Lisanne Gardner
Lisanne Gardner.jpeg
Days of our Lives
Portrayed by Lynn Herring
Current status Former; Recurring
Duration 1992
First appearance April 2, 1992
Last appearance October 30, 1992
Cause/reason Died
Created by Richard J. Allen & Beth Milstein
Gender Female
Cause of death Hit her head on a stone cat during a fight with Vivian Alamain
Occupation Corporate lawyer
Residence Salem, Illinois (at time of death)
Romances Lawrence Alamain

Lisanne Gardner is a character from the soap opera Days of Our Lives, portrayed by Lynn Herring in 1992.


Lisanne came to Salem in 1992, where she began working for Lawrence Alamain as Alamain Industries corporate lawyer. She and Lawrence began a relationship, but Lawrence still had feelings for Carly Manning. Lisanne learned that Vivian Alamain and Carly were keeping a secret involving a past pregnancy, so told Lawrence, and it eventually emerged that Carly had been pregnant with Lawrence's child, who it was believed had died. However, when Vivian brought her adopted son, Nicky, to the United States later that year, a different story was to emerge. After some investigation into Nicky's background, Lisanne discovered that he was, in fact Lawrence and Carly's son, who Vivian had actually stolen. Lisanne began to blackmail Vivian with this information, but her plans led to her demise. Nicky returned home one day to find his aunt and Lisanne engaged in a heated argument. He saw Vivian falling to the floor, and believing that Lisanne was hurting his aunt, he tried to separate the two. In the process, Lisanne fell and struck her head on a stone cat. The fall proved fatal for Lisanne, but Vivian told Nicky that she was just unconscious. Vivian and Lawrence's servant, Ivan Marais, then concealed Lisanne's body in the basement, later making it look as though she had been killed in a car crash. Lisanne's death led Lawrence to realize that Nicky was his son, something which caused Vivian to suffer a heart attack. While recovering in hospital, she revealed the truth to Lawrence - she told Carly that Nicky had died, then raised him as her own, even buying her servant's son's birth certificate to cover up the truth. Lawrence subsequently told Carly, who confronted Vivian, threatening to take Nicky away from her. Vivian then tried to leave Salem with Nicky, but was stopped from doing so. Kidnapping charges were brought against Vivian, but later dropped; while she desperately tried to hide the truth from Nicky. However, he ultimately learned his real identity. Meanwhile, suspecting that Lisanne's death may have been the result of foul play, Bo Brady began investigating the Alamains. Vivian told Lawrence to dispose of the stone cat and the rug on which Lisanne had fallen, as both had traces of her blood. Lawrence buried the items in the woods, but was seen by a prostitute, who reported it to the police. Soon after, Bo caught Lawrence trying to dig up the stone cat and arrested him. Lawrence was charged with Lisanne's murder, and went to trial, but it was revealed that Nicky had killed her. The charges against Lawrence were dropped, but Nicky never found out that he'd been responsible for the death.

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