Dr.Fynn Thompson
Fynn Thompson
Alexander Bruszt As Dr.Fynn Thompson
Days of our Lives
Portrayed by Alexander Bruszt
Current status Former; Regular
Duration 2015-16
First appearance November 12, 2015
Last appearance July 29, 2016
Cause/reason Dropped Off The Canvas
Gender Male
Occupation Medical resident
Romances Nicole Walker (flirted)
Kayla Brady (Kissed)

Dr. Fynn Thompson is a fictional character on the NBC soap opera Days of Our Lives Portrayed By Alexander Bruszt from 2015-16.


In 2015, Bruszt had joined the cast of Daytime Emmy Award winning soap opera Days of Our Lives in the three-month contract role of Fynn Thompson and first appeared on November 12, 2015. He was one of the 300 actors who had auditioned for the role of Fynn in Arena's online competition for the soap's 'Search for a Star' Contest. Three Australian finalists : Andrew Steel, Alex Bruszt and Tom Dalzell were selected to fly down to Los Angeles for the screen test, in the end, Alex beat out the two finalists winning the role. He had screen tested opposite actress Arianne Zucker during the audition.

In early November 2015, it was announced that his contract had been extended and that he would remain with the soap for an unknown period of time.

On June 9th 2016, Bruszt was let go from the show, making his last on screen appearance on June 9th 2016. His final air date was July 29th 2016.


Dr. Fynn Thompson arrived in Salem on November 12, 2015 to finish his residency at University Hospital. He met Nicole Walker his first day and learned she was engaged to Dr. Daniel Jonas when she turned down his dinner invitation. Fynn had history with Daniel, having worked with him at another hospital. Fynn also hinted they may have had issues over a woman in the past too.

Fynn idolized Daniel's skill as a surgeon and when Daniel was killed in a car accident, Fynn wanted to make sure he honoured Daniel by making sure his heart was transplanted properly into Brady Black. He also comforted Daniel's fiancée Nicole Walker. Brady told Fynn he kept seeing a woman in his dreams, and Fynn told him about how Daniel had met a woman during one of his trip.

Fynn treated Maggie and Victor Kiriakis when they were both hospitalized, and he also treated fellow Doctor, Kayla Brady, when she collapsed from a brain injury. Fynn and Kayla formed a close bond and even went of on a date, but it was interrupted when a mysterious virus was unleashed in Salem. Fynn eventually helped find the cure, and everyone was cured and sent home.

When Kayla Brady son Joey Johnson ran away, Kayla insist on going to look for him with Steve. Fynn advised her not to go due to her health. Kayla didn't listen, so Fynn offered to go with her. At the hotel, Fynn and Kyla kissed and almost made love, but Kayla stopped. It is unknown what happened to fynn after that. It is also unknown if he will return to the show.

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