taking over until June 10, 2020 when the character is written out.


David Ridgeway is the son of the late former physical therapist Jordan Ridgeway and Christian Maddox. He is the nephew of a supposedly reformed Ben Weston and Zoey Burge. He is also the grandson of one of Days' most dangerous villains, Orpheus, and the step-grandson of well known criminal Clyde Weston and the grandson of the late Mrs. Weston and Orpheus's deceased wife Rebecca. He spent the first few years of his life being raised by his mother's ex Rafe Hernandez. till in June 10, 2020, his aunt Zoey won custody of him and began to raise him as her own after leaving Salem with him.


David was born off-screen when his mother Jordan was pregnant and left town and move to California she kept quiet about her pregnancy from everyone even her half-brother Ben, she feared for her son David being around him because of his dark past with Chad and Abigail DiMera's son Thomas DiMera, who was thought to be Ben's at the time he was born and he kidnapped their son but they find out Ben is not Thomas's father soon after reuniting with their son.

On March 29, 2019, it was revealed Jordan has a son unknown to everyone, she then tells she didn't set the cabin on fire or didn't mean to kidnap Chad and Abigail's newborn daughter, Charlotte DiMera, but also confessed she has a son to her ex-boyfriend Rafe Hernandez, then his mother Jordan cries into Rafe's arms and hug each other.

On April 2019, Jordan sends Rafe to California to check on and bring her son David to Salem.

David then lived with Rafe as his legal guardian. Ben Weston wanted to visit his nephew, but Jordan had specifically requested that he be kept away from her son. In September 2018, Jordan went to live with Rafe and David.

During David’s first birthday party, Jordan poisoned a cupcake meant for Ciara Brady, but accidentally poisoned Rafe. Jordan planned to take David and flee, but was murdered by his biological father before they could leave town.

After his kidnapping by his father and grandfather, they were arrested by Salem PD. They were later released from jail by his aunt Zoey. Later his aunt informs Rafe that she is suing for custody of David. After a few months of battling custody of David, in June 10, Zoey finally won custody of her nephew and left town with him that very same day. Currently, he is being raised a long side his cousin by his aunt.