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Eric Brady
Days of our Lives
Portrayed by Edward Palma (1986)
Bradley Hallock (1986-92)
Jensen Ackles (1997–2000)
Greg Vaughan (2012–present)
Current status Present; Contract
Duration 1984–92, 1997–2000, 2012–present
First appearance October 19, 1984
Created by Margaret DePriest, Sheri Anderson and Thom Racina
Introduced by Betty Corday, Al Rabin (1984)
Ken Corday, Tom Langan (1997)
Ken Corday, Lisa de Cazotte, Greg Meng (2012)
Fullname Eric Roman Brady II
Gender Male
Born October 19, 1977 (onscreen Oct 19, 1984)
Age 47
Occupation Director of the Horton Center
Residence Brady Pub
Salem, Illinois
Family Brady family
Parents Roman Brady
Marlena Evans
John Black (step)
Siblings Sami Brady (twin)
D.J. Craig
Belle Black
Carrie Brady
Rex Brady
Cassie Brady
Brady Black (step)
Paul Narita (step)
Spouses Nicole Walker (2021-present)
Romances Nicole Walker
Greta Von Amberg
Serena Mason
Jennifer Horton
Sarah Horton
Children Mackenzie Horton † (via, Sarah; born 2020)
Holly Jonas (step) (2021-)
Grandparents Shawn Brady
Frank Evans †
Caroline Brady
Martha Evans †
Aunts and uncles Kimberly Brady
Kayla Brady
Bo Brady(half)
Frankie Brady (adoptive)
Max Brady (adoptive)
Samantha Evans
Nieces and nephews Will Horton
Johnny DiMera
Allie Horton
Sydney DiMera
Claire Brady
Noah Reed
Emily Lockhart
Tate Black (step)
Rachel Black (step)
Great-nieces and nephews Arianna Horton
First cousins Andrew Donovan IV
Theresa Donovan
Stephanie Johnson
Joey Johnson
Shawn Douglas Brady (half)
Chelsea Brady (half)
Zack Brady(half)
Ciara Brady (half)
Other relatives Tate Black (1st Cousin 1x Removed)
Claire Brady (Half 1st Cousin 1x Removed)

Eric Roman Brady is a character from the soap opera, Days of Our Lives, portrayed by Jensen Ackles from 1997–2000, and by Greg Vaughan from 2012-21.


Created by head writers, Margaret DePriest, Sheri Anderson and Thom Racina, Eric is the only son of supercouple, Roman Brady and Marlena Evans. Introduced onscreen by Betty Corday and Al Rabin in 1984 along with his twin sister, Sami Brady, the twins are rapidly aged, and Jensen Ackles stepped into the role of the teenage Eric in 1997. Eric's saintly behavior immediately sets him up as the better half to his very troubled sister Sami. Eric falls in love with Nicole Walker; however the relationship ends in heart break which leads to Eric's departure.

In 2012, Greg Vaughan stepped into the role and the character is re-introduced as a priest. He also reconnects with a now reformed Nicole and even works with his mother's longtime rival Kristen DiMera to help establish a new school in Salem. The dynamic leads to a constant struggle between Eric and Nicole, as both still seem to have strong feelings for each another.


Since the character's onscreen birth in 1984, the role was portrayed by several child actors. Rory Beauregard originated the role in 1984. Others actors include Jesse Davis (1985 to 1986), Edward Palma (1986), Bradley Hallock (1986 to 1992). In 1997, Scotty Hauser portrayed Eric in a voiceover.

Jensen Ackles auditioned for the role of Eric several times before was actually hired. The extensive process led to him rethinking his budding career as an actor. Ackles stepped into the role of Eric on a contractual basis on July 28, 1997. In the summer of 2000, during an interview Soap Opera Digest, Ackles confirmed that he would soon exit from the series after obtaining a development deal with ABC. Ackles made his last appearance on July 31, 2000. However, Ackles admitted that he could return. In December 2000, it was reported that NBC had approached Ackles to reprise the role in early 2001, but he respectfully declined. Reports also surfaced that the producers considered actor Shane McDermott, who was previously known for his portrayal of Scott Chandler on ABC's All My Children to take over the role, but executive producer Ken Corday immediately shot down the rumors, revealing that there were no plans to recast the role.

In February 2011, Greg Vaughan, who was previously known for his roles as General Hospital's Lucky Spencer and The Young and the Restless Diego Guittierez had turned down a testing deal with Days. It was then announced that Vaughan would star alongside Alison Sweeney, who portrayed Eric's twin sister, Sami Brady in the Hallmark movie, Second Chances, which fueled rumors that the series was interested in Vaughan for the role of Eric. In late June 2012, TV Guide's Nelson Branco confirmed in his publication, Soap Opera Uncensored that several sources has revealed Vaughan had signed on as Eric Brady, despite no confirmation from NBC. In early July, Soaps In Depth confirmed that Vaughan was set to join the cast, but his role had yet to be confirmed, with some speculating that Vaughan could be playing an entirely different other than Eric. The July 16 issue of Soap Opera Digest reported that several sources had Vaughan in the role of Eric, but NBC had yet to confirm Vaughan's role. The magazine hinted that Eric would return as a "very changed man." On August 8, 2012, Soap Opera Digest confirmed that Vaughan had officially began taping in his role as Eric Brady and was slated to first air in November 2012. Vaughan's first air date was later confirmed as November 13, 2012. Vaughan revealed that when he initially auditioned for the role of Eric, he was rejected. However, he was happy that he earned the job instead of having it handed to him.

In August 2015, Vaughan extended his contract with the show for an unspecified amount of time. However in November 2015, it was announced that Vaughan will be departing from the show.

On July 22, 2020, in an episode of their podcast series with Steve Burton (Jason Morgan, GH) and Bradford Anderson (Damian Spinelli, GH), Vaughan revealed he was taking a break from the show.[1]

In May 2021, it is announced that Vaughan will return to the series for a short stint, airing in the summer of 2021.

In November 2021, it was announced that Vaughan would return for a few episodes. Vaughan returned yet again in 2022, on a recurring basis. In April 2022, it was announced that Vaughan was put back on contract.


Eric Brady was one of twins born to Roman and Marlena Brady. He and his sister were extremely close as children, and were sent together to Colorado shortly after starting school. Although Sami returned to Salem during high-school, Eric was well out of school by the time he finally came home, when John and Marlena became officially involved because Eric believed that his parents (Roman and Marlena) belonged together. He also believed that his amnesiac sister Sami was faking her memory loss. With Carrie and Mike, Eric tried to find out what Sami's big secret was, and on the day that Sami was set to marry Austin, they realized that Will could not possibly be Austin's son, and that Sami knew. Carrie rushed to the Church to stop the wedding and to humiliate her sister. Although Eric felt horribly guilty for the role he had played in his sister's pain, Sami soon forgave him, because she realized he didn't do it to hurt her.

Not long after, Eric realized that someone was following him everywhere. It turned out to be an old schoolmate, Jed Fox. Eric had initially been accused of date rape when Jed was really the rapist, and lost his position in school as a result. Jed threatened to kill Sami if Eric didn't say it was really him, but Eric was able to convince Jed to accept his crimes and move on. Shortly thereafter, he met Nicole Walker, a waitress at the Java Café. When he started working at Countess Wilhelmina as a photographer, he thought she would make the perfect model. The two became romantically entangled, although their relationship was strained when Nicole's past started cropping up. When Eric had to focus all his attentions on Sami's upcoming trial for murdering Franco Kelly, Nicole got involved with Lucas, and Eric got involved with an older woman, Greta Von Amberg. Nicole and Eric were finished when Eric learned that Nicole had married Lucas Roberts.

Eric was then free to focus all of his concerns on Sami's trial. Sami had escaped and gone on the run, but after being recaptured by the police, she was sent back to prison to await lethal injection. Just as the injections were being given (as a shocked Eric looked on), Lucas burst in to take the blame, but later recanted when Roberto Barelli also confessed. Although Greta and Eric were spending a lot of time together, he couldn't keep Nicole out of his mind. He began sleeping with her again, and when Greta realized Eric still loved her, she broke things off. After having a near-fatal accident at a railway crossing and a heavenly trial with Isabella Toscano Black as his counsel, Eric decided to leave Salem. Before he left though, he told Nicole he would always love her.

Since leaving, Eric sent a letter to town when Roman was presumed dead (Roman was later found alive) remembering some of the good times. Marlena and Sami also made several trips to Colorado to visit Eric.

Eric returns to Salem in November 2012 as a priest at St. Luke's church. Eric hires Nicole to work as the secretary at the church. Eric opens up to Nicole about the violence he experienced while working as a photographer in the Congo. Eric is wary of Nicole's lingering feelings for him, and also harbors some feelings for her. Eric reluctantly begins working with Kristen DiMera on his new school project for the community. He disapproves of Kristen's romance with his step-brother, Brady Black, and by the time he is able to get past his reservations and agrees to counsel them before their wedding, Eric uncovers repressed memories of Kristen drugging and raping him. He then is kidnapped by Stefano DiMera with Nicole, in an attempt to cover up for his daughter. Waiting together for their deaths, Nicole confesses that she still loves Eric and Eric, although he is astonished, also confesses that he still loves her. They are amazingly saved and brought to the hospital. After being released, he talks to Nicole and tells her that to get back his priesthood, which had been stripped after the wedding fiasco, he has to go on sabbatical. Nicole is shocked and hurt, especially when she remembers him telling her that he loves her. But he continues by saying that the real reason to go on sabbatical is to see if he can be the husband to Nicole that she deserves. He then leaves Salem. With the proof now resurfaced, the Vatican agrees to hear Eric's case about being reinstated to the priesthood. Nicole even travels to Rome to testify that she kept the proof from Eric for selfish reasons. Moved by her testimony and the proof, the bishop offers Eric admission back into the priesthood. But, still troubled by his inability to forgive Nicole, Eric turns it down. He returns to Salem and works as a photographer for the PR department at University Hospital.

He spends months fighting with Nicole, who keeps pleading with him to try to forgive her. But he can't. He finally finds a distraction when his ex-girlfriend, Serena Mason, comes to Salem in the winter of 2014 to do medical research for a story that she is working on (Eric and Serena met in Africa, while she was there on a story assignment and they fell in love. Serena did not stand in Eric's way when he felt drawn to the priesthood, but as soon as she heard that Eric had left the priesthood, she wanted to see if there was another chance for them) Eric is happy to see her when she arrives in Salem.

Their relationship moves quickly, but Serena is also in town for other motives, she has orders to retrieve a piece of artwork that Eric acquired when the two of them were in Africa, that contains smuggled diamonds. Eric's relationship with Serena is bothersome to Nicole and she tries and fails several times to break it up. Eric later breaks up with Serena after discovering that she slept with her boss, Xander Cook. Later, Eric and Nicole are locked in the basement of the news station by Xander. Facing death, Eric and Nicole share a tender moment, and they realize they still have feelings for each other. But Nicole is engaged to Daniel Jonas, and when Eric and Nicole escape the basement, Nicole breaks things off with Eric, leaving him devastated. In August 2015, Eric finds Serena strangled to death in the park (she is the first victim of the Necktie Killer) Eric begins to drink. In January 2016, while driving drunk, he causes a car accident injuring himself, Brady, Jennifer Horton and killing his best friend, Daniel Jonas. In April 2016, Eric is sentenced to five years in prison for vehicular manslaughter.

Eric is released for good behavior and makes his way back to Salem, now sober. However, no one is willing to forgive him, especially Nicole, as he killed her fiancé, Daniel. When Nicole goes through her baby troubles, Eric tries to become a shoulder for her to lean on. However, she still doesn't find that acceptable. When Nicole is kidnapped by Xander, on the orders of Deimos Kiriakis, Eric hatches a plan to save her with Brady. Eric saves Nicole but she still denies him forgiveness.

When Nicole returns to Salem, she is sentenced to community service for abducting Holly, a baby who is her biological child, but who is legally the child of Chloe Lane. She is sentenced to work at the Horton Center where Eric works. There, Nicole is finally able to forgive Eric and t discovers he never stopped loving her. Eric and Nicole have a night of passion, but Nicole is now in a relationship with Brady and he finds out. Brady is furious and he blackmails Nicole to leave town after telling Eric that she does not love him; as Eric is devastated. When Eric's nephew Will is found to be alive but without any memories of his family and life in Salem, Eric helps Will and his mother, Sami to re-build their relationship.

Eric starts dating Jennifer, who knows Nicole was nervous over something when she left town, but never tells Eric. Eric asks Jen to marry him. Jen finds out (from Eve) that Brady forced Nicole out of town, and that is why she left Eric. She waits months to tell him (after years before telling Nicole you cant base a relationship on a lie) finally she lets him know, and he runs out on her, devastated that she lied to him for so long about Nicole. He confronts Brady who admits its true, then begs Maggie to tell him if she knows where Nicole is. Jen knowing she never had Eric, gives back her ring. Maggie finds out its true what Brady and victor did, so tells Eric where Nicole is. Eric runs there, only to find that Xander, has forced Nicole to marry him, or he would tell her secret to the police. She is the one that (while drugged) killed Deimos. Eric and Nicole plan to escape, and need to find the proof Xander has on Nicole. Only to get caught by Xander, and then in a warehouse fire, Nicole gets trapped in an explosion. Eric vows to stay with her, only to get knocked out by Brady and dragged out. Nicole is M.I.A and presumed dead. Later Kristen returns in a Nicole mask, and pretends to be Nicole to lure Brady to bed and get pregnant. Xander and Kristen work together to kidnap holly, and fake her death. Allowing "fake" Nicole to blame Eric. When it is found out that the real Nicole and Holly are alive and being held by Kristen, Eric goes to look for Nicole. Nicole and Holly then return to Salem with Eric's help, and they rekindle their relationship. Over a year later, Eric breaks up with Nicole after he finds out that she knew that he was the father of Sarah's baby, Mackenzie. They later reconcile after Eric forgives Nicole, but further heartbreak follows, as it is revealed that Mackenzie is actually the daughter of Brady and Kristen, who was switched at birth by Xander, as the real baby had died, leaving Eric devastated. Later that year, he and Nicole finally marry. In September 2020, Eric leaves Salem to return to the Congo in an effort to help residents following a string of misfortunate events. In July 2021, Eric returns to Salem and reunites with Nicole. However there happiness is short lived when Eric finds out that Nicole cheated on him with Xander. A upset Eric then leaves town yet again. In November 2021, Eric returns again to preform an exorcist on his possessed mother Marlena Evans.



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