Hernandez family (with the exception of Arianna I, Arianna II, Eve and Paige)

Hernandez family (with the exception of Arianna I, Arianna II, Eve, Paige and Dario)

The Hernandez family is one of the prominent families on Days of Our Lives. The family debuted in 2008. A lot of characters from other families have been in a relationship or marriage with a member of the Hernandez family. Due to the crimes members of this family have committed, many have begun comparing them to other infamous families like Orpheus'.


The Hernandez clan is a Latino family that originated in Mexico. They have been prominent members of Salem since 2008, and have been closely connected to nearly all of the prominent families in Salem. They have a permanent biological tie to the Horton and Brady families through Gabi Hernandez and Will Horton's daughter Arianna Horton. Eduardo Hernandez also got involved with Eve Donovan, and they had a daughter named Paige Larson, tying the Hernandez to the Donovan family, but these ties would not be known until after Paige is murdered. The main enemy of the Hernandez family appears to be the DiMera family as Rafe Hernandez has feuded with Stefano DiMera, and his sons EJ DiMera and Andre DiMera. Dario Hernandez and Eduardo would also clash with Andre and his younger brother, Chad DiMera. In business, Eduardo would team up with Andre to rescue Chad and Gabi from Deimos Kiriakis. Rafe would also be married to Sami Brady and be a father figure to her and EJ's children, Johnny DiMera and Sydney DiMera. On the flip side, Arianna I was friends with EJ, and Gabi was a close friend and love interest of Chads. Most of the members have also broken the law numerous times. Though Rafe was a by the book FBI agent, he would end up covering for Sami when she shot EJ in the head, Gabi indirectly being responsible for the kidnapping of Melanie Jonas via blackmail, and Hope Williams when it was believed she had killed Stefano in cold blood.

Arianna I spent time in prison for drug possession. Gabi spent time in prison for murdering Nick Fallon and her role in Melanie's kidnapping, and she was would also exposed and lost his badge temporarily. Eduardo would commit many murders, and dabble in illegal activists before finally being sent to prison after Deimos set him up. Dario committed petty theft, and also dabbled in illegal activity when going into business with his father Eduardo. In July 14, it's revealed he has committed many acts of counterfeit as well as hacked and stole many investments in different companies like Titan and DiMera Enterprises. But soon Myron Raditz, Dario's main IT guy betrayed him and gave him up in exchange for immunity from the Salem P.D. In July 21, Dario was arrested for his crimes. However in July 25, he made a deal with the FBI to give him full immunity as well as enter him in the Witness Protection Program in exchange for giving up his partner-in-crime and testifying against him. However, the deal ended when Dario went on the run after nearly getting killed by his partner. In 2019, Gabi became the most hated woman in Salem, after her crimes against her former friend Abigail Deveraux and Stefan DiMera were exposed. No one in Salem seems to care for her anymore, with the exception of Will, Sonny and her brother Rafe. In 2020 (T.J., 2021), Gabi became an even bigger pariah after her attempts to murder Julie Williams were publicly exposed. She currently is the most hated woman in Salem, more so than Kate Roberts and Sami Brady ever were, as not even Mayor Abe Carver, who is considered a Saint in Salem has any ounce of compassion towards her, as he declared that he believes she deserves to spend the rest of her life in prison. As of late, her own brother Rafe has grown tired of her antics and no longer trusts her, for she has proven to be incapable of learning from her own mistakes. While she escaped justice once again, after using an innocent child's life as a bargaining chip, she soon lost control over her own company GabiChic as she was officially fired as CEO of DiMera, thus leaving her with nothing. She was framed for the drugging of Abigail by an incarcerated Dr. Wilhelm Rolf, as punishment for disrespecting Stefano DiMera, with no one believing her to be innocent and framed. However, she was soon exonerated after Rolf admitted to framing her after he was offered some privileges during his time in prison.

In August 2020, the entire Hernandez family was threatened by former associates of Eduardo, and so they were forced to leave Salem and go into hiding. While Arianna Horton left town with her father and stepfather and moved to Phoenix, Arizona. However, a few months later, Rafe and Gabi returned to Salem, after the threat was taken care of. In February 1, 2021, after taking some advice from Tony regarding the personal aspect between him and Gabi, Jake decided to remove GabiChic as one of DiMera's subsidiaries, and gave Gabi the rights back to her company.

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Known Occupation Affiliations

  • Brady Pub - Arianna Hernandez worked as waitress there, and stayed in one of the rooms above the Pub.
  • DiMera Enterprises - Gabi Hernandez has modeled for DiMera Enterprises and worked as a stylist. Gabi later became the CEO and managed all of DiMera along with her business until April 2020 (T.J., 2021) she was officially fired as CEO and from the company.
  • FBI - Rafe Hernandez worked as an FBI agent before joining the Salem P.D. and still has contacts within them.
  • TBD - Made by Sonny Kiriakis and Chad DiMera. Bought by Eduardo Hernandez in early 2016, front business for GDR's illegal activities. Sold to Julie Olson and Chloe Lane in late 2017 and rebranded into Julie's Place by 2019.
  • GDR - A start up company created by Eduardo Hernandez and his son Dario Hernandez. It's only known employee is Myron Raditz. But they have hired many men into the company. After Eduardo was arrested for counterfeit, Dario took full control of the company. He began hacking and stealing many investments from different companies like Titan and DiMera Enterprises. He was busted for his crimes in July 21, 2017. The status of the company is unknown, though it is most likely shut down, after being exposed for it's crimes. Especially given Eduardo's incarceration and Dario's recent status as a wanted fugitive.
  • GabiChic (nicknamed: "GabiCheap") - The fashion business that was founded and formerly owned by Gabi Hernandez. In late 2018, Gabi merged her company with DiMera Enterprises, but then lost control when the company was stolen by Andre DiMera via a legal loophole in her contract. Gabi later managed to maintain ownership of her business by staying on as it's CEO after making a deal with Stefan DiMera. Gabi later became the CEO and managed all of DiMera along with her business until April 2020 (T.J., 2021) she was officially fired as CEO and the owner of GabiChic, thus losing her life's work. Soon afterwards, GabiChic was temporarily closed. In February 1, 2021, after taking some advice from Tony regarding the personal aspect between him and Gabi, Jake decided to remove GabiChic as one of DiMera's subsidiaries, and gave Gabi the rights back to her company. Victor Kiriakis considers the store as a place where women would be made to look like prostitutes.
  • Salem P.D. - Rafe's current place of employment as he is the Commissioner.
  • Salem High - Where Gabi and Paige Larson attended school.
  • Titan Enterprises - Where Dario once worked in as an executive back in 2011 to 2016, thanks to Brady Black's manipulations.
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