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Joseph Bernardi
Joseph Bernardi (Deceased).jpg
Days of our Lives
Portrayed by Anthony Tyler Quinn
Current status Former; Recurring
Duration 2013
Cause/reason Died
Gender Male
Cause of death Shot by a nurse on Stefano's payroll.
Occupation Dirty Cop
Residence Salem, Illinois (at time of death)
Family Bernardi Family
Spouses Marge Bernardi
Children Timmy Bernardi

Detective Joseph "Joe" Bernardi, is a character from the soap opera Days of Our Lives, portrayed by Anthony Tyler Quinn in 2013.


Detective Bernardi, was a dirty cop on Stefano DiMera's payroll, and was said to be good friends with Rafe Hernandez. Stefano used Bernardi to secure the evidence of Will Horton shooting EJ and later had Bernardi sneak into Rafe's room and "cut it off" to pay him back for sleeping with Kate Roberts. As Bernardi stood over Rafe ready to do his task, he was shot back in the back by Sami Brady and later died. Sami was accused of murder, but it was later discovered that a nurse on Stefano's payroll killed him so he couldn't implicate Stefano.