Evan Frears
Brock Kelly as Evan Frears
Days of our Lives
Portrayed by Brock Kelly
Current status Present; Recurring
Duration 2019-present
First appearance November 12, 2019
Created by Ron Carlivati
Introduced by Ken Corday, Albert Alarr and Greg Meng
Alias(es) Christian Maddox (birth name)
Gender Male
Occupation Nanny (formerly)
Residence Salem, Illinois
Parents Orpheus
Rebecca †
Siblings Unnamed younger sister
Romances Jordan Ridgeway
(2018; lovers)
Sonny Kiriakis
(2020; kissed; 2021, T.J.)
Children David Ridgeway
(with Jordan)
Nieces and nephews Unnamed boy

Evan Frears (born Christian Maddox) is a fictional character from the NBC soap opera, Days of Our Lives , portrayed by Brock Kelly since November 12, 2019. He is the son of one of Days' most dangerous villains, Orpheus.

Kelly also played Abigail Deveraux's friend Josh from 2005 to 2006.

He is the first bisexual character in the soap's history.


Evan was born Christian Maddox to Orpheus and his deceased wife Rebecca. He has one unnamed younger sister. Christian and his sister were loved by their father, who wanted to find them a replacement mother. When Christian became an adult, in California, he met and sired a son with Jordan Ridgeway (the step-daughter of Clyde Weston, a prison associate of his fathers).


Evan had a relationship with Jordan Ridgeway, which produced a son that Jordan named David Ridgeway. They broke up because of Jordan's mental illness and Jordan never told Christian that she was pregnant. He eventually found out after seeing pictures of her and David together on her social media. Furious, Christian showed up in Salem and confronted Jordan. Jordan refused to acknowledge Christian as David's father and says that Rafe Hernandez will be his father. She says Rafe will be a father than Christian ever will be. Jordan told Christian she wouldn't let David anywhere near him as long as she was alive. They fought, and Christian started strangling Jordan with her scarf. Jordan died as a result, and her half-brother, Ben Weston, was accused of the murder while Christian took on the alias of Evan Frears and convinced Rafe to hide him as David's nanny.

Evan is first seen after the Time Jump. During his time in Salem, Evan started seeing Sonny Kiriakis romantically. Sonny was currently separated from Will Horton, who was in jail for allegedly killing Sonny's mother Adrienne Johnson. Evan's world falls apart after he throws away papers related to Rafe adopting David. Rafe finds out and Evan is forced to admit his real name is Christian Maddox. He doesn't tell Rafe he is David's father, and instead says he could only take a job as a nanny and lied because he had a criminal record. Rafe promptly fires Evan and sends him upstairs to pack his stuff.

Evan then steals David and goes to see Sonny. He sees Sonny with Will Horton, and realized they are back together. He pulls a gun on Sonny and asks for his help. He tells him he is David's father and explains his history with Jordan, and that he had to pose as a nanny to get close to his son because he has a criminal record. He also confirms he is bi and genuinely cares about Sonny. Evan asks for money just as Ciara Brady and Will arrive. Ciara accuses Evan of murdering Jordan and framing her boyfriend Ben Weston for it.

Sonny asks Evan if it is true, and Evan denies it. Ciara says they found DNA on Jordan's body that was originally believed to be belong to David, but a closer study revealed it belonged to his father. David holds Will and Ciara at gunpoint and says he needs money. Sonny tells him to put the gun down and says he will get him money. Evan starts getting flustered and stressed because he can't build the life with Sonny and his son that he wanted. Will the tackles Evan and Ciara gets the gun. She forces Evan to his feet and demands he drive her to Statesville prison.

Crimes Committed

  • Has a criminal record.
  • Kidnapped his son David Ridgeway. [Mar 2020-present] [Mar 2021 Time Jump]
  • Held a gun on Sonny Kiriakis. [Mar 2020]
  • Held a gun on Will Horton and Ciara Brady. [Mar 2020]
  • Presumably murdered Jordan Ridgeway by strangling her with her scarf. [Nov 2019; revealed Mar 2020] [Mar 2021 Time Jump]
  • Conspired with his father Orpheus in the kidnapping his son David. [Mar 2020; revealed on Mar 13, 2020] [Mar 2021 Time Jump]


  • Evan kills Jordan
  • Ciara turns the tables on Evan
  • Christian with his father, Orpheus and his sister
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