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Johnny DiMera
Days of Our Lives
Portrayed by Ethan and Morgan (2007)
Mark Hapka (2007-2008; in Sami's nightmare)
Ranger and Wiley Murphree (2008)
Gabriel and Gideon (2008)
Jonathan and Jacob Velarde (2008)
Aaron and Griffin Kunitz (2009–14)
Carson Boatman (2021–present)
Current status Present; Contract
Duration 2007–14, 2021–present
First appearance October 23, 2007
Created by Hogan Sheffer and Meg Kelly
Introduced by Ken Corday and Edward J. Scott
Fullname John Roman DiMera
Nickname(s) Johnny
Lil'G (by Chad)
Gio (by Chanel)
The Evil Twin (by Allie)
Johnny boy (by The Devil)
Alias(es) John Roman Horton
(full name; formerly)
(John in Italian; by Stefano and Chanel)
Aaron Fisher (formerly)
Namesake(s) Roman Brady
John Black
Gender Male
Born October 23, 2000 (Originally 2007)
Age 21
Residence Salem, Illinois
Los Angeles (formerly)
Family DiMera, Brady
Parents EJ DiMera
Sami Brady
Siblings Allie Horton
(maternal-half twins)
Sydney DiMera
Will Horton
Sydney DiMera Sr.

Daniel DiMera
Spouses Chanel Dupree (2021-2022)
Romances Chanel Dupree
Katie (fling)
Grandparents Stefano DiMera
Susan Banks
Roman Brady
Marlena Evans
John Black (step)
Great-grandparents Santo DiMera
Shawn Brady I
Caroline Brady
Frank Evans
Martha Evans
Aunts and uncles Renee DuMonde
Megan Hathaway
Kristen DiMera (adoptive)
Andre DiMera
Peter Blake (adoptive)
Lexie Carver
Benjy Hawk
Tony DiMera (legal)
Chad DiMera
D.J. Craig
Carrie Brady
Eric Brady
Cassie Brady
Rex Brady
Belle Black
Stefan DiMera
Jake DiMera
Nieces and nephews Arianna Horton (via Will)
Henry Horton (via Allie)
First cousins Steven Hawk(via Benjy)
Theo Carver(via Lexie)
Grace DiMera
Thomas DiMera
Charlotte DiMera
Baby Girl DiMera
(via Chad)
John Black Jr.
Rachel Black
(via Kristen)
Baby Banning(via Renee)
Baby Boy Brady-Hathaway(via Megan)
Baby DiMera(via Tony)
Mackenzie Horton
(via Eric)
Baby Lockhart
Emily Lockhart
(via Rex
Claire Brady
Baby Black-Brady
(via Belle)
Noah Reed
(via Carrie)
Other relatives Carrie Brady
Arianna Horton
Lucas Horton
Cassie Brady
Rex Brady
Philip Kiriakis
Austin Reed
Billie Reed
Brandon Walker
Lani Price(adoptive step)
Jessica Blake
(paternal step cousins)

John "Johnny" Roman DiMera is a character from the soap opera Days of Our Lives, portrayed by a number of child actors from 2007-14. He was most notably played by twins Aaron and Griffin Kunitz. In May 2021, it was announced that actor Carson Boatman had been cast as an aged Johnny, debuting on August 18, 2021.


Johnny was played by various twins through out the years. First by Ethan and Morgan, then by Ranger and Wiley Murphree, then by Gabriel and Gideon, then by Jonathan and Jacob Velarde, and finally by Aaron and Griffin Kunitz, who held the role the longest for four years. Mark Hapka, who would later play Nathan Horton, played an older Johnny in Sami's nightmares on October 25, 2007 and October 6, 2008.

In 2019, rumor's started circling that Griffin would return as Johnny, and that he would be as ruthless as his onscreen grandfather Stefano was. Griffin eventually debunked the rumor's, but the 2021 Summer preview revealed that Johnny has been recast with Carson Boatman, and would return alongside his father EJ. He was rumored to be debuting in June 2021, but his official airdate was eventually confirmed to be August 18, 2021.


Johnny is the son of EJ DiMera and Sami Brady. By extension, he is the grandson of long-time nemesis Stefano DiMera and Roman Brady as well as Roman's ex and Stefano's obsession, Marlena Evans. Rafe Hernandez and Lucas Horton have both served as father figures to Johnny. In 2021, Johnny was inadvertently SORASed when his fraternal half-twin Allie Horton returned to Salem as a young woman.

Johnny eventually arrived in Salem and was immediately characterized different than his father and grandfather, having no interest in the family business and instead wanting to go into the film making business. He also ignored Stefano’s portrait for the most part where as his father and uncle Tony DiMera would often talk to the portrait. Johnny also bonded with his uncles Tony and Chad DiMera and his aunts thought n marriage Anna DiMera and Abigail DiMera while in town.

Despite barely acknowledging Stefano, Johnny kept the “Giovanni” nickname Stefano had given him into adulthood. After meeting Chanel Dupree, Johnny shared the nickname with her, which Chanel took a liking too, and would sometimes refer to him as that as well as Gio for short. Johnny’s romance with Chanel brought him into conflict with Allie, who was Chanel’s best friend and also kissed her before Johnny came to town.

In 2022, Johnny become possessed by The Devil, and his personality took a one eighty. He not only broke up with Chanel, but also gave the same amount of reverence to Stefano’s portrait that the rest of his family gave. He also took an interest in DiMera Enterprises, forming an alliance with Johnny’s uncle Jake DiMera and his girlfriend [Gabi Hernandez]]. However, the devil wanted Gabi for himself and worked to break up her and Jake. The devil was ultimately ousted from Johnny with Allie’s help.

The devil possessed Allie and imprisoned Johnny in the DiMera crypt where they summoned his deceased uncle André DiMera to deal with him. Johnny’s interaction with André were hostile with neither showing each other any kind of familiar love and André almost taking some sick pleasure in tormenting his nephew.


In December of 2006, Sami Brady and Lucas Roberts went for a romantic winter vacation when a terrible storm hits, forcing them to take shelter in an abandoned log cabin. Whose staying in the log cabin, Lucas and Sami made love in front of the fire. The roof suddenly collapsed, and a huge beam fell on Lucas's leg. Lucas was trapped and had a chance of freezing to death.

Sami went looking for help, and flagged down a car. The driver was E.J. DiMera. Sami begged for E.J.'s help, and he said he would help if she had sex with him. Sami reluctantly agrees, and essentially let EJ rape her to help save Lucas.

In early 2007, Sami Brady learned that she was pregnant with twins. The DNA test originally said that E.J. was the father, but Nick Fallon later confessed to switching the test and confirmed Lucas the father.

John Roman DiMera was born on October 23, 2007. He and his twin sister Allie Horton were delivered by their grandmother Marlena Evans delivered in the bedroom of the penthouse with E.J. and Lucas in attendance. John was nicknamed Johnny and named in honor of Sami's recently deceased stepfather John Black and her father Roman Brady.

E.J. noted that one of the twins didn't look like Lucas and a DNA test confirmed that EJ was Johnny's father. Both E.J., and his father Stefano DiMera were elated that Johnny was a DiMera, especially since E.J. was now bonded with Sami forever. Sami committed to raising Allie and Johnny together despite having different fathers.

E.J. was shot in November during an forced marriage with Sami. He was paralyzed from the waist down. E.J. went to live with Sami, and let his Stefano DiMera spend time with his grandson. Stefano took to calling Johnny "Giovanni". Sami worried that Stefano coups influence Johnny negatively and even had a nightmare of Johnny working with his father and grandfather to interrogate and then murder an innocent man. E.J.'s legal half-brother Tony DiMera also encouraged E.J. to cut Stefano out of his life for Johnny's sake.

In January 2008, E.J. turned against Stefano after learning he had revived and brainwashed John. Stefano was sent to prison and later placed in a catatonic state by Marlena in and sent away to a long term care facility at the end of February. Lucas was arrested for shooting E.J in January as well and went to prison.

With Stefano in a coma, John, who was revealed to be Stefano's half-brother inherited the DiMera fortune. Stefano left Johnny a large trust fund that he would inherit when he was 21. John permitted his stepdaughter Sami and his nephew E.J. to live at the mansion along with their children. E.J. helped Sami raise Allie alongside Johnny until Lucas returned in May. Stefano also returned in August.

E.J. started a relationship with Nicole Walker, and she became pregnant with Johnny's half-sister. In January 2009, Johnny was diagnosed with eye cancer, leaving the Brady and DiMera families devastated. Johnny's paternal aunt Dr. Lexie Carver facilitated a surgery to remove his eye and replace it with a glass one to save Johnny's life.

Not long after, Johnny's sister Sydney DiMera was born. Sydney was originally thought to be the baby Nicole had been pregnant with, but in November, it was revealed that Nicole had a miscarriage back in October 2008, and stole Sami's baby with E.J. to raise as her own.

Johnny became close with Sami's boyfriend Rafe Hernandez, which made Stefano and E.J. so jealous that they schemed to break up Sami and Rafe for good. Johnny maintained a close relationship with Rafe and E.J. at the same time. He also maintained a close relationship with all of his grandpa's, including Stefano, who taught Johnny to call him Nono.

Despite the rough start, Johnny grew into a happy little boy, with a special place in his heart for E.J., Rafe, and Lucas. When E.J. was murdered, Sami knew that she needed to get her children away from Salem for a fresh start. So, when the opportunity arose to move to Hollywood make her life story into a movie, Sami jumped at the chance. The family moved out to California in October 2014.

In 2015, Sami got hints that EJ was alive and started looking for him, often leaving her children in the care of someone else. Eventually, Sami found EJ alive and Johnny was reunited with his father.

On August 18, Johnny returned to Salem and surprised his father by coming in through the tunnels. EJ was trilled to see his son, but wondered why Johnny didn't use the door, and Johnny said he preferred the tunnels. He tossed EJ the ball he lost in there as child. EJ said it was good to see Johnny, and invited him to have a drink with him. Johnny wondered where Sami was, and EJ explained that Sami had an affair with Lucas, and kicked her out. Johnny was sorry to hear that, but knew how much his parents loved each other. EJ said he didn't know or care where Sami was, and Johnny said that was harsh. EJ apologized since Sami was still his mother no matter how EJ felt.

EJ invited Johnny to come and have a drink with him, and asked him what he was doing in Salem. Johnny said that he was looking for investors. EJ was intrigued until Johnny said that he was looking to make a movie. Johnny tried to impress EJ by showing him a short film he made on his phone, and asked EJ what he thought. EJ said he thinks Johnny should come and work for him.

EJ gestured to Stefano's portrait, saying it would make his nono proud to have his son and grandson working together. EJ lamented how much Stefano loved his little Giovanni. Johnny said he wasn't little Giovanni anymore and refused to work for EJ. EJ snapped that he was going to waste money on some frivolous hobby, which Johnny took offence to and accused EJ of not caring what he wants.

Johnny said EJ only wanted Johnny to work at DiMera to satisfy his own ego before storming out, and heading to Julie's Place where he met and flirted with Chanel Dupree. When Johnny went to pay for his drink, he found out that EJ had cut him off. Chanel said she could relate since her mom cut her off as well, but she suffered the humiliation of her cards cut up in public.

Chanel offered to pay for his drink, and Johnny said he can't let her do that, Chanel said he doesn't have a choice, so Johnny asked for the name of who he was indebted to, and Chanel introduced herself. Johnny introduced himself, and noted he was named after his one grandfather, but his other grandfather called him Giovanni. Chanel seemed to like that, and they exchanged numbers.

Johnny and Chanel continued with their flirtatious relationship, and he soon met her mother Paulina Price, who revealed that Chanel had kissed another woman, but Johnny didn't mind. He soon reunited with and caught up with Allie, who was thrilled to see him in Salem. Johnny started looking investors to try and get his movie off the ground, but EJ was determined to have Johnny some work at DiMera. He offered his aunt Abigail the part of Marlena and Allie the part of playing their mom.

Johnny reunited with his uncles Chad and Tony, and asked for their help. Neither liked the idea though as they didn't want to step on EJ's toes. Johnny was so angry at Tony that he referred to him as Judas like Stefano had years before. He quickly realized his mistake and apologized. Tony sternly accepted the apology, but Johnny's resentment towards EJ grew.

Johnny and Allie started to become slightly estranged when she realized that her best friend was seeing her twin brother. Johnny also realized Allie was the that Chanel had previously kissed and wondered if Allie was jealous, despite the fact that she was with Tripp Dalton. Allie accused Johnny of being a player and just using women for sex cause he did to her best friend in high school. Johnny swore to Chanel that he wasn't that guy anymore.

Johnny's movie was going to be about Sami's life. A movie that Will had previously tried to make in Hollywood. Johnny got Lucas and Roman on board for financing, but when Johnny read through the script, he became intrugued by the idea that Marlena had become possessed by the devil. She shared this revelation with Allie, who got confirmation that it was true from John. Johnny decided that writing about demonic possession was way more interesting and decided to make a movie only about that.

When Roman found out, he pulled his funding, but EJ offered to cover the rest. Johnny knew there would be a catch, and EJ said that he wanted to play John Black. Johnny was annoyed because he knew EJ only wanted to do this to get back at Chad for not helping him convince Johnny to join DiMera. He also knew Abigail would back out. EJ told Johnny to get them to sign a contact before telling them.

Johnny was uncomfortable with being deceptive, but he went with his father's advice, and got Chad and Abigail to sign a contract. Chad had been helping Abigail to practice playing John and decided he wanted to audition for the role, but EJ revealed that he had a contact drawn up and signed saying he would play the role of John Black and help finance the movie. Chad was furious with Johnny for his deception.

Chanel was uncomfortable with the idea of Johnny doing a movie about devil possession, but Johnny assured her it was fine. Johnny went to see Marlena, hoping to get her permission. Instead, he talked to John, who told Johnny that if he loved Marlena, he wouldn't make this movie. Johhny realized John was right and told Marlena he won't make the move, but to John's surprise, Marlena gave him her blessing.

On Halloween, Johnny interrupted Allie and Chanel while they shared a close moment. Johnny put on a warewolf mask, and startled them by jumping in front of them, and roared. They were annoyed with him, and he teased them about having feelings for each other. Johnny brought out a ouijo board and talked them into playing. They asked the board if the devil was in Salem, and the board responded with a yes. They then asked where, and it said the DiMera Crypt.

Johnny went to the crypt where he found Marlena wearing a devil costume, Johnny wondered why Marlena was at the crypt, and Marlena said she was paying her respects to Stefano. John later ran into Johnny, who told him that Marlena was at the crypt, and neither bought the reason that she went to pay her respects to Stefano.

Johnny continued with his plans to make his movie snc cast Chanel as his grandmother Celeste. While Johnny played Stefano, and rehearsed with Chanel, Theo happened by and said hi to them. Johnny was there for Chanel when she revealed that Lani was her half-sister, and Paulian was her mother. Chanel exposed the truth at Paulina's wedding to Abe Carver, and now worried that Paulina hated her. Johnny doubted that, and praised Chanel for her bravery. They kissed, and Chanel decided to sleep with Johnny.

The next morning, Johnny and Chanel made plans to go to Italy for a couple of weeks. E.J. gave them the company jet to use, and they came back a married couple much to everyonems shock. Johnny learned from E.J. that the devil had possessed Marlena and locked John and his grandma Susan in the crypt. Johnny worried the effect this could have on hie movie, and E.J. gave him a sideways glance, making Johnny realise that wasn't what was important.

E.J. told Johnny that Sami was also back home, and Johnny and Sami were enthusiastically reunited. Sami celebrated that her daughter, son, and husband were all in Salem at the sametime. Chanel and Paulina came over and that was when Johnny made the announcement of their marriage, which shocked the parents. E.J., and Sami openly opposed it while Paulina tried to he supportive.

Johnny and Chanel then paid Allie and Tripp a visit to share their godo news, but Allie was upset, and accused Johnny of breaking Chanel's heart. Johnny told Tripp that Allie was jealous and she wanted Chanel all for herself. Allie and Johnny were called to Marlena's penthouse to unite as a family and assist their priest uncle Eric Brady in casting out the devil from Marlen's body.

Johnny started feeling unwell on New Years Eve. He and Chanel cuddled into bed and watched a romantic movie together. Allie and Chanel stopped by, and Allie apologized for her reaction. Johnny and Chanel invited them to stay and he told them all to go downstairs while he hop in the shower. As he was getting ready, it was revealed that Johnny was now possessed by the devil. He made it downstairs where he toasted the New Year with Chanel, Allie and Tripp. After Allie and Tripp left, "Johnny" sent Chanel upstairs and said he'd be up soon. Once alone, the devil spoke to Stefano's portrait and promised him that his little Giovanni will make him proud.

The devil's first order of business was to break up with Chanel, which he did publicly at their engagement party. Paulina was furious while Allie and EJ were left confused by "Johnny's" cruelty. Susan later confronted the devil and declared that he wasn't her grandson Johnny. The devil tried to deny it, but eventually admitted it was true. The devil threatened to kill EJ again if Susan said anything, but Susan said that would out the devil, and they don't want that, so the devil decided to wipe Susan's mind of the discovery, and instead help send her back to Memphis.

EJ was facing charges due to the belief that he had kidnapped Sami, the devil convinced EJ to sell his shares to Johnny. At EJ's trial, the devil stopped Chad from confessing that he had planted the evidence on the computer in EJ's office that showed he had paid the two giys to kidnap Sami. As Chad was about to confess on the stand, the devil used it's powers to choke Chad indirectly. After convincing EJ To sign his shares over, the devil transformed into EJ and tried to force a kiss on Abigail, which Chad saw, and convinced him to testify against EJ.

EJ was found guilty and imprisoned in Statesville. Johnny's uncle Jake DiMera and Gabi Hernandez saw an opportunity to reclaim power at DiMera and set about joining forces with Johnny. The devil had his own plans, and wanted Gabi for himself. They madw a deal that Gabi would be CEO of TITAN, Jake CEO of DiMera, and Johnny would get a seat on the board. The devil also had to deal with Johnny's commitment to TR Coates in producing Posessed: The Marlena Evans Story. To keep up appearances, the devil had Johnny back out of the project out of respect for Marlena's recent posession. The devil briefly contemplated killing TR, but later decided this could work to his advantage.

"Johnny" went to go see Marlena, and she agreed he could do the movie. As such, the devil was able to fulfill Johnny's commitment to TR. Chanel and Paulina planned to sue Johnny for every penny he had as payback for him apparently using her. However, the devil stumbled upon Allie and Chanel confessing they slept together. The devil wasted no time in telliing Tripp the minute it heard that Tripp wss going to propose to Allie. As such, Tripp and Allie broke up.

At this time, Johnny's consciousness woke up within the devil and started trying to fight back, the devil threatned to kill Johnny's little cousins Thomas and Charlotte DiMera, who were upstairs sleepinf at the time, so Johnny backed off. The devil slowly started seducing Gabi and morphed into Jake, and made sure Gabi heard Jake be okay with the fact tha Gabi wouldn't be CEO of TITAN if Victor Kiriakis wasn't okay with it.

The devil's manipulations worked, and while Chad and Tony were out of town, the devil and Gabi made their moves, stabbing Jake in the back, ans making Gabi the CEO of DiMera Enterprises. Jake was shocked and furious and the devil taunted Jake, prompting Jake to grab him. Johnny's eye flashed yellow, and Jake finally realized what was going on. He attempted to fight the devil, who overpowered him, and left his memory hazy as a result, so he couldn't out the devil.

Susan returned to town, and believed Johnny might be possessed. Belle was at the mansion to talk to Chad about EJ's case, and Susan said she could feel the presence of the devil, so the devil made 666 appear on the back of Belle's red coat to make Susan believe Belle was possessed by the devil. During Belle's next visit, the devil left Johnny's body, and temporarily posessed Belle. Chanel found an unconscious Johnny on the floor, and before Johnny could explain, they found Belle attacking Marlena. Johnny knocked Belle out, and the devil repossessed Johnny immediately.

While in Johnny's body, the devil simultaneously possessed Belle just long enough to convince everyone, including her husband Shawn Douglas Brady. John performed the exorcism with no one else in the room, and everyone believed the devil was gone for good while all of its actions were pinned on Belle. "Johnny" suceeded in seducing Gabi just as Jake arrived to fill Gabi in on everything. He found Gabi with the top of her dress down, and broke up with her.

"Johnny" agreed to let Chanel and Allie out of their contracts if Chanel dropped the lawsuit, so Chanel agreed. "Johnny" saw Allie and Chanel together and mocked them over making a cute couple. He later told Tripp that they were together. "Johnny" met with Beth Howard, the actress TR hired to replace Chanel. "Johnny" was confused because he had final say over casting and wondered why TR would offer her the part without talking to him. "Johnny" wondered if she slept with TR, which Beth denied it, and said TR only gave her the role, so she would keep quiet about his past. Johnny wondered what past, and agreed to give Beth a chance. After Beth left, the devil plotted to find out TR's secret, so he could use it against him.

Allie stormed over to the mansion to confront "Johnny", and wanted to know what happened to the brother she loved. Allie was not only furious but confused as Johnny has never been this cruel before, despite his fault. The devil tried to play it off, but Johnny started to fight off the devil's infleunce as Allie kept pressing for answers. She came to the conclusion that "Johnny" was pushing her away because he did something she didn't want him to know.

As Johnny pushed back, the devil became visibly weak. "Johnny" stumbled over to a chair and collapsed in it. Allie begged "Johnny" to let her help him, saying she loved him. Allie worried that "Johnny" was sick, and wanted to tale him to the hospital, but the devil had had enough and brooe character, bellowing at Allie to leave him alone. Allie finally realized that Johnny was acting this way because he was possessed.

The devil admitted everything to Allie, and grabbed her wrist, saying he had to kill her. Instead, Allie grabbed the devil back and declared that she was right here and loved him before they were born and will love him till the day she dies. The devil tried to pull away as Allie spoke to Johnny and reminded him of happier times and the love they shared as siblings. The devil struggled and raged at Allie to stop talking to Johnny, but Allie's words gave Johnny the strength he needed to oust the devil from his body, but the devil then took possession of Allie.

Johnny awoke chained up in the DiMera crypt where "Allie" greeted him. Johnny was confused at first, but soon realized Allie was possessed by the devil. However, he assumed that the devil had immediately jumped from Marlena to Allie. The devil corrected him and sneered that he went into Johnny's body, and told Johnny how he kicked and screamed, and kicked him out with the help of his wonder twin. The devil said that Johnny had been possessed for almost three months, and Johnny was upset that no one could tell he was possessed for three months. He asked the devil what they planned to do to him, and the devil said they planned to kill him, but Allie wouldn't let them, so he would stay put for now.

Johnny yelled out that people would come for looking for him, and the devil asked him who. Johnny said his wife would be one, but the devil laughed that Chanel wasn't his wife, and that she hates him now. The devil explained how Johnny broke her heart in public, and Johnny screamed that he would never do that cause he loves her. The devil said they did it, but Johnny got the credit or the blame. The devil went on to tell Johnny about how Chanel got over him that same night her heart was broken, saying Allie was there to comfort her and they slept together.

Johnny accused the devil of lying, who admitted they liked to do that, but said they were telling the truth. Johnny said even if it were true, Allie would never betray Tripp, but the devil said she did, and they had the pleasure of telling him. Johnny realized that Allie and Tripp were also done and the devil said that they have been added to the long list of couples that it has torn apart. Johnny suggested the devil let him go, saying he wouldn't tell anyone, but the devil snapped that's not an option and threatened to kill Johnny if he fussed too much.

The devil went to leave, alluding to a baby, and Johnny realized the devil was still after Ben and Ciara baby. The devil confirmed it, saying the baby is vital to its future plans, and then said that it had to go deal with Chanel. Johnny worried what that meant, and the devil said it doesn't know yet, but Chanel is in its way again. The devil left the crypt as Johnny struggled against his bonds and screamed.