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"Like sands through the hourglass, so are the days of our lives."
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Julie Olson Williams
Doug Williams
Victor Kiriakis
Maggie Horton
John Black
Kate Roberts
Justin Kiriakis
Steve Johnson
Kayla Brady
Roman Brady
Abe Carver
Brady Black
Jack Deveraux
Nicole Walker
Ben Weston
Lani Price
Eli Grant
Chad DiMera
Sarah Horton
Xander Kiriakis
Sami Brady
Lucas Horton
Shawn Douglas Brady
Belle Black
Gabi Hernandez
Jake Lambert
J.J. Deveraux
Rafe Hernandez
Chloe Lane
Philip Kiriakis
Tripp Dalton
Claire Brady
Clyde Weston
Jan Spears
Bonnie Lockhart
Gwen Rizczech
Wilhelm Rolf
Allie Horton


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Characters highlighted in RED, are currently on contract.
Characters highlighted in BLUE, are currently recurring.
Characters highlighted in GREY, are currently not on the show.
Days' Villains are ranked in DAYS Villain Ranks.
Days' Supercouples are found in Supercouples.
Days' online series is Days of Our Lives: The Digital Series.
The show's main setting is Salem, Illinois.


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