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Grace DiMera
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Days of Our Lives
Portrayed by Maggie and Bebe Vose (January 26, 2009-March 2009)

Ailisha and Julia O'Connor (March 2009-June 9, 2009)

Current status Former; Recurring
Duration 2009
First appearance January 26, 2009
Last appearance June 9, 2009
Cause/reason Died
Introduced by Dena Higley
Fullname Grace Rafaela McCormick DiMera
Grace Rafaela Brady
Nickname(s) Sweet Amazing Grace
Namesake(s) Grace Church
Rafe Hernandez
Gender Female
Born January 28, 2009 (shown on-screen January 26, 2009)
Died June 9, 2009
Age six months
Cause of death Died from Bacterial Meningitis
Family DiMera family
McCormick family
Parents Chad DiMera
Mia McCormick
Abigail Deveraux (step)
Siblings Thomas DiMera
Charlotte DiMera
Baby Girl DiMera
(paternal half)
Grandparents Stefano DiMera
Madeline Peterson-Woods
Charles Woods (step)
Great-grandparents Santo DiMera and Signora DiMera †
Aunts and uncles EJ DiMera
Stefan DiMera
Jake DiMera
Benjy Hawk
Peter Blake (adoptive)
Andre DiMera
Tony DiMera (legal)
Kristen DiMera (Adoptive)
Lexie Carver
Renee DuMonde
Megan Hathaway
Ryan Brady † (great) (paternal)
First cousins Theo Carver (via Lexie)
Johnny DiMera
Sydney DiMera Jr.
Sydney DiMera Sr.+
Daniel DiMera+(via EJ)
Steven Hawk (via Benjy)
John Black Jr. +
Rachel Black (via Kristen)
Baby Banning+(via Renee)
Baby DiMera+(via Tony)
Baby Boy Brady-Hathaway+(via Megan)
Godparents Rafe Hernandez
Nicole Walker
Sami Brady
Other relatives Brandon Walker
Lani Price(adoptive step)
Jessica Blake
Carrie Brady
Arianna Horton
Cassie Brady
Billie Reed
Rex Brady
Austin Reed
Philip Kiriakis
Lucas Horton
(step cousins)

Grace Rafaela McCormick DiMera is a character from the soap opera Days of Our Lives. Grace is the biological daughter of Chad DiMera (then known as Chad Peterson-Woods) and Mia McCormick. She is born on January 28, 2009. Nicole Walker was planning to adopt the baby but she instead switches the baby with the daughter that Sami Brady had just given birth too. Sydney is the true daughter of Sami and E.J. DiMera.

Grace was named after Grace chruch were her mother Mia stayed there and her aunt Sami by marriage spend time there and her godfather Salem police commissioner Rafe Hernandez who helped raise her as newborn and until her death. Nicole who wanted to adopted her is considered her godmother along with Sami for raising her as her own by mother Mia choice.


Grace DiMera parents Chad DiMera and Mia McCormick.

Grace parents Chad and Mia met in high school and they slept together as result of that Mia got pregnant with Grace which Richard Baker a doctor working at the clinic nearby confirmed her pregnancy.

The night Chad and Mia conceived Grace DiMera.

Mia kept her pregnancy a secret from Chad because he was a total perk and jerk back then and left Mia scared and left school have her baby.

Mia founds out she pregnant with Grace.

Mia was at a church were Sami spend her time there Grace chruch and Mia is met with a grieving mother and wealthy women Nicole Walker who was then wife of Chad's brother EJ DiMera having lost their daughter Sydney DiMera Sr. on November 24,2008 due a miscarriage and she was left with a child of her own.

Mia founds out she having a girl.

Mia agrees to gave up her daughter to Nicole hoping her baby girl have a chance to grow up and be loved by Nicole and EJ so Nicole paid her for the adoption for her dance class.

Mia goes into labor with her daughter Grace.

Grace DiMera is the ninth grandchild of Stefano DiMera and unfortunately the sixth deceased grandchild.


Mia gives birth to her daughter Grace DiMera.

Mia goes into labor where Nicole helped delivers her baby girl and Mia thanks Nicole for delivering her baby girl and Nicole made a promise she will take care of her baby girl and left with Mia daughter to the nearby clinic where she comes across Chloe who congratulates Nicole on her newborn baby girl and Chloe also told her Sami was pregnant too and she then is shocked by the news and Chloe tell her she too had a baby girl and Nicole then proceeded to goes to Dr.Baker with Mia daughter in her arms and Dr.Baker who had Sami daughter told Nicole that Sami daughter father was EJ and Nicole wanted Sami child instead of Mia daughter who was unrelated at the time and Dr.Baker agreed to the switch with Nicole as he takes Mia daughter away and Nicole has Sami and EJ newborn daughter and pretends to give birth when EJ arrives and is thrilled to see "their baby girl" and they name her after Sydney, Australia and the two bonded with Sydney and Sami has Mia newborn daughter and Rafe their to see Sami with "her little girl" and they name her grace after grace church because of so much time she spend there and her middle name after Rafe who overjoyed having a child name after him.

Newborn Grace DiMera.

Mia comes back to town after her failed dance school experience and money run out and decided to reconnect with her daughter again and she decided she wants her daughter back and thought Sydney was "her little girl" and started bonding with EJ but Nicole grew worried that Mia was going to blow her cover and secret so Nicole pushed Mia off her radar.

Nicole and Dr.Baker makes the switch with Chia's daughter Grace.

Mia got a job at Java Cafe where she meet Maggie Horton Kiriakis and the two befriend each other and Maggie because she too had given a child up for adoption and decided to let Mia stay with her and is reunited with Will Horton her old classmate and the two decided to baby sit "his little sister" Grace who unknowingly to her is her biological daughter and Will was surprised by how Mia and Grace bonded with each other and the two become a couple when he agreed to help her find her daughter she gave up for adoption.

Dr.Baker gives Sami Chad and Mia's daughter Grace DiMera due to the baby switch.

Sami who was in witnesses protection left with Grace half of time at Grace Church to spends the first months of her life being raised by nuns or with Will and Mia to baby sit until Sami is cleared from witnesses protection decides to bring her home.

Sami with Chad and Mia's daughter Grace DiMera.

A cleared Sami tells everyone that Grace was adopted so she could protect Grace from becoming a DiMera.

Mia with her daughter Grace DiMera.

Chad comes to town and is stunned to learn Mia was with Will in Salem and then proceeded to try and win Mia back from Will which started a fight in which Mia confesses to Chad she was pregnant with his child and Chad was even more shocked by Mia then Chad demanded he want to see his child and Mia stops him by telling him she had a little a girl and gave her up for adoption to Nicole DiMera at time.

Mia with her daughter Grace again.

Grace contracted bacterial meningitis when she was in her play crib and Sami starts crying and freaking out as Grace was running a fever and Rafe trys to clam her down as they rush Grace to the hospital and Daniel Jonas has bad news regarding Grace is seriously ill and has a terminal type of bacterial meningitis and Sami is left heartbroken and Rafe ccomforts her.

Mia with Grace again.

Sami was left to decide and planned to tell E.J. that Grace was his biological daughter who was dealing with his daughter Sydney at time was busy.

Mia with Grace again.

Grace dies from bacterial meningitis on June 9, 20 and was in Sami arms as she crying in grief over Grace death and Rafe with Sami held her in their arms. Afterwards Will and Mia with EJ and Nicole were all grieving for the lose of Grace.

Mia saying goodbye to her and Chad's daughter Grace DiMera before Grace death.

Sami finally tells EJ that she was pregnant and they had a daughter which they believed was Grace and the two were angry at each other but then mourn her together.

Sami with Rafe saying goodbye to "her daughter" Mia and Chad's daughter Grace DiMera before Grace death.

Grace was mourn by her loved ones at Grace church and unknown to Mia that she actually mourn her own without her knowing it.

Grace DiMera dies.

After the funeral of Grace everyone visited her grave site where Nicole had guilt for leaving Grace as newborn to be raised by Sami and how sorry she was and started to cry in grief.

Grace DiMera funeral.

Chad filed for custody of his daughter when Nicole finds out she goes to Stefano DiMera where pleas to keep her secret about the baby switch and how she was involved and stealing Sami and EJ's daughter Sydney and switch her with Mia and Chad daughter Grace.

Mia with Will at her's and Chad daughter Grace funeral.

Four months later Carly Manning who was in town befriend Mia and took a likening to her when she and Chloe started feudimg over Daniel then it revealed Chloe knew Sami was pregnant and was the baby was a girl then discovered Mia had given birth the same night to a baby girl too and Carly then brought her suspicion to newly P.I. Rafe who had his doubts but then soon find out Mia was pregnant and gave birth a little girl too and they raises alarms of that night both Sami and Mia gave birth and then realized Dr.Baker was the doctor who told Nicole had a miscarriage with her baby girl Sydney DiMera Sr. and Rafe get a DNA simple from Sydney and Grace because Mia was looking for her daughter and deserve to know and Carly took the simples and run them as Carly and Rafe are shocked that Sydney DNA didn't match Mia's but Sami's and Rafe then went straight to Sami who was angry that Rafe said Grace wasn't her daughter and no can replace her but she is stunned and disbelief that her little girl is alive and is revealed to be Sydney DiMera Jr. the daughter of EJ and "Nicole" and then tells Sami about Nicole miscarriage with her daughter Sydney DiMera Sr. and Nicole find a teenage pregnant woman who turned out to be Mia and Sami had no idea Mia was pregnant and Rafe tells her Mia had a little girl who was Grace and Sami was shocked at how Mia bonded with Grace when she baby sit her all the time with Will and Rafe tells her Nicole paid Mia to take her baby girl and keep quiet about the whole thing and Sami was angry and Safe tells her Nicole switch Grace with her daughter Sydney DiMera Jr. and then Rafe goes looking for Sydney with Sami and Rafe is then caught Chloe with Sydney and demand she give him and Sydney or else she will get arrested and she agrees to hand over the baby and then leaves to find Daniel with Carly in the Java Cafe where Carly is there and Daniel but unfortunately Mia was also there with Maggie and Carly tells Mia the truth about her daughter and that her real daughter is and Daniel and Maggie were shocked and stunned by at how Carly came with information some then proceeded that Chloe knew Sami was pregnant and gave birth to a little girl too on the same day and that Chloe knew Nicole was at the clinic with Mia baby girl Too and Carly said she had run a DNA test because Mia wanted to find her baby girl but then told Mia that Sydney is not her little girl and that she had been switched with Grace because Nicole want EJ's daughter instead of hers so did it with the help of Dr.Baker and Mia was heartbroken thinking her daughter was alive and living with Nicole instead she was Sami the whole time and she talked about the bond she had with Grace was special and she didn't know how but she knew Grace was her daughter but didn't want to believe it and Maggie comforts Mia in her arms as they cry together and Sami finds Nicole and demand the truth when Nicole finally admitted that Sydney is Sami and EJ daughter then Sami is happy as Rafe bring her Sydney while Nicole is heartbroken looking on when Sami is reunited with Sydney DiMera Jr. and EJ then stops Nicole from leaving the docks and demand she own up what she did but is shocked to learn Nicole switched the babies and that Sydney is his daughter with Sami he was in denial but then Sami shows up with their daughter Sydney and Rafe let EJ and Sami bond with their daughter as Nicole looks sad and is arrested for kidnapping then EJ who held his daughter didn't want Nicole around Sydney and Sami let Nicole say her farewells to Sydney as Sami and EJ Watch her get carted off the the police station and reunited to the DiMera Mansion where EJ and Sami come to agreement about their daughter living situations and Mia had to tell Chad that their daughter was Grace and she died and Chad was heartbroken and the two grief their little girl together on the docks and preceded to make amends for their daughter sake and Chad and Mia later have a memorial For Grace and Rafe hugs Mia and she thanks him for helping raising her little girl and named him godfather of Grace and Sami godmother of Grace after all she raised her too as they still consider Grace their child and even kept Grace stuff if Mia ever wanted it.

Chad founds out he had a daughter with Mia and unknown to them their daughter Grace died.

Mia and Chad work things out as they cope with loses of their daughter Grace and decide to get back together but Mia was already with Will at the time when Will help her cope with her grief even created a dance that honor Grace and Chad was jealous but then Will came to accept that Chad and Mia needs to be together for their daughter Sake and breaks up with Mia.

Mia founds out Grace is her daughter and her daughter died because of the baby switch by Nicole and Dr.Baker.

Chad and Mia heal together and Mia decides to leave town to New York, City, New York and Chad father that raised him since he was born and Madeline Peterson-Woods shows up and he tells them he fathered a child a daughter who died and her name was Grace and Madeline Was angry but came understand Chad's pain.

A grieving Mia and Chad fight over the lose of their daughter Grace DiMera.

Madeline discovered Stefano in town and it revealed that Chad is Stefano biological son and Chad soon find out and Grace grandmother Madeline died of a falling accident with Chad present and Stefano finds Grace was his granddaughter too and she.died making Stefano grief the lose of his granddaughter with Chad who her father it was bittersweet moment because he other granddaughter Sydney was involved in the switch too and start to hate Nicole.

Carly Manning comforting a grieving mother Mia after her fight with Chad.

Sami and Rafe has honor Chad and Mia little girl Grace by keeping a shrine in their house and Sami wearing a charm bracelet with each of her kids birthstones, including their goddaughter Grace's.

A grieving mother Mia confront Nicole about her being involved with her Grace daughter being switched with Sami daughter Sydney.

As of January 2010, the name on Grace's headstone was changed to Grace McCormick-Woods, in honor of her biological parents. It is unknown if the name was changed again after Chad discovered he was a DiMera.

Will comforting a grieving mother Mia.

On October 5, 2012 her uncle EJ and Nicole stillborn son and her late cousin Daniel DiMera middle name was also named after her godfather Rafe namesake Rafael .

Mia with Rafe re-mourn her daughter Grace at her mini memorial.

On May 22, 2013; Arianna Horton was born, daughter of Will Horton and Gabi Hernandez and they gave their daughter Arianna the middle name Grace to honor Grace's memory through the authority and permission of her father, Chad. Chad didn't hesitate in allowing it to happen and when he held Arianna she reminded him so much of his daughter and he told Gabi and Will on how still to this day, every time he sees a young girl running around, he pictures seeing Grace at that age if she were still alive, showing on how he has never stopped mourning his daughter. In 2014, during Arianna's christening, Will and Gabi made Sonny and Abby Arianna's Godparents.

Chad and Mia mourns the lose of their daughter Grace DiMera.

Chad has moved on and gotten married to Ari godmother Abby and together they have two children , Grace's siblings half-brother Thomas Deveraux was born in November of 2015 and Half-sister Charlotte DiMera was born in November of 2018.

Chia Chad and Mia battle Nicole in court over their daughter Grace DiMera being switched with EJami Sami and EJ daughter Sydney when Grace died to honor Grace legacy.

Tragedy strikes for Grace father again when he and Abby newly discovered paternal half-sister Gwen Rizczech had ONS together during her father third marriage to Abby and Chad and Gwen had gotten pregnant with Grace's half-sister and the baby girl died as well in a miscarriage in April of 2021 making this her father second child loss next to hers

Chad and Mia's daughter Grace DiMera grave.