Gwen Rizczech
Gwen Emily O'Brien.jpeg
Days of Our Lives
Portrayed by Emily O'Brien
Current status Present; Contract
Duration 2020-present
First appearance June 5, 2020
Created by Ron Carlivati
Introduced by Ken Corday, Greg Meng and Albert Alarr
Fullname Gwen Rizczech
Nickname(s) Gabi 2.0 (by Abigail)
Gender Female
Residence DiMera Mansion
Salem, Illinois
Romances Jake Lambert
(lovers; pre-2020, T.J.)
(lovers; 2020)
Chad DiMera (kissed; 2020)

Gwen Rizczech is a character from the soap opera Days of Our Lives, portrayed by Emily O'Brien.

Casting and Characterization

In February 2020, Emily O'Brien was seen among a cast photo, leading to speculation that she would be joining Days of our Lives. Because O'Brien is British, fans speculated she may be a recast of Greta Von Amberg (last played by Julianne Morris) since Hope Brady (Kristian Alfonso) had been brainwashed to believe she was Gina Von Amberg.

In April 2020, Brandon Barash (ex Stefan DiMera) returned to the show as a new character named Jake Lambert. Jake alluded to a "crazy ex", and spoilers confirmed that O'Brien would be playing Jake's ex called Gwen. Further spoilers indicated that Gwen would be in Bayview Sanitarium, and first appear June 5, 2020 as a friend of of Claire Brady (Olivia Rose Keegan).

In September 2020. it was announced that O'Brien had been upped to contract status with the show.


Gwen and Jake Lambert were lovers during his time in Philadelphia. Gwen is close friends with Claire Brady and became good friends with Chad DiMera after she learned they share a mutual hatred towards Gabi Hernandez.


On June 5, Gwen visited Claire in her room, and asked why she wasn't in the rec room. Claire said that if she had to play one more game of bingo, she would go crazy. Gwen told Claire they all missed her singing, but Claire thinks she is just saying that. Claire got up, and Gwen sat on her bed. They talked about the other patients, and Gwen casually scratched ear as she noted that everyone there was whack job, except for them, which Claire laughed at in in agreement.

Gwen noticed Claire holding something, and asked what she had. Claire tried to hide it, but Gwen snatched it and asked who the people in the photo were. Claire said that the guy was Ben Weston and the woman was Ciara Brady, her dad's little sister. Gwen notes that Ciara would be Claire's aunt, and Claire says she never calls her that since they are practically the same age. Claire said Ciara was her best friend till they had a falling out, and Gwen quickie realized Ciara was the one that Claire had mentioned she had tried to kill in group therapy.

Gwen inquired about Ciara still inviting Claire to her wedding, and Claire said she took the picture with the invitation on the back from her shrink's office because he was Ben's old shrink, and got invited to the wedding. Gwen asked Claire if she is going to crash the wedding, but Claire said she wants to be in the wedding as a bridesmaid or maid of honor. Claire believed she was getting out soon because of her grandmother Marlena Evans, who has a lot of clout and will believe Claire is sane.

Gwen stared inquisitively at Claire with a sneaky smile, and asks Claire if she really wanted to reconcile with Ciara, or finish her off. When Claire just stared at Gwen in shock, Gwen sing songs that Claire never answered her question, Claire yelled that she was offended that Gwen would think that and proclaims she has changed and is no longer that person. Gwen said that everyone says that, and then ended up back in Bayview. She finally decides to believe Claire and wished her well. They shake hands as Claire said that means a lot, and then pulls Gwen into a hug.

Gwen continued to be inquisitive about Claire's plans, and Claire openly told Gwen she regretted telling her. Gwen also told Claire that she didn't belong in there. Claire sarcastically asked where she had heard that before, and them "remembered" that everyone has said that. Gwen smiles that she faked a breakdown, and Claire laughs that that's a crazy thing to to. Gwen admits she was hiding, and Claire asks who she was hiding from. Gwen said she was hiding from her ex, and she stole his stuff when they broke up. Claire and Gwen make a pinky promise not to tell anyone their secrets, and Gwen asks Claire to remember when she is on the outside.

After Claire is released, she later tells Jake where to find Gwen, but Gwen gets word and leaves the institution before Marlena and Ben Weston can speak with her. She tracks Claire down at her grandparents, who is worried by Gwen's sudden presence since her grandpa John Black was just in the next room, making her tea. Gwen knew Claire had broken their promise and was eager to confront her about it. Claire pulled Gwen aside and told her to wait in her room.

Once they were in Claire's room, Gwen accused Claire of betraying their deal. Claire went to deny it, but Gwen told her not to, so Claire admitted she did, but she didn't have any other choice. Claire told Gwen that someone's life was in danger because of what Gwen took from Jake. The man that jake had worked for had wanted it back. Gwen asked if Claire had anything to eat since she was starving, so Claire gave her a package of candy. Gwen showed Claire what the guys were after. It was first edition copy of the book "Crime and Punishment".

Claire told Gwen they have to go to their grandparents, saying her grandfather worked for the ISA and was the closet thing Salem had to a real life James Bond. Gwen smiles that now she sees where Claire gets it from. Gwen tells Claire that she'll be gone but the time she gets back, and contemplates selling the valuable book for money, but she agrees to do the right thing.

Claire presents Gwen to John and Marlena, who are furious with Claire for lying to them again. Gwen asks them not to be too hard on Claire since she convinced her to do the right thing, and also showed up unexpectedly. Gwen is allowed to stay the night by John and Marlena.


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