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Jakub Chyka
Michael Benyaer as Jakub Chyka.JPG
Michael Benyaer as Jakub Chyka
Days of our Lives
Portrayed by Michael Benyaer
Current status Former, Recurring
Duration 2013-14
First appearance June 2013
Last appearance March 2014
Cause/reason Left Town
Gender Male
Occupation Doctor

Dr. Jakub Chyka is a character from the soap opera Days of Our Lives, portrayed by Michael Benyaer from June 14, 2013 to March 13, 2014.


Chyka was a doctor that was contacted by Stefano DiMera on Kristen DiMera's behalf. He was tasked with providing Kristen a drug that she used on Eric Brady as part of her revenge plan against Marlena Evans. Chyka later told Kristen there as a problem with the formula, and Kristen threatened Chyka's life should Eric remember everything. Chyka was able to assure Kristen that Eric would never remember what happened that night.

After Kristen left town, Stefano ordered Chyka to tie up any loose ends. Chyka tried to kill Eric and Nicole Walker, but failed. Chyka was set to leave town when Nicole and Daniel Jonas captured him, and interrogated him. As Chyka was about to tell them everything, one of Stefano's men forced them to leave at gunpoint, and Chyka left town. Marlena later asked Stefano to help her get in contact with Chyka, so Stefano set up a video conference with Chyka on a laptop. As Marlena was asking Chyka questions, the laptop detected that Marlena was trying to install tracking software, so Stefano ended the call, and had his man destroy the laptop.