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Gwen Davies
Gwen 01.jpg
Days of our Lives
Portrayed by Anne-Marie Martin
Current status Former; Regular
Duration 1982-85
First appearance January 13, 1982
Last appearance April 4, 1985
Cause/reason Left Town
Gender Female
Occupation Lawyer
Family Davies, Jensen
Parents Orby Jensen
Esther Kensington
Siblings Woody King
Oliver Martin
Romances Larry Welch
Eugene Bradford
Alex Marshall

Gwen Davies is a character from the soap opera Days of Our Lives, portrayed by Anne-Marie Martin from January 13, 1982, to April 4, 1985.


Gwen was the daughter of cab driver Orby Jensen and his wife, Esther Kensington. She had two brothers: Woody King and Oliver Martin. Gwen became a lawyer, and arrived in Salem and where she had brief relationships with Eugene Bradford and Larry Welch. Gwen was attacked by the Salem Slasher in 1984. She survived and escaped, but when she got back to her apartment, she found the Slasher's calling card--a raven's feather--there. Gwen was dating Alex Marshall while Roman Brady was accused of being the slasher, but eventually found innocent.

Gwen's relationship with Alex ended, and she began defending Anna DiMera, who was trying to get back her stolen designs. During this time, Gwen rekindled her relationship with Larry, but he was married to Hope Brady. Larry swore to Gwen he loved her, and was sick of Hope, but had to stay married to her for his career. Gwen fantasized about herself being an old woman and still waiting for Larry to leave Hope, so she ended it with him. Gwen reconnected with Eugene as friends since he had always been there for her, but Calliope Jones was jealous.

Gwen works with Eugene and Bo Brady to being down corrupt businessman Maxwell Hathaway. She pretended to be interested in him and searched his office one night when he was passed out on the couch. Gwen found out that Larry's father was the communist scientist Victor Chorvat, and leaked it to the papers. After Hope was presumed dead, Larry came back to Gwen, who confessed she leaked the story about his father to the papers. Larry was angry, but swore he still loved her.

Larry asked Gwen to represent the Selejko children in their lawsuit against Tom Horton for the death of their father. Gwen reluctantly agreed to, but refused to go to Europe with Larry when he asked. One night, Gwen overheard Larry confess to killing Megan Hathaway in her sleep. Gwen taped the confession incase she needed it ad leverage one day, but when Larry confessed to her, Gwen agreed to stand by him and not tell anyone.

A paranoid Larry tainted Gwen's wine with arsenic in an effort to kill her. Gwen survived, but ended up in a coma. After waking up, Gwen told Larry she couldn't trust him anymore, and was leaving town, but swore she would never tell anyone the truth about Megan's death.