The Horton Family circa 2007

The Horton Family

The Hortons are an upper middle class Anglo-Saxon Christian family living in the town of Salem. Traditionally a family of doctors, the Hortons have branched out to include lawyers, journalists, police officers, and more. Key family members include Alice, Tom, Mickey, Julie, Hope, Jennifer, Lucas, Will, Shawn, Ciara, Abby and J.J.. The Hortons have been at the center of Days of Our Lives since its debut in 1965.

Family Tree

First generation

  • Dr. William Horton, I †
    • Adelaide Horton †
  • Sid Grayson †
    • Abigail Grayson †

Second generation

Third generation

Fourth generation

Fifth generation

Sixth generation

Seventh Generation

  • David Grant † (Died 2018)
  • Eli and Lani's Unborn Twins
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