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John Black Jr.
Kristen dreams of holding alive John Black Jr..png
Kristen holding alive John Black Jr. (Kristen's dream/nightmare)
Days of our lives
Portrayed by Unknown Child Actor (one episode in 1996)
Current status Former; Mentioned but guest for one episode
Fullname John Black Jr.
Alias(es) EJ DiMera
(when his mother stole EJ at birth to pass off as her own)
Namesake(s) John Black Sr.
Died August 1996
Paris, France
Cause of death Miscarriage at 5 or 6 months into the pregnancy
Family Alamain family(adoptive)
Black family
DiMera family(adoptive)
Parents John Black
Kristen DiMera
Marlena Evans(stepmother)
Siblings Brady Black
Paul Narita
Belle Black
(paternal half)
Rachel Black
(maternal half)
D.J. Craig
Baby Evans-North
Sami Brady
Eric Brady
Baby Brady
Aunts and uncles Lawrence Alamain+
Peter Blake
EJ DiMera
Chad DiMera
Jake DiMera
Tony DiMera(legal)
Andre DiMera+
Stefan DiMera+
Lexie Carver+
Renee DuMonde+
Megan Hathaway+
Benjy Hawk+
Nieces and nephews Claire Brady
Baby Black-Brady
(via Belle)
Tate Black
Rachel Black
(via Brady)
Will Horton
Allie Horton
Johnny DiMera
Sydney DiMera Jr.
Mackenzie Horton
First cousins Nicholas Alamain(via Lawrence)
Baby Boy Brady-Hathaway+(via Megan)
Baby Banning+(via Renee)
Theo Carver(via Lexie)
Steven Hawk(via Benjy)
Johnny DiMera
Sydney DiMera Jr.
Sydney DiMera Sr.+
Daniel DiMera+(via EJ)
Grace DiMera+
Thomas DiMera
Charlotte DiMera
Baby Girl DiMera+(via Chad)
Baby DiMera(legal)(via Tony)
Other relatives Arianna Horton
Carrie Brady
Lucas Horton
Rex Brady
Philip Kiriakis
Billie Reed
Austin Reed
Jessica Blake
Brandon Walker
Lani Price(adoptive step)
(adoptive step cousins)

John Black Jr. was the late son of John Black and his ex-lover Kristen DiMera.


John Black Jr. Parents Kristen DiMera and John Black Sr.

John Black Jr. Is the late son of John and Kristen.

John Black Jr. was conceived during a ONS between his parents John and Kristen when he was with Marlena Evans.

Kristen faints before finding out she pregnant with John Black Jr.

John Black Jr. was Kristen first biological child and her only son.

Kristen and John founds out their pregnant with their son John Black Jr. and Marlena isn't happy.

John Black Jr. is the fourth grandchild of Stefano DiMera and unfortunately the fourth deceased grandchild.

John Black Jr. was named after his father John Black Sr.

Kristen and John celebrates their pregnancy news with their baby John Black Jr.

John Black Jr. mother Kristen was obsessed with his father John Sr.

Kristen and John found out they were a boy (John Black Jr.).

John Black Jr. mother Kristen had a very high risk pregnancy with him causing John and Marlena to fall apart.

John saves pregnant Kristen at the warehouse explosion while she was pregnant with John Black Jr.

John Black Jr. mother was involved in a explosion accident that killed his maternal grandmother Rachel Blake.

John Black Jr. was miscarried on August of 1996 when his mother Kristen was in the explosion.

John helping a pregnant Kristen before her miscarriage with John Black Jr. after she got into a fight with Marlena.

John Black Jr. mother Kristen never told anyone about her miscarriage when Kristen befriend a pregnant look a like Susan Banks she paid Susan to pretend to be her so that she can keep John from Marlena unknowingly to her Susan was carrying her adoptive father Stefano DiMera son .

Kristen holding John Black Jr. In her dreams.

John Black Jr. mother Kristen stole his adopted uncle EJ DiMera from Susan Banks and tried to pass the child off as hers and John son.

Kristen nightmare of John taking their son John Black.Jr. away and plan on raising their son with Marlena.

John Black.Jr. mother was expose at John and "hers" wedding with everyone in shock to found out Kristen miscarried their real son John Black Jr.

Kristen miscarried her son John Black.Jr.

John Black Jr. mother Kristen was left at the alter and John reunited with Marlena.

The moment Kristen founds out she miscarried John Black Jr.

John Black Jr. uncle EJ was returned to Susan where they left town as Stefano felt guilty for what he did in helping Kristen.