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Johnny DiMera
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Days of Our Lives
Portrayed by Ethan and Morgan (2007)
Mark Hapka (2007-2008; in Sami's nightmare)
Ranger and Wiley Murphree (2008)
Gabriel and Gideon (2008)
Jonathan and Jacob Velarde (2008)
Aaron and Griffin Kunitz (2009–14)
Carson Boatman (2021–present)
Current status Present; Contract
Duration 2007–14, 2021–present
First appearance October 23, 2007
Created by Hogan Sheffer and Meg Kelly
Introduced by Ken Corday and Edward J. Scott
Fullname John Roman DiMera
Nickname(s) Johnny
Lil'G (by Chad)
Alias(es) John Roman Horton
(full name; formerly)
(John in Italian; by Stefano and Chanel)
Aaron Fisher (formerly)
Namesake(s) Roman Brady
John Black
Gender Male
Born October 23, 2000 (Originally 2007)
Age 21
Residence Salem, Illinois
Los Angeles (formerly)
Family DiMera, Brady
Parents EJ DiMera
Sami Brady
Siblings Allie Horton
(maternal-half twins)
Sydney DiMera
Will Horton
Daniel DiMera
Romances Chanel Dupree
Katie (fling)
Grandparents Stefano DiMera
Susan Banks
Roman Brady
Marlena Evans
John Black (step)
Great-grandparents Santo DiMera
Shawn Brady I
Caroline Brady
Frank Evans
Martha Evans
Aunts and uncles Renee DuMonde
Megan Hathaway
Kristen DiMera (adoptive)
Andre DiMera
Peter Blake (adoptive)
Lexie Carver
Benjy Hawk
Tony DiMera (legal)
Chad DiMera
D.J. Craig
Carrie Brady
Eric Brady
Cassie Brady
Rex Brady
Belle Black
Stefan DiMera
Jake DiMera
Nieces and nephews Arianna Horton (via Will)
Henry Horton (via Allie)
First cousins Steven Hawk (via Benjy)
Theo Carver (via Lexie)
Grace DiMera
Thomas DiMera
Charlotte DiMera
(via Chad)
Rachel Black (via Kristen)
Mackenzie Horton
(via Eric)
Emily Lockhart (via Rex)
Claire Brady (via Belle)
Noah Reed (via Carrie)

John "Johnny" Roman DiMera is a character from the soap opera Days of Our Lives, portrayed by a number of child actors from 2007-14. He was most notably played by twins Aaron and Griffin Kunitz. In May 2021, it was announced that actor Carson Boatman had been cast as an aged Johnny, debuting on August 18, 2021.


Johnny was played by various twins through out the years. First by Ethan and Morgan, then by Ranger and Wiley Murphree, then by Gabriel and Gideon, then by Jonathan and Jacob Velarde, and finally by Aaron and Griffin Kunitz, who held the role the longest for four years. Mark Hapka, who would later play Nathan Horton, played an older Johnny in Sami's nightmares on October 25, 2007 and October 6, 2008.

In 2019, rumor's started circling that Griffin would return as Johnny, and that he would be as ruthless as his onscreen grandfather Stefano was. Griffin eventually debunked the rumor's, but the 2021 Summer preview revealed that Johnny has been recast with Carson Boatman, and would return alongside his father EJ. He was rumored to be debuting in June 2021, but his official airdate was eventually confirmed to be August 18, 2021.


Johnny is the son of EJ DiMera and Sami Brady. By extension, he is the grandson of long-time nemesis Stefano DiMera and Roman Brady as well as Roman's ex and Stefano's obsession, Marlena Evans. Rafe Hernandez and Lucas Horton have both served as father figures to Johnny. In 2021, Johnny was inadvertently SORASed when his fraternal half-twin Allie Horton returned to Salem as a young woman.


In December of 2006, Sami Brady and Lucas Roberts went for a romantic winter vacation when a terrible storm hits, forcing them to take shelter in an abandoned log cabin. Whose staying in the log cabin, Lucas and Sami made love in front of the fire. The roof suddenly collapsed, and a huge beam fell on Lucas's leg. Lucas was trapped and had a chance of freezing to death.

Sami went looking for help, and flagged down a car. The driver was E.J. DiMera. Sami begged for E.J.'s help, and he said he would help if she had sex with him. Sami reluctantly agrees, and essentially let EJ rape her to help save Lucas.

In early 2007, Sami Brady learned that she was pregnant with twins. The DNA test originally said that E.J. was the father, but Nick Fallon later confessed to switching the test and confirmed Lucas the father.

John Roman DiMera was born on October 23, 2007. He and his twin sister Allie Horton were delivered by their grandmother Marlena Evans delivered in the bedroom of the penthouse with E.J. and Lucas in attendance. John was nicknamed Johnny and named in honor of Sami's recently deceased stepfather John Black and her father Roman Brady.

E.J. noted that one of the twins didn't look like Lucas and a DNA test confirmed that EJ was Johnny's father. Both E.J., and his father Stefano were elated that Johnny was a DiMera, especially since E.J. was now bonded with Sami forever. Sami committed to raising Allie and Johnny together despite having different fathers.

E.J. was shot in November during an forced marriage with Sami. He was paralyzed from the waist down. E.J. went to live with Sami, and let his crime lord father Stefano DiMera spend time with his grandson. Stefano took to calling Johnny "Giovanni". Sami worried that Stefano coups influence Johnny negatively and even had a nightmare of Johnny working with his father and grandfather to interrogate and then murder an innocent man. E.J.'s legal half-brother Tony DiMera also encouraged E.J. to cut Stefano out of his life for Johnny's sake.

In January 2008, E.J. turned against Stefano after learning he had revived and brainwashed John. Stefano was sent to prison and later placed in a catatonic state by Marlena in and sent away to a long term care facility at the end of February. Lucas was arrested for shooting E.J in January as well and went to prison.

With Stefano in a coma, John, who was revealed to be Stefano's half-brother inherited the DiMera fortune. Stefano left Johnny a large trust fund that he would inherit when he was 21. John permitted his stepdaughter Sami and his nephew E.J. to live at the mansion along with their children. E.J. helped Sami raise Allie alongside Johnny until Lucas returned in May. Stefano also returned in August.

E.J. started a relationship with Nicole Walker, and she became pregnant with Johnny's half-sister. In January 2009, Johnny was diagnosed with eye cancer, leaving the Brady and DiMera families devastated. Johnny's paternal aunt Dr. Lexie Carver facilitated a surgery to remove his eye and replace it with a glass one to save Johnny's life.

Not long after, Johnny's sister Sydney DiMera was born. Sydney was originally thought to be the baby Nicole had been pregnant with, but in November, it was revealed that Nicole had a miscarriage back in October 2008, and stole Sami's baby with E.J. to raise as her own.

Johnny became close with Sami's boyfriend Rafe Hernandez, which made Stefano and E.J. so jealous that they schemed to break up Sami and Rafe for good. Johnny maintained a close relationship with Rafe and E.J. at the same time. He also maintained a close relationship with all of his grandpa's, including Stefano, who taught Johnny to call him Nono.

Despite the rough start, Johnny grew into a happy little boy, with a special place in his heart for E.J., Rafe, and Lucas. When E.J. was murdered, Sami knew that she needed to get her children away from Salem for a fresh start. So, when the opportunity arose to move to Hollywood make her life story into a movie, Sami jumped at the chance. The family moved out to California in October 2014.

In 2015, Sami got hints that EJ was alive and started looking for him, often leaving her children in the care of someone else. Eventually, Sami found EJ alive and Johnny was reunited with his father.

On August 18, Johnny returned to Salem and surprised his father by coming in through the tunnels. EJ was trilled to see his son, but wondered why Johnny didn't use the door, and Johnny said he preferred the tunnels. He tossed EJ the ball he lost in there as child. EJ said it was good to see Johnny, and invited him to have a drink with him. Johnny wondered where Sami was, and EJ explained that Sami had an affair with Lucas, and kicked her out. Johnny was sorry to hear that, but knew how much his parents loved each other. EJ said he didn't know or care where Sami was, and Johnny said that was harsh. EJ apologized since Sami was still his mother no matter how EJ felt.

EJ invited Johnny to come and have a drink with him, and asked him what he was doing in Salem. Johnny said that he was looking for investors. EJ was intrigued until Johnny said that he was looking to make a movie. Johnny tried to impress EJ by showing him a short film he made on his phone, and asked EJ what he thought. EJ said he thinks Johnny should come and work for him.

EJ gestured to Stefano's portrait, saying it would make his nono proud to have his son and grandson working together. EJ lamented how much Stefano loved his little Giovanni. Johnny said he wasn't little Giovanni anymore and refused to work for EJ. EJ snapped that he was going to waste money on some frivolous hobby, which Johnny took offence to and accused EJ of not caring what he wants.

Johnny said EJ only wanted Johnny to work at DiMera to satisfy his own ego before storming out, and heading to Julie's Place where he met and flirted with Chanel Dupree. When Johnny went to pay for his drink, he found out that EJ had cut him off. Chanel said she could relate since her mom cut her off as well, but she suffered the humiliation of her cards cut up in public.

Chanel offered to pay for his drink, and Johnny said he can't let her do that, Chanel said he doesn't have a choice, so Johnny asked for the name of who he was indebted to, and Chanel introduced herself. Johnny introduced himself, and noted he was named after his one grandfather, but his other grandfather called him Giovanni. Chanel seemed to like that, and they exchanged numbers