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Liam Frasier
Liam Frazier (Deceased).jpg
Days of our Lives
Portrayed by Mark Collier
Current status Former; Recurring
Duration 2013-14
First appearance December 18, 2013
Last appearance May 6, 2014
Cause/reason Died
Gender Male
Cause of death Impaled on a sharp root during a struggle with Daniel Jonas
Residence Salem, Illinois (at time of death)
Spouses Debra Frazier (divorced)
Romances Jennifer Horton (dated)

Liam Frasier is a character from the soap opera Days of Our Lives, portrayed by Mark Collier from December 18, 2013, to May 6, 2014.


Liam is a Pharmaceutical Representative and old high school friend of Justin Kiriakis, who dated Jennifer Horton briefly, until she broke up with him and reunited with Daniel Jonas. Liam has now become obsessed with Jennifer and tried to break up her and Daniel by framing him with a drug addiction.

When Nicole Walker threatened to expose Liam's deceit, he blackmailed her with evidence that she had destroyed evidence that would prove Eric Brady was drugged by Kristen DiMera. When that didn't work, Liam held Jennifer and Nicole hostage. The two women managed to escape and Daniel showed up. He and Liam struggled and Liam ended up getting impaled on a sharp root. He died soon after.