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Jake DiMera
Days of Our Lives
Portrayed by Brandon Barash
Current status Present; Contract
Duration 2020–present
First appearance April 23, 2020
Created by Ron Carlivati
Introduced by Ken Corday
Albert Alarr
Greg Meng
Fullname Jacob DiMera
Nickname(s) Jake
Grease Monkey (by EJ)
Jakey (by Carmine)
Alias(es) Jake Lambert (birth name)
Born 1974
Age 46
Occupation Employee at Titan Industries (formerly)
CEO of DiMera Enterprises (formerly)
VP of DiMera Enterprises (formerly)
Mechanic (formerly)
Vitali Mob Enforcer/Hitman (formerly)
Residence Hernandez House
Salem, Illinois
Family Alamain
DiMera (disowned) Lambert
Parents Stefano DiMera
Vivian Alamain
Siblings Stefan DiMera
(identical twin)
Andre DiMera
Renee DuMonde
Megan Hathaway
Lexie Carver
Benjy Hawk
Quinn Hudson
EJ DiMera
Chad DiMera
Kristen DiMera (adoptive)
Peter Blake (adoptive)
Tony DiMera (adoptive)
Romances Gwen Rizczech
(lovers; pre-2020)
(lovers; 2020)
Gabi Hernandez
(ONS; 2020)
(lovers; 2021-present)
Kate Roberts
(lovers; 2020-21)
Grandparents Santo DiMera
Aunts and uncles Six uncles †
Ryan Brady
Leopold Alamain
Nieces and nephews Theo Carver
Johnny DiMera
Sydney DiMera
Steven Hawk
Thomas DiMera
Charlotte DiMera
Grace DiMera
Rachel Black
First cousins Lawrence Alamain
John Black (adoptive)
Other relatives Nicholas Alamain
Sebastian Alamain
Brady Black (adoptive)
Belle Black (adoptive)
Paul Narita (adoptive)
Claire Brady (adoptive)

Jacob "Jake" DiMera is a character from the soap opera Days of Our Lives, portrayed by Brandon Barash on April 23, 2020. Barash previously portrayed the character Stefan DiMera from March 20 to October 11, 2019.


On November 7, 2019, confirmed that Brandon Barash, who previously portrayed Stefan DiMera, would be making his way back to Days Of Our Lives.[1] It was unknown if he would be portraying Stefan or someone new.

On April 14, 2020, it was revealed that Barash will return during the week of April 20 as a new character named Jake Lambert.[2]

According to sources, Barash considers Jake to be the exact opposite of his previous role, Stefan DiMera.

He made his first appearance on April 23, 2020.

In September 2020, it appears that Barash has been upped to contract status.


Jacob was raised by the Lambert family. While living in Philadelphia, he met Gwen Rizczech and the two of them became on and off lovers, while working for the Vitali mob organization as an enforcer with Luca as his supervisor. He enforced business owners to pay up for the Vitali’s protection. One day, he and his partner, Carmine Merlino, went to scare Jed Zanetti, who was late on his payments. Jake roughed him up a little. When Carmine went too far, and Jed was beaten to death. This incident is what motivated Jake into wanting to leave the business. Jake stole a vital book from the family that contained important names and numbers to be used as leverage against them, but it was later stolen by Gwen.

Stefano's reaction to the idea of having children with Vivian: "God Forbid."

In 2020, when Jake came to town, everyone believed he was a resurrected Stefan DiMera with amnesia, due to looking exactly like him. However, on July 15, 2020, Vivian Alamain's closest ally Ivan Marais revealed that Jake is Stefan's long lost identical twin brother, who was thought to have died at child birth, that not even Vivian knew about. The Alamain twins are the only one of his children Stefano has never met and most likely he wouldn't have accepted them given their mother is Vivian, a woman he greatly despised. In 2011, Stefano himself expressed his horror on the idea that he and Vivian having children. Clearly indicating he would never have accepted Vivian's twins.

At first, Jake seems to be a decent man as he befriends Ben Weston and hires him at his garage, though he's unaware of his criminal past. He's proven to be very much likable. He is appalled by his late twin brother's widow Gabi Hernandez, especially after learning of all the atrocious crimes she committed.Despite being Stefan's twin, he's not deluded or sick-minded as he was, he's fully aware of the kind of monster his brother was and became more horrified upon learning that Stefan sexually assaulted their sister-in-law, Abigail DiMera. He didn't mourn for Stefan as he admitted to Gabi that he wouldn't have liked him, given the abominable acts he committed. However, his identical appearance to Stefan, is what caused some strains between him and his half-brother Chad DiMera, who greatly despised Stefan for nearly destroying his family and taking advantage of his then mentally ill wife. In terms of intellect, Jake is even less intelligent than his twin ever was, filling himself with delusions of grandeur, he actually believed that DiMera Enterprises was thriving under his leadership, when in fact it was suffering greatly due to his inexperience and only kept stable thanks to Kate Roberts' help, in addition he's been constantly out maneuvered by his adversaries, highlighting his sheer incompetence.

In the Fall of 2020, he began to fall for Gabi, feeling a connection with her. They got together the following year and he became her stooge. In 2021, despite his lack of business expertise, Jake was made CEO of DiMera by Li Shin after Chad resigned. In June, his older brother EJ DiMera came to town and a long with his brothers Chad and Tony DiMera, they formed a coupe to have Jake removed from the company. In June 28, EJ's coupe succeeded thanks to Kate's betrayal during the corporal votes, who voted to remove Jake from the company. Feeling disgusted for being a DiMera, he realizes that he'll always be an outsider like Stefan before him. At his request, he and Gabi left the mansion and moved in with her brother Rafe to be away from everything DiMera. Months later, in September 23, after having lost the mansion to EJ, Gabi and Jake were forced to stay indefinitely with her brother. In another scheme, they worked together on trying to take over Titan Industries by having Philip Kiriakis fired and removed from his position as CEO, but all their plans were foiled when Ava Vitali exposed their corporate espionage crimes. Both Jake and Gabi were both fired.


On April 23, Ben Weston brought Ciara Brady to a mechanic shop. He called out for someone, and Jake emerged from the bottom of the car he was working on. Ben stares at Jake in shock, and Jake says Ben looks like he has seen a ghost. Jake learned about Stefan DiMera and snarks he must have been quite handsome. Jake assures Ben that his name is Jake and not Stefan, wondering what kind of name that even is.

Still in shock, Ben hands Jake the list of part he needs for the bike, and also is here to inquire about the mechanic job. Jake tells Ben he filled the position this morning, but says he'll talk to the owner since business is booming and he could use more help. Ben wonders why Jake would take a chance on him since he barely knows. Jake repeats that he needs all the help he can get, and reminds Ben that he isn't his old boss Stefan. Ben thanks Jake and leaves the shop.

Later, Jake walks by the window of GabiChic, just missing it's former owner and Stefan's grieving widow, Gabi Hernandez. A couple days later, Gabi spotted Jake and fainted because of his resemblance to Stefan. Jake went to check on Gabi, who briefly came to before fainting. Jake left once a crow of people gathered around.

Ben returned to the shop, and Jake said he got the part for Ciara's bike. Ben thanked him and asked about the job. Jake said if he can take apart the bike and put it back together, he'll hire him. As they worked, Ben asked Jake about his past

Jake ended up snapping at Ben and then apologized. He started taking about his ex, who drove him crazy to the point that he didn't know whether to strangle her or kiss her. Ciara came by and was also shocked by Jake's appearance. Jake learns that Stefan died after being shot in the neck and wondered if he was a bad guy. Ciara didn't think he was a good guy, but Ben defended Stefan for giving him a job.

Jake eventually learned more about Stefan, and resented him for raping Abigail Deveraux-DiMera. Jake eventually ran into Gabi, who slapped him thinking he was Stefan and has faked his death. Jake did his best to make Gabi realize he wasn't Stefan, but she was convinced he was Stefan and had amnesia.

Gabi showed up at Jake's garage where they continued to argue. As Jake tried to lead Gabi out, she slipped and fell on some grease in the garage. Jake took her upset and put a bandaid on her arm and then Gabi kissed him. Ben was attacked in the garage and found badly beaten by Ciara. The cops were called and Eli Grant was surprised by Jake's resemblance to Stefan.

Jake tried to call off the goons of his old boss, promising he would get them want they wanted. Ben demanded that Jake tell him what is going on, and when Jake refuses, he quits. Gabi jabs Jake with a syringe, claiming it will help him remember that he is Stefan. Gabi is arrested, and Jake finds out that she jabbed him with the stuff that was making Abigail mentally ill.

Gabi is napped by the thugs at Jake's apartment, so Jake goes to Ben and Ciara for help. He tells Ben that he used to work foe the mob and stole an important book for leverage. It was a first edition copy of Crime and Punishment, but their were names written that could bring down the organization. Jake got into a fight with his ex Gwen Rizczech, and she stole all his stuff including the book and headed to Salem.

Ciara and Ben agreed to help Jake find Gwen, but it was Ciara's niece Claire Brady that knew where Gwen was. Claire had been in Bayview where Gwen was currently hiding out. When Ben and Marlena Evans went their, Gwen was gone. Jake, Ben and Ciara were forced to break into the Kiriakis mansion that belonged to Ciara's grandfather Victor Kiriakis where they found an exact copy of the book. They first had to wrestle the book away from Xander Kiriakis much to his confusion and anger.

Jake brought Victor's copy to the meet up, but Eli and Lani arrived and in the confusion, and a shootout occurred that ended with Gabi's rescue. Gwen confronted Jake and made him confess to being wrong before handing over the book. Jake delivered the book to Luca, the boss's right hand, ensuring that he would never be targeted again. Both Gwen and Gabi pursued Jake, and Jake gravitated more towards Gwen. Stefan's mother Vivian Alamain returned to town, and was arrested. Vivian saw Jake and thought he was Stefan as well.

Vivian's associate Ivan Marais arrived in town and revealed that Jake was Stefan's twin brother, who was presumed to have died at the hospital. Jake's mother phoned and confirmed he was adopted. Gabi was heartbroken, and Jake tried to comfort her. Jake went to the DiMera mansion where he also saw the portrait of his father Stefano DiMera.

When Gwen found out Jake was a DiMera, she pushed him to move into the DiMera mansion, but Jake and Gabi started getting close again and Gabi even stated to get Jake involved in The family business. The board member Li Shin took a liking to Jake, who turned out to he quite good at making business deals. This caused conflict between him and his brother Chad DiMera.

Jake slept with Gabi and eventually broke up with Gwen, but then Gabi had to suddenly leave town, and she told Jake that she was just using him. Jake was heartbroken, and Gwen arrogantly thought he would want her back, and planned to make him beg, but Jake surprised her by telling her they wouldn't be getting back together.

Jake started to grow suspicious of Gwen, especially after he overheard her talking to Stefano's portrait. Chad's wife Abigail Deveraux returned to town, and she and Jake got along fine. Abigail even encouraged a compromise between the brothers, but Jake's idea if compromise was becoming Co-CEO's while Chad wanted Jake to start from the bottom and work his way up. Eventually, Li decided to make Jake VP of DiMera.

Jake became close with Kate Roberts and they started sleeping together. Kate didn't want to tell Chad about her relationship with Jake, so they kept it quiet. Gabi returned to town and saw Jake and Kate in bed together. Gabi revealed that she had lied about the reason why she left town, and wanted to get back together with Jake. Jake had developed real feelings for Kate and decided to stay with her.

Gwen found out about Jake and Kate sleeping together, and used it to fill Chad's head with insecurities about Jake and Abigail. At Christmas and New Years, Jake met Tony DiMera and his wife Anna. On New Years Eve, Abigail put the pieces together, and realized Jake and Kate were secretly together. Jake admitted, but it was too late: Chad allegedly slept with Gwen, who made the story public. Chad stepped down as CEO, and Li made Jake the CEO.