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Joey Johnson
Days of Our Lives
Portrayed by Brody and Jonas (2008–09)
Jadon Wells (2012–14)
James Lastovic (2015–17, 2020)
Tanner Stein (2022–23)
Current status Former; Recurring
Duration 2008–09, 2012–17, 2020, 2022–23
First appearance May 16, 2008
Last appearance 2023
Created by Dena Higley and Victor Gialanella
Introduced by Ken Corday and Edward J. Scott (2008)
Ken Corday, Lisa de Cazotte and Greg Meng (2012)
Ken Corday, Greg Meng and Albert Alarr (2015)
Ken Corday and Albert Alarr (2020)
Spin-off appearances Beyond Salem (2022)
Fullname Joseph Johnson
Nickname(s) Joey
Gender Male
Born May 16,1998 (originally 2008 revised to 1999)
Age 21
Occupation Student
Residence Salem, Illinois
Family Johnson family
Brady family
Parents Steve Johnson
Kayla Brady
Siblings Stephanie Johnson
Tripp Dalton (paternal half)
Romances Ava Vitali (kissed/crush)
Jade Michaels
Children Baby Michaels-Johnson† (via Jade)
Grandparents Duke Johnson
Jo Johnson
Shawn Brady
Caroline Brady
Aunts and uncles Jack Deveraux
Adrienne Johnson
Roman Brady
Bo Brady
Kimberly Brady
Frankie Brady (adoptive)
Max Brady (adoptive)
Nieces and nephews Henry Horton (via Tripp) (paternal)
First cousins Carrie Brady
Sami Brady
Eric Brady
Rex Brady
Cassie Brady
Andrew Donovan IV
Theresa Donovan
Abigail Deveraux
J.J. Deveraux
Joey Kiriakis (adoptive)
Victor Kiriakis II (adoptive)
Sonny Kiriakis
Shawn Douglas Brady
Chelsea Brady
Zack Brady
Ciara Brady
Other relatives Noah Reed
Will Horton
Allie Horton
Johnny DiMera
Sydney DiMera
Claire Brady
Arianna Horton
Earl Duke Johnson
Thomas DiMera
Charlotte DiMera
Tate Black
Emily Lockhart

Joseph "Joey" Johnson is a character from the soap opera Days of Our Lives. He is the son of legendary super couple Steve Johnson and Kayla Brady.

He was recently portrayed by James Lastovic from 2015-17, and again in 2020. Introduced in 2008, Joey was created by head writers Dena Higley and Victor Gialanella.

The role was originated by siblings Brody and Jonas -- who vacated the role in 2009 when the character was written out. Child actor, Jadon Wells appeared in the role of Joey on a recurring basis from 2012 to 2014.

In 2015, the character was rapidly aged to 16 when Lastovic stepped into the role. Joey returns having skipped out on boarding school suffering from abandonment issues. It is later revealed that Joey has secretly been conspiring with Ava Vitali (Tamara Braun) to orchestrate Patch and Kayla's reunion. Unbeknownst to Joey, Ava is his father's ex-lover and has caused quite a bit of trouble for Kayla and the rest of the Brady family.

Creation and casting

On November 24, 2012, Mary Beth Evans announced that child actor Jadon Wells would make his debut in the role of Joey in December 2012. Wells is the real life son of actor Dan Wells who had previously appeared on the series as Stan, the male alter ego of Sami Brady (Alison Sweeney). Jadon's appearances were limited to special Christmas episodes and he last appeared in December 2014.

In March 2015, it was reported that Days of Our Lives had released two casting notices — one of which was for the contract role of the 16 year old Joey. In April 2015, talent agency John Robert Powers San Diego announced that James Lastovic had been cast in the role of Joey Johnson with a two year contract. Five months prior, Lastovic had quit his day job to do a play for $25 a week. "I had money saved up from the one commercial that I had done and thought I could use the money from that to do the play." However, the play lasted longer then expected and Lastovic ran out of money. "I was so broke that I looked forward to the dinner scene" so he could eat. Fortunately, Lastovic booked Days as the play ended. Lastovic had actually auditioned for the series three years prior. While he wasn't sure for what role he auditioned for Lastovic revealed, "I had the same exact sides when I read for Joey!" Lastovic filmed his first scenes in March 2015 and made his debut on August 28, 2015. During the audition process, Lastovic watched a few episodes of the series to prepare. Casting director Marnie Saitta later informed the young actor that he'd be working with two "adored" veterans in Mary Beth Evans (Kayla) and Stephen Nichols (Patch). "I looked them up online and found some of their scenes from the 1980s. I saw how good they were and I was instantly excited to get to work with them" Lastovic revealed. After he booked the role, Lastovic admitted that he got hooked on the show when he went back to watch Patch and Kayla's love story.

After months of rumors that Lastovic would be departing from the soap, in August of 2017, it was confirmed that he was indeed departing. His last air date was August 22, 2017. In November 21, 2020, it was confirmed by Day of Days Winter Promo that Lastovic will return to his role as Joey Johnson. His character will be released from prison.[1]

In 2022, it was announced that the role of Joey had been recast with Tanner Stein, who first aired on Beyond Salem. In October 2022, Stein joined the official show on a recurring basis.


In February 2008, the Brady family travels to Ireland to reunite patriarch Shawn Brady with his dying sister Colleen Brady. During their trip, Kayla and Steve learn she is pregnant. On their way back to Salem, the family is involved in a plane crash that kills Shawn. It is later revealed that, Steve's deranged ex-lover Ava Vitali is responsible for the accident. Meanwhile, Kayla is trying to save her brother Bo's and the stress causes pregnancy complications. Kayla goes into premature labor and gives birth to her baby boy at 26 weeks. She names him Joey after his paternal grandmother, Jo Johnson.

Joey grows stronger only to be kidnapped in the Summer of 2008 by Stefano DiMera, but returned soon after. Joe leaves town in early 2009 with his parents. Though off screen, Joe comes back to town in 2011 when his parents separate and later divorce. Joe first appears onscreen in late 2012 during the Christmas episodes. The character is limited to special appearances during Christmas episodes and is last seen in December 2014 during a Christmas party.

In August 2015, a now 16 year old, Joe, also known as Joey returns to Salem with Steve. Joey had left boarding school and found his father in New York. Joey acts out because he resents Steve for abandoning the family. When Steve leaves town to find Joey's uncle Bo, Joey stows away on the plane. After the two have a heart to heart, where Steve recounts the story of how he and Kayla fell in love, Joey returns home.

However, Joey continues causing trouble when he sabotages the electricity in the library at Salem High. Joey bonds with Theo Carver during Salem's bicentennial celebration and he ends up collapsing outside. Theo gets help and Joey is rushed to the hospital. Steve makes it back in time to see Joey in the hospital and Kayla reveals that there a drugs in his system. However, Joey denies ever taking drugs. While he recovers and gets released from the hospital.

It is later revealed that Joey is working with Ava Vitali to orchestrate his parents' reunion, unaware of her past. Joey starts to fall for Ava, and even kisses her. After finding out that Ava used him, Joey felt betrayed and wanted revenge on Ava.

On February 26th, 2016, Joey snuck into Ava's hospital room and suffocated her with a pillow.

Joey later helped Claire Brady and Theo kidnap Chase, so Ciara Brady could confront him for raping her.

He got involved with a girl from his high school named Jade Michaels.

In November, Joey learned that Jade was pregnant with his child, just as he was about to break up with her. He slowly became committed into becoming a father.

In New Years Eve 2017, Jade had a miscarriage. Joey blames himself because he thought he deserved to lose his child after killing Ava.

In March 10, at the Brady Pub, Joey is shocked to learn that he has a half-brother named Tripp Dalton. They share details and Joey is worried that Tripp will find out he killed Ava. Joey leaves as he is worried and wonders how he can meet his new found brother knowing he killed his mother.

In August, Joey and Steve learn Tripp tried to ruin Kayla's career because he believes she killed Ava. Joey and Steve find Tripp holding a scalpel to Kayla's throat, and Joey confesses to Tripp that he killed Ava. Tripp is shocked, but forgives Joey. Despite this, Joey decides to take responsibility for killing Ava and confesses to the police. The DA cuts a deal with Joey, and he is sentenced. On August 22, Joey says goodbye to his friends and family before his parents go with him to Statesville prison and say a final goodbye to him.

Joey is released from prison in November of 2020, when Ava turns up alive. Upon arriving home, Joey and Tripp are reunited, but he soon learns that Tripp has been accused of raping Joey's cousin Allie Horton, and that Kayla thinks it's true because a DNA test was ran that said Tripp was the father. Joey has a hard time believing and invites a reluctant Tripp to stay for dinner.

On December 24, 2020, Joey tells Steve and Kayla that he is leaving town and going to be working with Stephanie in Seattle so he can get a fresh start.