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Kai Rawlings
Kai Rawlings.JPG
Andy Mackenzie as Kai Rawlings
Days of our Lives
Portrayed by Andy MacKenzie
First appearance June 28, 2007
Last appearance September 10, 2007
Cause/reason Fled the country
Alias(es) The Archangel
Gender Male
Occupation Con Artist
Leader of “Rawlings Angels”

Kai Rawlings is a fictional character from the NBC soap opera Days of Our Lives, potrrayed by Andy Mackenzie from June 28, 2007 to September 10, 2007.


Kai was Jeremy Horton’s partner at Touch the Sky airlines Jeremy introduced Kai to their new associates Max Brady and Jett Carver. Kai enthused about meeting his favourite race call driver. Jeremy handed Kai the keys and asked him to go on the trunk. After Max became suspicious and wanted to know what was in the trunks, Kai helped Jeremy drag the trunks too Max so he could look inside. Kai got nervous when Jeremy offered for Max to open all of the trunks, but Max declines. After Max left, Jeremy assured Kai that he knew Max wouldn’t open the second trunk since he packed what Max wanted to see in the first trunk, adding that Max was easy because he was happier being left in the dark.

Kai didn’t want Max nosing around and was startled when Nick Fallon enters the cabin. Kai pulled a gun on Nick, but Jeremy told Kai Nick was his cousin. Kai left to go check on the cargo. Kai has Max grab by two thugs after he starts interrogating a woman. named Ilsa. Max and Jeremy confront Kai once he learns the whole story about how Ilsa and other girls are being trafficked by Touch the Sky Airlines. Kai is excited to see the girls, but Max says they have no girls. Kai laughs, thinking they are joking, but Max demands he brings all the girls here and threatens to call the police. Kai says they are up to their eyeballs in this and demands the girls before leaving.

Max was all set to get the girls out of the country when Kai boarded the plane. Kai attacked Max with the gun, who raged at him for trafficking the girls. Kai asked the girls to show how upset they were, and Ilsa and the girls then stood up and held guns on Max and Chelsea. Rawlings revealed that he and the girls were con-artists. He called them his angels—Rawlings Angels—-, saying they knew how to make a guy feel like he is in paradise, but they know how to raise hell when the Archangel gets mad. Kai then flies the plan over a secluded island and the girls force Max and Stephanie Johnson to jump out of the plane after handing them parachutes.