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Li Shin
Li Shin.jpg
Days of Our Lives
Portrayed by Remington Hoffman
Current status Present; Recurring
Duration 2019–present
First appearance October 31, 2019 (DTDS)
April 22, 2020 (DOOL)
Last appearance October 31, 2019 (DTDS)
Fullname Li Shin
Gender Male
Occupation Businessman
DiMera Enterprises Board Member
Residence Hong Kong, China
Family Shin
Parents Wei Shin
Unnamed mother

Li Shin is a character from the soap opera Days of Our Lives, portrayed by Remington Hoffman on the new Days of Our Lives: The Digital Series in the 8-part "Chad & Abby in Paris" Chapter Two digital series. He is the son of the DiMera board member and current chairman, Wei Shin. Li appeared on the series itself on April 22, 2020 and has made recurring appearances on the show since then.


Setting on following in his father's foot steps, in late 2019, Li became the newest board member of DiMera Enterprises. He was manipulated by Juliet into firing Chad after she and her assistant Sylvie accuse him of assault. Though Chad and Abigail deny it, Li produces evidence that doesn’t look good for Chad, this results in him removing Chad from the board and his job. But this all changed, a day later, when new evidence was delivered to the DiMera board that proves Chad's innocence. Chad got his job back and used it to fire Juliet with the full approval of the board.

Li showed up in Salem in April 2020 to choose whether Chad or Gabi Hernandez will be the CEO of DiMera Enterprises. Li sat in the CEO's chair with his back turned, and Gabi mistook him for her deceased husband Stefan DiMera. Once Chad and Abigail got there, they started vying with Gabi for the CEO position. Without hesitation, Li made the new CEO.

Gabi was furious and refused to work under Chad. She wanted to get her company, GabiChic, away from the DiMera's. Li said he anticipated that would be her reaction, so the board preemptively removed Gabi as the head of GabiChic. This left Gabi flustered and furious and she decided to sue DiMera Enterprises. Chad was in the process of telling this to Li over the phone when he mysteriously hung up on Chad.

Li returned to Salem in August where Gabi helped him close a deal while Chad was in Florida visiting Abigail. Chad returned and was shocked to see Li there. Li noted that Chad didn't inform him that he would be gone. A couple of weeks later, Chad was gone again, and Li needed a DiMera with him to close a business deal with an investor named Collins. Gabi offered to help him, but Li said it had to be a blood DiMera.[ [Stefan DiMera]]'s twin brother Jake Lambert came down the stairs and went to dinner with Gabi, Li, and Collins.

Jake later closed the deal with Collins, who liked Jake and found him a breath fresh of air. Li came over to celebrate the good news and they shared it with Gabi. Li was thrilled and impressed with Jake. Li enthusiastically said that Collins wanted to take Jake to his favourite steakhouse.