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Henry Horton
Days of Our Lives
Portrayed by Delaney & Parker Evans
Jayna and Kinsley Fox
Nash and Clyde Gunderson
Current status Present; Recurring
Duration 2020–present
First appearance July 31, 2020
Fullname Henry Lucas Horton
Namesake(s) Lucas Horton
Gender Male
Born July 31, 2020
Age 2 years old (Time Jump)
Family Vitali, Horton, Brady, Roberts
Parents Charlie Dale
Allie Horton
Grandparents Ava Vitali
Jimmy Giacomo
Lucas Horton
Sami Brady
E.J. DiMera (step)
Great-grandparents Martino Vitali
Unknown woman †
Roman Brady
Marlena Evans
Kate Roberts
Bill Horton
Aunts and uncles Will Horton
Johnny DiMera
Sydney DiMera
Tripp Dalton
Great-aunts and uncles Eric Brady
Carrie Brady
Belle Black
Billie Reed
Rex Brady
Cassie Brady
Austin Reed
Jennifer Horton
Mike Horton
Philip Kiriakis
Brady Black (step)
Paul Narita (step)
First cousins Arianna Horton (maternal)
Other relatives Angelo Vitali
Eddie Vitali

Henry Lucas Horton is a character from the soap opera Days of Our Lives. Henry is the son of Allie Horton and her late rapist, Charlie Dale. He is the grandson of Ava Vitali, as well as the grandson of Sami Brady and Lucas Horton.


Pregnant Allie returns to town and meets up with her uncle Eric Brady and his fiancee Nicole Walker as she reveals to be pregnant and uncle Eric and Nicole were shocked but supports her choice in keeping her pregnancy quiet from her parents Lucas Horton and Sami Brady.

Allie doesn’t disclose who the father of her baby is but plans to put her child up for adoption as she couldn’t take care of a child right now and was very young.

Soon as Allie gets to town Lucas shows up with his mother Kate to see Allie but get shocker she’s pregnant and Lucas demanded that Allie raise her baby son and not give him up for adoption at first then grandfather Lucas starts accepting Allie choices with her adoption plans.

Allie didn’t like the idea of her brother Will and his husband Sonny raising her son because she didn’t want her son think she was his aunt when he grows up and Will grows obsessed with Allies son because he and Sonny wanted a another child but agree to give Allie space to make her own decisions.

Allie suggested that her former step-father Rafe could adopted her son as he has no children of his own after losing foster son David and Rafe was shocked that Allie asked him to adopted her baby as he had no plans to adopted a child at time but Allie was so highly invested in Rafe.

Grandmother Sami arrives in town at twin brother Eric and Nicole wedding where Allie reveals she pregnant and Sami was very shocked and angry she told her anger at Nicole thinking she tried to take her grandson away like she did her daughter Sydney in 2009 but Nicole explains it‘s was her daughter Allie choice to keep quiet and everyone else as well from Sami.

Grandmother Sami arrives and begs Rafe not to go through the adoption of her grandson and soon afterwards Nicole and Eric told his mother Allie the truth and Sami was angry at Nicole and Eric.

Allie at her cousin Ciara and Ben wedding as the bomb goes off at the wedding Allie passes out and step-grandfather John Black , brother Will and Xander bring her to the hospital with Sarah Horton helped.

Allie wakes up and her unborn son is fine but then her parents arrives to check on her and her brother Will stays with her until Allie tells Will she reconsider her adoption plans and want Will and Sonny to adopted her son after her mother Sami plots a scheme with Rafe over her grandson adoption.

Allie goes into labor on July 31, 2021 (shown on-screen July 31, 2020) as aunt Nicole and uncle Eric arrives at the hospital and get into a fight with Sami.

Eric takes Sami outside of Allie hospital when Allie give birth to a son with aunt Nicole and Sarah present.


Baby Boy Horton is born on July 31, 2020 to Allie Horton a single young mother with the help of her aunt Nicole Walker and Sarah Horton was the doctor who help deliver her son .

Grandmother Sami and great-uncle Eric was overjoyed to hear the birth of Allie son birth and Allie son has to spend time in NICU for observation but Allie and her son will be ok as Sami and Eric hugs each other.