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Gwen Rizczech
Days of Our Lives
Portrayed by Emily O'Brien
Current status Present; Contract
Duration 2020–present
First appearance June 5, 2020
Created by Ron Carlivati
Introduced by Ken Corday, Greg Meng and Albert Alarr
Fullname Gwendolyn Rizczech
Nickname(s) Gwen
Gabi 2.0 (by Abigail)
Gwennie (by Tiffany & Kristen)
Gwenny Mouse (by Leo)
Guinevere (by Leo)
Alias(es) Gwendolyn "Gwen" Deveraux
Gwen Davies (by "Renee"
Gender Female
Residence Salem Inn
Salem, Illinois
Family Deveraux Family
Parents Jack Deveraux
Tiffany Rizczech
Siblings Abigail Deveraux
J.J. Deveraux
(paternal half)
Romances Jake Lambert
(lovers; pre-2020)
(lovers; 2020)
Chad DiMera
(ONS; 2020)
Xander Kiriakis
(lovers; 2021)
Children Baby Girl DiMera
(via Chad)
Grandparents Duke Johnson
Jo Johnson (biological)
Harper Deveraux
Camilla Deveraux † (adoptive)
Aunts and uncles Steve Johnson
Adrienne Johnson
Nieces and nephews Thomas DiMera
Charlotte DiMera
(paternal half)
First cousins Stephanie Johnson
Joey Johnson
Tripp Johnson
Sonny Kiriakis
Alexander Kiriakis
Joey Kiriakis
Victor Kirakis II

Gwendolyn "Gwen" Rizczech is a character from the soap opera Days of Our Lives, portrayed by Emily O'Brien.

Casting and Characterization

In February 2020, Emily O'Brien was seen among a cast photo, leading to speculation that she would be joining Days of our Lives. Because O'Brien is British, fans speculated she may be a recast of Greta Von Amberg (last played by Julianne Morris) since Hope Brady (Kristian Alfonso) had been brainwashed to believe she was Gina Von Amberg.

In April 2020, Brandon Barash (ex Stefan DiMera) returned to the show as a new character named Jake Lambert. Jake alluded to a "crazy ex", and spoilers confirmed that O'Brien would be playing Jake's ex called Gwen. Further spoilers indicated that Gwen would be in Bayview Sanitarium, and first appear June 5, 2020 as a friend of of Claire Brady (Olivia Rose Keegan).

In September 2020. it was announced that O'Brien had been upped to contract status with the show. In late 2021, Gwen formed a tentative friendship with Ava Vitali (Tamara Braun) when they became partners in crime. In April 2022, O'Brien shared scenes with her her former onscreen husband Greg Rikaart from The Young and the Restless. Gwen was written to be old friends with Rikkart's character: Leo Stark.


Gwen was raised by Tiffany, but sometimes Tiffany would forget Gwen existed because of the drugs she did. After Tiffany died, Gwen was raised by nuns. She used to read a lot of Charles Dickens book. She had a tonsillectomy at age eleven, and discovered alcohol at age thirteen. Gwen's longest lasting relationship was with Jake Lambert.

Gwen and Jake were lovers during his time in Philadelphia. Gwen is close friends with Claire Brady and became good friends with Chad DiMera after she learned they share a mutual hatred towards Gabi Hernandez. However, it's later revealed that she's behind Chad's wife, Abigail Deveraux's drugging in early 2020 that got her sent to a mental hospital in Florida.

In January 2021, it's revealed that Gwen is Jack Deveraux's long lost daughter with Tiffany Rizczech, and she despises him for supposedly abandoning her as an infant, which is why she despises her younger sister, Abigail for getting all the attention that should have been hers. However, Jack claims he doesn't remember her mother. However, it is later confirmed that Jack didn't about her or her mother, because Jack's mother in-law, Laura Horton was the one who was paying Tiffany to stay away in order to preserve her daughter Jennifer's marriage to Jack.

Gwen's best known for her antagonistic relationship with her younger half-sister, Abigail. She despises her for having everything she ever wanted, up to the point that she's willing to endanger her mental health just to vex her. Their antagonism spiraled out of control when Abigail learned that Gwen got pregnant with her husband's Chad's baby girl, after their drunken one night stand in NYE. However, Gwen miscarried naturally and framed Abigail as the one who caused it after a debacle that led to her falling down the stairs, with only her new friend turned lover, Xander Kiriakis knowing the truth of her miscarriage.

Despite her life long burning hatred for her father and his family, she still desires to be connected to her father and be loved by him. Gwen's life takes a downward spiral starting with the reveal that Xander's ex fiancée Sarah Horton never broke up with Xander, but was being held by Kristen DiMera. As a result, Gwen was forced to team up with Ava Vitali to break Kristen out of prison. Gwen went through great lengths to keep Xander and Sarah apart, fearing Xander would pick Sarah over her. It was all for nothing as Abigail publicly exposed Gwen, resulting in her losing Xander and straining her relationship with Jack.


On June 5 2020; Gwen visited Claire in her room, and asked why she wasn't in the recovery room. Claire said that if she had to play one more game of bingo, she would go crazy. Gwen told Claire they all missed her singing, but Claire thinks she is just saying that. Claire got up, and Gwen sat on her bed. They talked about the other patients, and Gwen casually scratched ear as she noted that everyone there was whack job, except for them, which Claire laughed at in in agreement.

Gwen noticed Claire holding something, and asked what she had. Claire tried to hide it, but Gwen snatched it and asked who the people in the photo were. Claire said that the guy was Ben Weston and the woman was Ciara Brady, her dad's little sister. Gwen notes that Ciara would be Claire's aunt, and Claire says she never calls her that since they are practically the same age. Claire said Ciara was her best friend till they had a falling out, and Gwen quickie realized Ciara was the one that Claire had mentioned she had tried to kill in group therapy.

Gwen inquired about Ciara still inviting Claire to her wedding, and Claire said she took the picture with the invitation on the back from her shrink's office because he was Ben's old shrink, and got invited to the wedding. Gwen asked Claire if she is going to crash the wedding, but Claire said she wants to be in the wedding as a bridesmaid or maid of honor. Claire believed she was getting out soon because of her grandmother Marlena Evans, who has a lot of clout and will believe Claire is sane.

Gwen stared inquisitively at Claire with a sneaky smile, and asks Claire if she really wanted to reconcile with Ciara, or finish her off. When Claire just stared at Gwen in shock, Gwen sing songs that Claire never answered her question, Claire yelled that she was offended that Gwen would think that and proclaims she has changed and is no longer that person. Gwen said that everyone says that, and then ended up back in Bayview. She finally decides to believe Claire and wished her well. They shake hands as Claire said that means a lot, and then pulls Gwen into a hug.

Gwen continued to be inquisitive about Claire's plans, and Claire openly told Gwen she regretted telling her. Gwen also told Claire that she didn't belong in there. Claire sarcastically asked where she had heard that before, and them "remembered" that everyone has said that. Gwen smiles that she faked a breakdown, and Claire laughs that that's a crazy thing to to. Gwen admits she was hiding, and Claire asks who she was hiding from. Gwen said she was hiding from her ex, and she stole his stuff when they broke up. Claire and Gwen make a pinky promise not to tell anyone their secrets, and Gwen asks Claire to remember when she is on the outside.

After Claire is released, she later tells Jake where to find Gwen, but Gwen gets word and leaves the institution before Marlena and Ben Weston can speak with her. She tracks Claire down at her grandparents, who is worried by Gwen's sudden presence since her grandpa John Black was just in the next room, making her tea. Gwen knew Claire had broken their promise and was eager to confront her about it. Claire pulled Gwen aside and told her to wait in her room.

Once they were in Claire's room, Gwen accused Claire of betraying their deal. Claire went to deny it, but Gwen told her not to, so Claire admitted she did, but she didn't have any other choice. Claire told Gwen that someone's life was in danger because of what Gwen took from Jake. The man that jake had worked for had wanted it back. Gwen asked if Claire had anything to eat since she was starving, so Claire gave her a package of candy. Gwen showed Claire what the guys were after. It was first edition copy of the book "Crime and Punishment".

Claire told Gwen they have to go to their grandparents, saying her grandfather worked for the ISA and was the closet thing Salem had to a real life James Bond. Gwen smiles that now she sees where Claire gets it from. Gwen tells Claire that she'll be gone but the time she gets back, and contemplates selling the valuable book for money, but she agrees to do the right thing.

Claire presents Gwen to John and Marlena, who are furious with Claire for lying to them again. Gwen asks them not to be too hard on Claire since she convinced her to do the right thing, and also showed up unexpectedly. Gwen is allowed to stay the night by John and Marlena.

Gwen manipulates Jake into admitting their break up was all his fault before handing him the book. Gwen continued to spar with Gabi and be a friend to Claire as she sought reconciliation with Ciara, but was then accused of wrecking her wedding dress, stealing the ring, and making her ill. Gwen asked if Claire really did all those things, but Claire swore she didn't.

Gabi was convinced that Jake was her deceased husband Stefan DiMera, bht Gwen refused to believe it. Gwen seduced Jake and they slept together. Gwen also became friends with Chad DiMera, who hated Gabi as much as she did. Gwen was thrilled to learn that Jake wasn't Stefan, but he was also his twin, giving him a claim to the DiMera fortune.

Gwen and Jake moved into the mansion and she formed a secret alliance with Chad to undermine Gabi's efforts to claim control of DiMera Enterprises. Jake and Gabi continued to get close, which infuriated Gwen. Chad's wife Abigail DiMera returned to Salem and Gwen used their mutual hatred of Gabi to bond with her.

Jake slept with Gabi and broke up with Gwen, but then Gabi left town abruptly after telling Jake she was just using him. Gwen smugly thought she could get Jake to take her back after making him beg, but Jake told Gwen that they were over regardless.

It was revealed that Gwen had been the one who drugged Abigail and was in league with Dr. Wilhelm Rolf. Rolf cautioned Gwen about drugging Abigail some more since the believed culprit Gabi had left town. Instead, Rolf encouraged Gwen to target Abigail in other ways.

Gwen found out that Abigail's father Jack Deveraux and Kate Roberts had slept together while Abigail's mother Jennifer Horton was in a coma. Gwen got Abigail drunk and tricked her into exposing the affair in public. Gwen was furious when Jack forgave Abigail soon after.

Knowing Chad was jealous of Jake, Gwen used this jealousy to make Chad think Abigail was having an affair with Jake. This all came to ahead on New Years Eve where a drunk Chad presumably slept with Gwen. Gwen initially used it to blackmail Chad to stay in the mansion, but told Abigail soon after and moved into the Salem Inn since her leverage was gone.

Jack and Jennifer confronted Gwen about her desire to destroy their family, and Gwen revealed that she was Jack's daughter with Tiffany Riczchech. Jack was stunned and didn't remember Tiffany. Gwen claimed that Tiffany tracked Jack down in Salem, and he had his secretary pay her mother off to go away.

Gwen encountered Abigail in the square where she accused Gwen of drugging her, saying that Rolf confessed everything to Chad. Gwen laughed that no one would believe Rolf as a creditable witness. Gwen said there was no proof, so Abigail couldn't do anything. Abigail said there was one thing she could do, and Gwen smirkingly asked what it was. Abigail then slapped Gwen and gave her a red eye.

Gwen used make up to make the red eye look like a black eye, so she could have Abigail charged with assault. A DNA test confirmed that Gwen was Jack's daughter. Jack wanted Gwen to leave Abigail and offered to pay her off, resulting in Gwen smacking him and storming off. Chad paid Gwen a visit and wiped the make up off of Gwen's eye, exposing her lie.

Abigail soon joined them and confirmed Jack didn't know she existed, saying someone else paid off her mother without telling Jack. Gwen vowed to kill whoever it was, but Abigail refused to tell her for that reason. Jack later visited Gwen and apologized, saying he now knew the whole truth and confirmed it was Laura Horton. Jack said he would like to make it up to Gwen, and asked her to leave Abigail alone. Gwen said she would consider it.

Laura went to visit Gwen to apologize and explain everything. Laura said she lied to spare Jennifer's feelings because she already had hurt her. Gwen pushed a reluctant Laura to admit what she did that hurt Jennifer, and Laura admitted that she had slept with Jack. Gwen burst into laughter, and realized if that hadn't happened, then she may have told Jack about her.

Gwen lamented that she and Abigail could have maybe been close, and Laura encouraged her to reach out to Abigail, but Gwen said it was too late, and that Abigail would never want to be her sister after all she did to hurt her. Laura went to leave, but Gwen grabbed her arm and said she wanted Laura to pay for ruining her life.

Laura ended up dead with what appeared to blunt force trauma, and Gwen called Jack to her room. Gwen swore it was an accident and that she never intended to hurt Laura. Jack said he believed Gwen, but refused to cover it up. He called Rafe Hernandez and left to tell Jennifer about Laura's while Rafe took Gwen to the station for questioning. Gwen thanked Jack for believing her and being there for her.

Abigail didn't believe that it was an accident and clashed with Gwen, resulting in them both being arrested and forced not to press charges against the other. Gwen was then kidnapped by Abigail and Gabi, and Abigail threatened to inject Gwen with the same stuff that she had injected her. Gwen convinced Gabi to let her go, promising to keep her role in the kidnapping a secret.

Gwen ran into Claire in the square, and was happy to see her since she hadn't seen her in awhile. Claire snapped that she wasn't happy to see Gwen and lashed out at her for all she did to Chad and Abigail. Claire Gwen said news travels fast in this town and Claire reveals she and Abigail are second cousins. Gwen wonders if everyone is related. Claire continues that Abigail ended up in a mental institution. Gwen snarks it was her some sweet home, but Claire snaps that's not funny.

Gwen agrees it isn't, and says that Abigail tried to drug her as well. Claire is surprised, but asks Gwen if Abigail was just supposed to take it. Claire says she feels Gwen used her, but Gwen reminds her she didn't know they were related until now. Gwen tells Claire if she doesn't want to be her friend, she understands, but says she really considered her a friend.

As Gwen walks away, Claire tells her to wait. She admits she is in no position to judge, giving what she did to Ciara, and apologizes for judging Gwen. Gwen asks if they are still friend, and Claire says they are as long as she doesn't hurt Abigail again. Gwen says her dad wants the same thing, so Claire encourages Gwen to make amends with Abigail and start to form a bond. Gwen thanks her for the advice and Claire asks what are friends for.

Jack sat his daughters down and tried to force a truce. Abigail said she would accept a truce with Gwen only if Gwen looked her in the eye and confirmed that her grandmother's death was an accident. Gwen went to speak, but then puked on Abigail. Gwen feared she may be pregnant, and went to the doctor that was Abigail's aunt by marriage Kayla Brady, who confirmed Gwen was in fact pregnant.

Gwen told Chad about the baby, and the news sent Abigail over the edge. Gwen ended up miscarrying, and when she went to tell Chad, she and Abigail got into a confrontation at the top of the stairs and Gwen fell down the stairs. Gwen claimed the fall had caused the miscarriage to get back at Abigail, but this resulted in Dr. Clay Snyder blackmailing Gwen into becoming his drug mule.

Gwen went to live with Jack while Jennifer and Abigail were out of town, and she clashed with Xander Kiriakis and the two clashed at first, but Xander sympathized with Gwen when he learned she was being blackmailed and why she was being blackmailed. He resolved to help her deal with Snyder and not have Jack find out the truth because of how it would hurt him. Xander held a knife to Snyder's throat, and Gwen begged Xander not to kill him, but then Snyder had a heart attack and died.

Xander and Gwen disposed of him in the lake and slowly started to bond over their experience to the point where as the investigation into Snyde began, Xander claimed he was the one running drugs for Snyder. This tore his relationship apart with Jack, and Gwen felt extremely guilty. She resolved to help Xander by participating in a plot with Justin Kiriakis to seduce and then blackmail Judge Robert Smails into releasing Xander from jail. Justin agreed to the plot cause his fiancée Bonnie Lockhart was facing murder charges that he believed she was innocent of.

The plan failed and Gwen and Justin were also arrested, but eventually they will all released from prison. Gwen told Jack that Xander lied for her, and Snyder had been blackmailing her to run drugs because she used to be a prostitute. Jack forgave Xander, but Abigail returned home and found out the truth, so Gwen was forced to confess that she lied about Abigail causing her miscarriage. Jack was furious with Gwen, but Xander helped him forgive Gwen.

Things went bad for Gwen when Kristen DiMera involved her and Ava Vitali in a plot to free her from prison or else she would destroy both of their worlds. In Gwen's case, Kristen had kidnapped Xander's ex-fiancée and was holding her captive. Kirsten taunted Gwen that Xander would dump her and go back to Sarah if she knew Sarah still loved him.

Gwen and Ava worked together and freed Kristen. Their shared secret made them ally's and they formed a tentative bond as a result. When Xander and Abigail started to look for Sarah, Kristen sent Gwen the mask she used to pose as Sarah, and Ava told Gwen to use it to have Sarah dump Xander.

Gwen tried to, but Abigail didn't buy it and chased after "Sarah". Gwen got away, and later Ava donned the mask to help her. Abigail tracked "Sarah" down and ripped the mask off. Abigail expected to find Gwen under there, and was shocked it was Ava. Gwen then came up behind Abigail and knocked her out. Ava and Gwen then had Abigail transported to Kristen's island.

Believing he had lost Sarah for good, Xander proposed to Gwen and she happily accepted. Gwen showed off her engagement ring to Ava, who was genuinely happy for her even though her own relationship with Rafe Hernandez had fell apart. Ava gloated to Gwen that she got revenge by having two of her associates that Rafe had arrested, claim he had falsified evidence against them.

Abiagil escaped Kristen's island and brought Sarah back to Salem, but Sarah believed she was Renee DuMonde and confused Xander for Alex Marshall, who Renee hated. Gwen felt relieved that her relationship with Xander was secure, but Abigail outed Ava as masquerading as Sarah and being present when Abigail was knocked out.

Ava was arrested and she demanded Gwen get her out of police custody, or she would expose her role in Abigail's kidnapping. Gwen promised to have Ava's back as long as she had hers. As Gwen wondered how she would get Ava out, Kirsten's pilot returned to town and blackmailed Gwen for five million dollars. Gwen told him if he could get Ava out of custody then she'll pay him what he wanted.

Gwen's plan succeeded, but she was worried about Xander's determination to help Sarah. Xander admitted to Gwen he can't marry her yet and Gwen feared she would lose Xander to Sarah. Chad went to see Rolf in prison, who procured an untested antidote for Sarah. Anna DiMera was sick of "Renee" chasing after her husband Tony DiMera, and jabbed Sarah with the antidote, but then was arrested for assault.

Gwen asked Xander if the antidote didn't work would he give up on Sarah, and Xander said he would. It was then revealed that Gwen had switched Rolf's antidote with another one of mind altering drugs that she had kept on her. As a result, Sarah remember who she was, but has regressed to having a child mentality.

Xander gave up on Sarah and committed to Gwen, but Gwen told what she had done to Sarah to Ava. Gwen ran into her old friend Matty Cooper, who now went by Leo Stark. Gwen and Leo caught up and reminisced about their clubbing days while she was with Jake and how they were both engaged to be married. Gwen and Leo decided on a double wedding, which Xander reluctantly accepted considering he had his own history with Leo.

Gwen asked Abigail to be her maid of honour, and asked her to do it for their father. Abiagil nonchalantly agreed, asking what's the worse that could happen. On the day of the double wedding, both Gwen and Leo's world crumbled. Chad presented Leo's husband Darius Rose, who confirmed Leo was scamming Craig.

Next up was Gwen and Xander. Ava had been arrested for framing Rafe after Gabi found evidence that she had framed Rafe. Ava cut a deal with Abigail and exposed everything Gwen had done to her and Sarah in exchange for an immunity deal. D.A. Melinda Trask agreed to the deal, so Abigail had all she needed to expose Gwen and she did without hesitation.

Jack and Xander were horrified by Gwen's actions. Jack disowned Gwen and demands she never call him dad again. Xander told Gwen she was the worst person he had ever known, leaving Gwen crying and sobbing as she was arrested by Rafe for her crimes. Before Rafe led Gwen away, she angrily hissed in Abigail's ear that she had killed Laura on purpose.

After Gwen was locked up, Ava went to the police station to see Gwen to apologize, but Gwen refused to see her. Gwen was brought up and handcuffed to the chair because someone wanted to see her. As Gwen waited for her visitor, she thought about her last happy moments before being exposed. The door opened and Gwen thought it was Xander, but it was Jack.

Gwen was surprised to see Jack, and thought he was done with her since she gave him plenty of reasons. Jack agreed, but said Jennifer knew Jack couldn't be done with Gwen since she was his daughter. Gwen started mocking the sainted Jennifer, but Jack snapped at her not to say a word against her. Gwen apologized, saying her first instinct was to attack.

Jack wondered how Gwen could do the things she did. Gwen said she couldn't justify it, but as she thought about all she lost while sitting in her cell, she would close her eyes and see Xander's disgust, and Jack being repulsed at her, so she stayed awake all night and just thought about how she ended up here.

Gwen said she realized that she was like her mother. Gwen explained how she told herself that Kristen had convinced her to do the things she did, but it was Gwen's own choice just like her drug dealer wasn't ultimately responsible for her mother doing drugs. Just like her mother, Gwen chose to metaphorically put the spike in her arm. Gwen said she did what she did to Sarah because she knew she'd lose Xander, but Jack told her she didn't know that. She feared it.

Jack told Gwen she had to know what she had done would carry severe consequences. Gwen said so does murder and Jack wondered what she meant. Gwen said that she didn't know if the syringe could kill Sarah, so she could be facing murder charges. Jack said thank God it didn't and Gwen agreed.

Xander showed up, and warned Gwen he wasn't here to reconcile with her. Xander wanted to know what happened to the original antidote. Gwen said she still had it, and Xander wondered what it would take for Gwen to give it to him. Gwen told Xander it was interesting he should phrase it that way since he just believed Gwen wouldn't do the right thing without wanting something in return. Gwen told Xander that he believes she didn't have any good in her, and said he was right.

Gwen tearfully told Xander that she wanted him back in return for the antidote, but Xander said no. Gwen said Xander couldn't even lie to protect his precious Sarah, and Jack begged Gwen not to put the spike back in her arm. Gwen told Xander that she will always love him, and so she will help him. The antidote was in her room.

Alone with Jack, Gwen asked if he thinks the antidote would work. Jack said he didn't know, and Gwen said she hoped to truly worked. Gwen said she knows Jack probably won't believe her, but she really is sorry for what she did to Sarah.

Jennifer and Abigail burst in, and Jennifer asked if Gwen was sorry for killing her mother. Abigail reiterated what Gwen has said to her before being led away. Jack demanded to know if it was true, and Gwen said it wasn't.

Abigail wondered why Gwen would say it if it wasn't true. Gwen said she wanted to hurt Abigail for making sure she was humiliated and would lose Xander and her father her for good. Gwen said she couldn't punch Abigail with her hands cuffed behind her back, so she punched her with her words.

After Jennifer and Abigail left, Gwen asked if Jack was done with her for good. Jack said Gwen is still and always will be his daughter. Gwen asked if they can move past this and goes to reach for Jack's hand, but he pulls away from her. Jack clarified that he will always love Gwen, but after what she has done, he doesn't know how they can ever be a family again.

After Jack leaves, Abigail comes back and says that she wants to know if Gwen really did kill Laura. Gwen smirks that it's killing Abigail not knowing, and for that reason, she will never tell her what really happened between her and Laura. Gwen sneers that paybacks a bitch.