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Kitty Horton
Kitty Horton.jpg
Days of our Lives
Portrayed by Regina Gleason
Current status Former; Regular
Duration 1967–69
First appearance 1967
Last appearance 1869
Cause/reason Died
Gender Female
Cause of death Heart Attack
Residence Salem, Illinois (at time of death)
Spouses Tommy Horton (divorced)
Romances Dr. Elliot Kincaid
Peter Larkin
Children Sandy Horton

Kitty Horton is a character from the soap opera Days of Our Lives, portrayed by Regina Gleason from 1967–69.


Kitty was the wife of Tommy Horton, and they were married before Tommy was supposedly killed during the Korean war in 1953. Kitty was mother of his daughter Sandy Horton. When Kitty returned to Salem, she fell for Dr. Elliot Kincaid, and pursued him. When Mark Brooks came to town and was revealed to be Tommy, who had survived; Kitty tried to work things out with Tommy, but still chased after Eiliot. Tommy hired a private detective to follow Kitty, and confronted her at Elliot's apartment. Kitty faked chest pains, and Tommy believed her because her family had a history of heart problems.Kitty was admitted into the hospital, but was released after she checked out fine.

In 1969, Tommy divorced Kitty after learning she had numerous affairs. Elliot also left Kitty, so she want after another married man named Pater Larkin. Kitty got a job working as Tom Horton's secretary, and accidentally recorded a conversation between Tom and his daughter in law Laura Horton, discussing her son Mike Horton's health problems and parentage. Kitty called Bill Horton over, using the tape as bait, and tried to seduce him. Bill was furious, and ransacked the apartment to find the tape. He struggled with Kitty before he found the tape and left. Kitty had a heart attack from the stress and died. Bill became the primary suspect in Kitty's death after an investigation determined he was the last person to see Kitty alive.