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Agent Reznik

Maria Tornberg as Agent Reznik

Agent Reznik was played by Maria Tornberg from January 2017 to February 2017. She was an ISA agent that helped track down Stefano DiMera, even though it was Shane Donovan and Steve Johnson making everyone think Stefano was still alive.

Aiden imposter

Daniel Cosgrove as "Aiden Jennings 2"

"Aiden Jennings 2" was a man who was given plastic surgery to look like Aiden Jennings. He was hired by Andre DiMera to kill Hope Brady on her wedding night. He was later shot and killed by Bo Brady during a struggle.


Ari Welkom as Aldo

Aldo (played by Ari Welkom) was a man hired by Dario Hernandez to attack his sister Gabi Hernandez. When he attacked Gabi, she pepper sprayed him. He showed up to Dario and he payed him to leave town.

A couple weeks later, Aldo showed up again, and demanded more money from Dario. He last appeared on October 4, 2016, after he was arrested by J.J. Deveraux for attempted robbery and assault. Before being hauled off, Aldo revealed to Gabi that He had been hired by Dario.

2 TBA Alyssa

Annalisa Cochrane as Alyssa Trout

Alyssa Trout is played by Annalisa Cochrane, and is set to debut On May 17, 2017. Alyssa is the daughter of a fellow doctor that Kayla Brady respected. Kayla arranged for Alyssa to go on a date with her son, Joey Johnson. Joey and Alyssa enjoyed their date, and planned to go on another one. Jade Michaels approached Alyssa and told her that Joey is a player, and that he knocked her up, and then dumped her after she had a miscarriage.

Andrew Stark (deceased)

Caleb Hunt As Andrew Stark

Andrew Stark was portrayed by Caleb Hunt in 2012. Andrew first appeared on screen in May 2012 when Gabi hired him to be part of her plan to break up Melanie and Chad. Convinced that Chad would fall in love with her if he felt like he needed to protect her, Gabi made up a story about having a stalker. When Abigail and Melanie questioned Gabi's story, Gabi knew that she needed "proof" that she was being stalked. So, Gabi hired Andrew to pretend to be her stalker and "attack" her in the town square.

Andrew, a photographer's assistant for Countess W, took the job for the money. But, then started improvising on the plan by planting a rat in Gabi's food without her knowing it. Gabi confronted Andrew and told him not to do anything that she didn't tell him to do. But, Andrew felt that he needed to prove himself to Gabi, so he drugged and kidnapped Melanie and held her hostage in a soundproof room in his basement. Over the next few weeks, Andrew became obsessed with Melanie, bringing her gifts and trying to charm her.

Gabi continued to keep in touch with Andrew and one day while at his house, he showed her Melanie. Gabi was horrified at first and ordered Andrew to let her go. Andrew refused and convinced Gabi that as soon as she made Chad fall in love with her, he'd let Melanie go and no one would get hurt. Gabi agreed and ordered Andrew to, "Keep Melanie where she is and do not let her escape." Andrew recorded their conversation. Later, when Gabi urged Andrew again to let Melanie go, he played the tape back for her. Gabi knew that there was proof she was involved in the crime and tried to cover it up.

When Gabi warned Andrew that the police were coming, Andrew took Melanie and went on the run. He hid her in the tunnels under Salem. At times, Melanie even tried flirting with Andrew to catch him off-guard and escape. At one point she was able to steal his phone and call Chad to tell him where she was. But, Melanie was never able to escape.

Melanie immediately smelled gas and noticed faulty wiring. She urged Andrew to get them somewhere safe. Thinking it was another one of her tricks, he didn't believe her. He needed time to formulate a plan, so he lit a lighter to walk through the tunnels. When he did that, the loose wired and gas caused debris to fall in the tunnel. Slowly, over the next few hours, more of the tunnel collapsed.

Chad and Brady went down to the tunnels to search for Melanie. Gabi followed them. She found Melanie and Andrew first and tried to convince Andrew to run away. But, Andrew wanted Melanie to know Gabi's part in the kidnapping. Just as he was about to tell her, the tunnel collapsed above them, trapping them inside and knocking Andrew unconscious. But, Andrew awoke first and got away.

Andrew was retrieved and brought to the hospital. With his dying breath, he promised Gabi that Chad would find out what she did. Chad overheard the conversation and ripped into Gabi.

Crimes Committed

  • Escaped from a mental institution in Boston (prior to coming to Salem, not shown on screen)
  • Hired by Gabi to pretend to stalk her (May - June 2012)
  • Drugged and kidnapped Melanie Jonas and held her hostage (July - August 2012)


Alisa Alapach as Annabelle

Annabelle was played by Alisa Alapach from December 27, 2016 to January 2017. Anabelle was a new inmate that Coco and Sheila accosted. Hope and her allies protected Annabelle, and Hope vowed to continue protecting Anabelle even after Chille was murdered.

Rafe Hernandez

Galen Gerring as Arnold Fennigan

Arnold Fenniger, also known as Rafe Hernandez 2, was played by Galen Gering, and was a man that Stefano gave plastic surgery to look like Rafe Hernandez. His job was to break up Rafe and Sami. As Rafe, Arnold was rude, obnoxious, and sleazy. He hit on various women much to their disgust.

Arnold ended up killing Fay Walker when she overheard him talking with Stefano and EJ. Arnold was eventually defeated by Sami and Rafe and incarcerated. He made a deal to testify against Stefano and EJ, but some prisoners thought Arnold was Rafe and beat him to death.


Ben Walters

Ty Treadway as Ben Walters

Dr. Ben Walters, played by Ty Treadway from September 2010-February 2011, is a specialist brought in by Stefano DImera on to handle E.J.'s case, after he was shot in the head by Sami Brady. Ben dates Jennifer Horton for awhile, but it is eventually revealed to be part of an organ trafficking scheme that is run by Stefano.

Warden Jane Smith and her inmate assistant Lee would donate organs from deceased prisoners for Ben to use in transplants. What they didn't tell him was that they killed these prisoners. Ben is stopped by Dr. Daniel Jonas, and exposed just as he is about to unknowingly transplant Jennifer's heart into a patient. Ben is arrested and presumably sent to prison for his involvement. He is also named the mastermind by Jane, so she can reduce her own sentence, and not incur Stefano's wrath.

Bev Walters

Allison Paige As Bev Walters

Beverly "Bev" Walters was portrayed by Allison Paige from 2013-15. When J.J. returned to Salem in the spring of 2013, he began hanging around with some of the drug users and dealers in Salem. Bev was in this group. She developed a crush on J.J. and they went on a few "dates." But their dates were really just covers for J.J. to get out of the Horton house and smoke marijuana with his friends. Bev would often participate in these schemes and lies in order to spend time with J.J. J.J. soon noticed Bev's advances and asked her out for a couple of dates. The two hit it off. When J.J. needed Bev's help setting up Theresa (who was blackmailing J.J.), Bev was happy to help. When J.J. self-destructed after learning a family secret, Bev was worried about him and tried to help him. But, J.J. didn't want to have anything to do with her, or drugs, again.

While working community service (a sentence he received after vandalizing the Town Square), J.J. met Paige Larson -- a straight-laced girl from Salem High. He was immediately drawn to her. Bev was jealous and tried to split the two of them up by letting Paige think that Bev was tested for STDs after dating J.J. But, Paige saw through the scheme and told J.J. the truth. J.J. warned Bev that if she wanted to stay friends, she needed to stop meddling with Paige. In 2015 its said that Bev had left Town.

Crimes and Misdeeds

  • Drug possession and use (June 2013 - 2015)
  • Robbed an electronics store (June 2013)
  • Lied to the superintendent of Daniel's building and pretended to be Melanie Jonas (July 2013)
  • Schemed to break up Paige and J.J. by letting Paige believe that Bev was tested for STDs after dating J.J. (May 2014)


Ximena Duque as Blanca

Blanca is played by Ximena Duque from June 7, 2016 - November 21, 2016. Blanca is a friend of Adrianna Hernandez, who comes to Salem at her request. Blanca starts hanging out with Rafe Hernandez, hoping to help him forget about Hope Brady. Soon, Blanca also starts hanging out with Dario Hernandez as well, and she gets a nursing job at Salem University Hospital.

In October 2016, Blanca and Dario go out on a date where she encounters her ex-boyfriend, Guillermo. Blanca is seen put off by Dario's violent demeanour and breaks up with him because she has been with too many men that have violent tempers. Blanca said goodbye to Dario and left Salem on November 21, 2016

Brad Bush

Bill A. Jones as Brad Bush

Brad Bush, played by Bill A. Jones in November 2016, is a businessman that the DiMera family wants to do business with. His wife, Vicky, convinced him to do business with the DiMera's because she was being blackmailed after she tried to hit on Chad DiMera.


Marie Wilson as Bree Tjaden

Bree Tjaden was played by Marie Wilson on January 13, 2015 and February 9, 2015. Bree was a friend of Meredith Jennings, and contacted Hope Brady since she suspected that Meredith's widow, Aiden Jennings, who was dating Hope, has killed Meredith. A furious Aiden later phoned Bree and demanded she stop calling in a threatening tone.


Brant Daughtery as Brian

Brian was portrayed by Brant Daugherty starting in 2012. Brian was a good-looking college student who met Will at gay bar in Salem in the summer of 2012. Will happily introduced Brian to Will's friend, Sonny. Brian took an immediate liking to Sonny and asked Sonny out several times. Sonny turned him down, mainly because Sonny was interested in Will. But when Will and Sonny broke up, Sonny agreed to go out with Brian. However, Sonny couldn't forget about Will.


Charlotte is played by babies Matilda Hanna and Chloe Teperman in November 2018. She is the daughter of Abigail Deveraux and Chad DiMera. (Thought to be Stefan DiMera at the time).

Chet was played by Jeffrey Markle in January 207. He was a prison employee that helped Hope Brady escape from prison.

Chille Dot Jones

Dot Jones as Chille

Chille was played by Dot Jones in 2016. She is a prison inmate who met Hope Brady when she is sentenced to twenty five years in prison. She was payed by Deimos Kiriakis to protect Hope while she was in prison. She was killed by Sheila and Coco via being stabbed in the chest.

Clark Bernard

Josh Burrow as Clarke

Clark Bernard is played by Josh Burrow in May 2016. Clark arrives in Salem looking for Summer Townsend who owes him money. Brady Black pays Clark back, and orders him to leave Summer alone. Clarke doesn't listen and comes back. He kisses Summer, and she pushes him away. Clark trips and falls, hitting his head on a coffee table. Clark dies instantly, and Dario Hernandez helps Summer hide the body.

Clint Chesshir (Deceased)

Lucas Kerr as Clint Chessir

Clint Chesshir, was played by Lucas Kerr from January 16th - April 29th, 2015.

Theresa Donovan met Clint one night when she went out drinking with Anne Milbauer. Desperate to forget her ex, Theresa hopped into a new relationship with Clint. However, their meeting was no accident. Kristen DiMera hired Clint to keep track of Theresa and make sure that she never remembered what happened the night Kristen stole Theresa's embryo. So, Clint would report back to Dr. Mandrake, who performed the procedure on Theresa, after each date with her. Mandrake ordered Clint to get blood samples from Theresa and Brady to see if either was a bone marrow match for the baby. Clint drugged them both and took vials of blood. He returned the blood to Kristen for testing.

It turns out that Theresa was a match. So, Clint returned to Salem to bring Theresa to Italy. He told her that he had come into a bunch of money and wanted to take her on an grand vacation. Theresa believed him and went along. But, as soon as they got to Kristen's castle in Italy, Theresa was drugged and taken to prep for the transfer. While Mandrake took Theresa, Clint went down to the basement to watch Brady Black and Melanie Jonas, who had shown up at the castle and been taken prisoner. But Brady and Melanie had managed to loosen their restraints. Brady and Clint struggled over the gun. It went off. And Clint fell to the ground dead.

Lauren Letheren

Lauren Letheren as Coco

Coco was played by Lauren Lethner from November 2016 to January 2017. Coco and her friend Sheila are a pair of prison inmates that harassed Hope Brady while she was in prison. They also attempted to intimidate any new inmates, but Hope protected them while she was protected by Chille.

Sheila and Coco realized they would never be able to get to Hope while Chille wasn't around, so they killed Chille by stabbing her in the chest. The duo later attacked Hope in her cell and stabbed her, but she survived and was admitted to the prison hospital. Hope intended to fight against the duo, but Hattie Adams helped her escaped, so they attacked her and put her in the hospital.


Paul Telfer Damon

Paul Telfer as Damon

Damon was played by Paul Telfer in January 2015. Damon worked for Victor Kiriakis, and reported to him on Clyde Weston's activity on the docks. He also knew Rafe Hernandez in the past, and seemed pleased that Rafe now worked for Victor. On Victor's orders, Damon tried to kill Clyde by shooting him three times in the chest, so Victor could take over his territory. However he failed as Clyde predicted Victor would try to assassinate him, he survived through a bullet proof vest. In retaliation, in February Clyde personally stabbed Sonny in the back as well as had Damon killed and delivered back to Victor in a bag.


Alisha Boe as Daphne

Daphne, played by Alisha Boe from November 4, 2014-October 2, 2015 is Paige Larson's new best friend. She replaced Marybeth after the actress left the show. Daphne was the opposite of Marybeth, and always supported Paige's relationship with J.J. Deveraux. Daphne was last seen at Paige's funeral after she had been murdered.

Debra Frazier

Alicia Leigh Willis As Debra Frazier

Debra Frazier was portrayed By Alicia Leigh Willis in from April 22, 2014 to May 2014, and was the ex wife of Liam Frazer. Nicole Walker got in touch with Debra, hoping she could help her find a way to stop Liam.

Nicole and Debra met in person, and Debra explained that Liam was obsessed with out woman that bore when a slight resemblance to his first wife, Lindsay, and that he didn't like when women left him for other men. Debra explained that when she got a boyfriend, Liam made up vicious lies about her, and even framed her for being a drug addict.

Debra refused to cone forward, not wanting Liam to come after her. As Nicole asked more questions, Debra suspected Liam had something on Nicole. She warned Nicole that she has made herself a target by trying to stop Liam, and have Nicole the key to Liam's safety deposit box, saying if Liam has anything in her, it was likely in there.


Lamont Thompson as Detective Hayes

Detective Hayes is played by Lamont Thompson in 2016 and appears in scenes with Steve Johnson, looking for an on the run Joey Johnson and Jade Michaels.

Cassandra Creech

Cassandra Creech as Diane

Diane has been played by Cassandra Creech in 2018 on April 23, May 25, and May 29. She is an inmate that assaulted Gabi Hernandez in prison as payback for busting up her get rich quick scheme with her boyfriend, Lou Raines. Diane blamed Gabi for the fact that she and Raines were in prison, and the guards looked the other way since they liked Raines, while Diane and other inmates brutally beat Gabi and left her on the floor unconscious.

A month later, Diane snuck into the prison infirmary, and confronted Gabi about being cleared of her murder charge and being able to leave. Diane made it clear she wanted Gabi dead. Gabi got up and Diane cornered her against the medicine cabinet where she started to strangle her. Gabi lost consciousness and when she came to, Diane and laying on the ground with a syringe in her neck. The Warden came in and felt for a pulse. Diane had no pulse and the Warden accused Gabi of killing Diane.


Reiley McClendon as Dirk

Dirk is played by Reiley McClendon in 2016 and first introduced as a friend of Jade when she and Joey are on the run and hiding at her aunt Simone's commune. Jade appears to be flirting with Dirk, which makes Joey uncomfortable. Dirk later brands Joey and Jade with a scorpion shaped burn that signified their acceptance into the commune. Dirk overhears Joey telling Jade he misses his parents, and taunts him about it. Dirk says if Joey doesn't stop whining about missing home, Jade will find a real man. Joey angrily attacks Dirk, and they get into a fight that Jade breaks up.

After Joey leaves the commune, the police show up and question Dirk in the shooting of a store clerk. Dirk panics, and ends up shooting the officer. Dirk takes the entire commune hostage, and Jade secretly texts Joey to come. Joey bangs on the door, and Dirk pulls him in. Steve Johnson sneaks in, and tells Dirk that he works for the ISA and he can help him. Steve gets him in touch with the ISA, and Dirk makes his demands. Dirk lets everyone go, except Joey and Jade, so he has leverage to make sure Steve keeps his word. Joey lunges at Dirk, and they struggle. Dirk shoots Joey, and is quickly subdued by Steve and a remaining officer.

Crimes Committed

Dr h

Wolf Muser as Dr. Hochman

Dr. Hochman was played by Wolf Muser in 2016. He was a doctor that Deimos Kiriakis blackmailed to perform surgery on Maggie Horton, so she could walk again. Debuted on July 22, 2017 for a few episodes and ended his run on August 24, 2017 once the surgery was determined to be a success.

Dr Lee

Scott Takeda as Dr Lee

Dr. Lee has been played by Scott Takeda in since December 14, 2016. He is Chloe Lane's fertility doctor that implanted Daniel Jonas's and Nicole Walker's baby into her. Despite knowing the truth about the baby's parentage, Dr. Lee refused to help Nicole and Brady Black when they were on the run for kidnapping Holly. Dr. Lee helped Holly, but called the cops on Nicole and Brady. By the time the cops arrived, Nicole and Brady had left as they suspected Dr. Lee would still turn them in.

Dr. Robinson was played by Ann Marie Johnson in May 2016. She was Abigail Devearaux's psychiatrist.


Emily Lockhart (formerly known as Baby Bonnie) was played by an unknown baby from September 2018 to November 2018. She is the daughter of Rex Brady and Mimi Lockhart. She was originally believe to be the daughter of her maternal grandmother Bonnie Lockhart and paternal half-uncle Lucas Horton. Bonnie passed Emily off as her and Lucas’s daughter so she could avoid prison for impersonating Adrienne Johnson. Mimi didn’t like the idea, and struggled with the idea even more when she realized that Rex was in Salem. Eventually, the truth came out and Mimi left town with Rex and Emily, but Rex later returned to Salem.



George Klein

Ken Meseroll as Dr. George Klien

Dr. George Klein was played by Ken Meseroll on December 8, 2016. He was Stefano DiMera's personal physician and brought in for questioning regarding the circumstances surrounding Stefano's assumed murder. Dr. Klein had apparently been threatened By Stefano into not divulging any information about his medical conditions. Once Chad assured Dr. Klein that Stefano can't hurt him, Klein revealed that Stefano had been diagnosed with stage four colon cancer.

Giselle Van Hopper was played by Vanessa Branch


Kurt Caceres as Guillermo

Guillermo, played by Kurt Caceres starting October 20, 2016, is a guy from Blanca's past. He works for Theresa Donovan's ex-boyfriend, Mateo. Brady Black caught Theresa with Guillermo in a state of undress, and surrounded by drugs. Guillermo briefly ran into Blanca, who told him to stay away from her, and presumably left town when Mateo did.

Guy Mantzukas

Conrad Allan as Guy Mantzoukas

Guy Manzoutkas is played by Conrad Allen on May 19, 23, and 24. He is a hired gun that Deimos Kiriakis ordered to steal an amulet from Chad DiMera. Guy failed because Gabi Hernandez hid the amulet in her purse, but Chad didn't know about the flash drive hidden in the box, so Deimos spared Guy. Guy is later corned by Sonny Kiriakis and Paul Narita. Sonny placed handcuffs on Guy and brought him back to the plane where he was interrogated by J.J. Deveraux and Lani Price. It was later revealed while Deimos was in custody that Guy had been murdered.



Real Andrews as Hal Michaels

Hal is the father of Joey Johnson's girlfriend Jade Michaels, and he also has a son. He was portrayed by Real Andrews from May 12, 2016 to February 9, 2017. Steve contacted Hal to get an idea of where Joey and Jade may have run off to, but Hal said he didn't know where they would have went. Hal guessed that Joey had been a good kid before he got involved with by Jade, and lamented that he and his wife could never stop her self destructive behaviour. He guessed Jade had skipped town after they formulated a plan for Jade to earn the money to pay them back for bailing her out of jail. Hal sad Jade always ends up coming home anyways, and that he and his wife enjoy the peace and quiet in the meantime. Steve gave Hal his business card and asked Hal to call if he heard anything, but Hal told Steve he shouldn't hold his breath.

When Jade and Joey were rescued, Hal and his wife kicked Jade out of the house. In July 2016, Hal saw Joey and Jade kissing, and demanded he get away from his daughter. Joey tried to introduce himself, but Hal blamed Joey for Jade running away. Jade said it had been her idea, and Hal grabbed her arm to drag her arm away. Joey stood up Hal, and Hal lost his patience and grabbed Joey. Fynn Thompson came by, and separated Joey and Hal.

In December, Hal confronted Jade about stealing money from him and her mom, and then disowned her even after she gave the money back, and told her to keep the photo of him and Jade together that was in the envelope.

In February 2017, Hal was sick and needed a liver transplant. Kayla was surprised that Hal was her patient. As they talked about Hal's options, Hal lamented that his wife had left him and his son had moved away. Kayla suggested Jade, but Hal doubted Jade would help him after the way he treated her. Kayla called Jade to tell her her father was in the hospital. Jade visited Hal, and he asked for a liver transplant from her. Jade refused, but changed her mind and told Hal she would get tested, and donate her liver if she was a match. Before Hal could thank her, Jade left the room, and Hal said to himself she was the best daughter a guy could have.

After the transplant, Hal told Jade she did good. Unfortunately, there was an infection that killed the liver, which meant Hal was going to die anyways. Hal accused Kayla of botching the surgery, and when Kayla tried to sedate Hal, he grabbed Kayla and threatened to inject her with enough morphine to make her heart explode. Steve and Joey showed up in the room, and Hal accused Joey of turning Jade against him. Joey told Hal to stop blaming others for his problems. Steve deduced that Hal was scared of dying before he had a chance to make amends with Jade.

Hal started to leave the hospital, and Jade saw him. Hal tried to resssure Jade that he wanted to get better, so he could be a better father to her. Jade told Hal that if he hurt Kayla, she didn't want him in her life, so Hal let Kayla go. He was apprehended by Steve and an officer, and then was wheeled back to his room. Jade later mentioned that Hal was in jail.

Helena Tasso

Arianne Zucker as Helena Tasso

Helena Tasso, played by Arianne Zucker in flashbacks and photos in 2016, was the fiancé of Victor Kiriakis. Helena's family was wealthy, and Deimos Kiriakis suspected Victor didn't love her and only married her for her family's connections.

Helena had a relationship with Deimos and they seemed to really love each other. When Victor found out about the affair, he confronted Helena about it. Helena tripped and died by hitting her head on a rock. When Victor couldn't revive her, he went to get the paramedics. Deimos saw Helena, and when the paramedics pronounced Helena dead, Victor accused Deimos of killing her.

Years later, Victor met a woman named Nicole Walker, who bore a striking resemblance to Helena. The story about Helena finally was revealed in 2016 when Deimos came to Salem to get revenge on Victor. When Deimos discovered Victor and Nicole were married, he was sure it was because of her resemblance to Helena. Months later, after many conflicts between the two Kiriakis brothers, they both decided to make peace and forgive each other for what happened with Helena.


Zak Henri as Henry

Henry, played by Zak Henri from December 2015-May 2016, is a friend of Ciara Brady, Claire Brady, Joey Johnson, Theo Carver, and Chase Jennings. He later approached Paul Narita and asked for advice on how to come out as gay. Henry attended the prom with Claire Brady, and help vandalized Judge McNair's car to get back at his son, Mark. He disappeared from the canvas soon after.

Andre Khabbazi

Dr Henry Shah is played by Andre Khabbazi and made his debut in January 2018. He last aired on February 14, 2018. Henry was a brief love interest for Jennifer Horton before Eric Brady proclaimed his love for her during their date on Valentine’s Day. Though Jennifer asked Eric to leave, Henry knew she still had feelings for Eric and stepped aside, so they could be together.


Jennifer Landon As Hillary

Hillary is played by soap alumni Jennifer Landon, and made her debut on March 21, 2017,to April 18, 2017. Hilary is a police detective and Nicole Walker's next door neighbour when she was hiding out in Canada. She is married to Scooter Nelson, a college professor and sex addict, who watches porn. Hilary admits she's fine with him watching porn as it is better than the "alternative".

Hilary and Scooter got into a fight and she confided in Nicole about her marriage woes. Nicole, who was being blackmailed into having sex with Scooter, was sent a skimpy cheerleader outfit by Scooter. Nicole gave Hilary the outfit, and she and Scooter had a great night of sex before leaving town on a second Honeymoon.

Hiro Narita

Yoshio Moriwaki as Hiro Narita

Hiro Narita was played by Yoshio Moriwaki from February 4 - April 26, 2015. He is the father of Tori Narita and grandfather of Paul Narita. Paul was an all-star pitcher who came to Salem for rotator cuff surgery. While there, Paul became the subject of a magazine article, written by Will Horton.

During the course of the interview, Will began to suspect Paul was gay. But Paul wasn't quite ready to come out. In addition to fearing repercussions of a professional athletic locker room, Paul worried that his proud, Japanese grandfather would be hurt by the news. So, before the article was published, Paul called his mom and grandfather to tell them the news personally. Hiro was immediately supportive. He told Paul that he was proud of him and loved him. Hiro briefly met his grandson's biological father John Black.


Ian Burnett was played by played by Tyler Blackwell, is a computer hacker that Stephanie Johnson hired to hack into the hospital records, and change the paternity of Chloe Lane's baby.

Ignatius Mandrake

Sal Landi as Ignatius Mandrake

Ignatius Mandrake, portrayed by Sal Landi, is a doctor that works for Kristen DiMera. He stole Theresa Donovan's embryo and implanted it into Kristen on Kristen's orders. He also sent Clint to Salem to spy on Theresa. When Theresa was captured, Mandrake planned to inject her with something to put her to sleep, so he he could take what he needed from her. Theresa got her memory back about being pregnant, and fought back; jabbing the needle into Mandrake's chest, causing him to lose consciousness.


Michael Benyaer as Jakub Chyka

Michael Benyaer as Jakub Chyka

Dr. Jakub Chyka was played by Michael Benyaer from June 14, 2013 to March 13, 2014. Chyka was a doctor that was contacted by Stefano DiMera on Kristen DiMera's behalf. He was tasked with providing Kristen a drug that she used on Eric Brady as part of her revenge plan against Marlena Evans. Chyka later told Kristen there as a problem with the formula, and Kristen threatened Chyka's life should Eric remember everything. Chyka was able to assure Kristen that Eric would never remember what happened that night.

After Kristen left town, Stefano ordered Chyka to tie up any loose ends. Chyka tried to kill Eric and Nicole Walker, but failed. Chyka was set to leave town when Nicole and Daniel Jonas captured him, and interrogated him. As Chyka was about to tell them everything, one of Stefano's men forced them to leave at gunpoint, and Chyka left town. Marlena later asked Stefano to help her get in contact with Chyka, so Stefano set up a video conference with Chyka on a laptop. As Marlena was asking Chyka questions, the laptop detected that Marlena was trying to install tracking software, so Stefano ended the call, and had his man destroy the laptop.

Jane Smith

Gina Gallego as Jane Smith

Stacy Haiduk

Stacy Haiduk as Jane Smith

Warden Jane Smith was originally played by Stacy Haiduk from September-October 2010, and the was replaced with Gina Gallego from October 2010 to February 2011). Jane was the warden of the prison where Hope Brady was imprisoned. On the surface Jane seemed warm and inviting, but she was secretly working for Stefano DiMera. She had Lee, an inmate, kill prisoners, and then their organs would be donated to Salem Hospital. Hope uncovered the warden's plot and, with help from Bo Brady and Jennifer Horton, managed to put a stop to it. Jane was arrested and offered less prison time for the name of her boss. Fearing Stefano's wrath, Jane implicated her associate, Dr. Ben Walters, as the mastermind. 

Janet Bernard

Alla Korot as Janet Bernard

Actress Alla Korot announced in December 2015, that she had joined the NBC soap, Days of Our Lives, in the role of Janet Bernard, and would begin filming in January 2016. Her first air date was June 27, 2016 and she only appeared for a few episodes before leaving the role sometime in July 2016.

Janet arrives in Salem and knocks on Summer Townsends door, demanding to know where her brother Clark Bernard is. Summer lies and says she hasn't seen him in years and Janet leaves. Janet then goes to John Black to investigate the disappearance of her brother. Janet wasn't seen after that, and it is unknown if she ever learned the truth about Clark's disappearance.

Jeff was played by Alexander Trumble in March 2018. He was a bartender that worked at the Brady Pub, and listened to Sonny Kiriakis talk about the end of his marriage to Will Horton. Jeff told Sonny about an app where he could meet other guys interested in the same sex, saying that is where he found love. Jeff helped Sonny stay up his profile and wasn’t present when Sonny got a hit a few days later.


Greg Jackson as Jeremiah

Jeremiah, played by Greg Jackson from June 27, 2014-May 27, 2015.

He worked for Poplur Bluff's drug lord Clyde Weston. He and Clyde go way back, he is shown to be his right hand. He directed Clyde to Kate Roberts who had information on his children. Later, he came to Salem where Clyde informed him that he plans to stay in town to be close to his children, so he decided that it's time to extend his drug business. He ordered Jeremiah to begin bringing there products from Poplur Bluff to Salem. Jeremiah was concerned when Clyde began antagonizing the DiMera family, believing there power too great for them to handle. But Clyde rebuffed him claiming he will bring EJ DiMera at his mercy. After EJ's traitorous man Miguel shot and killed him, Clyde had Jeremiah kill Miguel to cover up his involvement in EJ DiMera's death. Also Jeremiah menaced Jordan Ridgeway until Chad DiMera showed up. He and Jordan had a history when he won her a toy during a carnival back in the day. He comes to Salem once in awhile to visit Clyde. Jeremiah primarily handled Clyde's operations in Poplur Bluff while Clyde handled the business in Salem.

In October 2015, after Clyde was arrested his business in Salem began to fall and by the beginning of 2016, his entire organization fell in Salem. Jeremiah most likely went back to Poplur Bluff to continue the business there. In late 2016, when Clyde escaped prison, Jeremiah had weapons and supplies delivered to aid Clyde and his allies; Orpheus and Xander Cook in their revenge plot against Salem. Clyde told Jeremiah that he planned to have Ben sprung out of prison and reunite him with his "son". In the end all of his plans failed and he went back to prison.

Today it is most likely he is still running Clyde's drug business in Poplur Bluff.

Rob Ford Stuart Damon

Stuart Damon as Jim Ford

Governor Jim Ford is played by General Hospital alumni Stuart Damon in March 2010. He is an old flame of Anna DiMera, who she seduces into a compromising position and then takes pictures in order to blackmail him into pardoning Nicole Walker for kidnapping Sydney DiMera.

Joseph Bernardi (Deceased)

Anthony Tyler Quinn as Joe Bernardi

Detective Joseph "Joe" Bernardi, played by Anthony Tyler Quinn in 2013, was a dirty cop on Stefano DiMera's payroll, and was said to be good friends with Rafe Hernandez. Stefano used Bernardi to secure the evidence of Will shooting EJ and later had Bernardi sneak into Rafe's room and "cut it off" to pay him back for sleeping with Kate Roberts. As Bernardi stood over Rafe ready to do his task, he was shot back in the back by Sami and later died. Sami was accused of murder, but it was later discovered that a nurse on Stefano's payroll killed him so he couldn't implicate Stefano.

Judge McNair was played by Todd Warring on April 27 & 28 in 2016. He is the father of Mark McNair, and lent his car to Mark for prom, which was then vandalized.

Judge Simms is played by James Eckhouse. He presided over the trials of Sami Brady and Gabi Hernandez for the murders of Jospeh Bernardi and Andre DiMera respectively.


Amanda Corday

Amanda Corday as Karin

Karin was played by Amanda Corday from October 7, 2013 to November 18, 2013. Karin was volunteering as a nurse at Salem University Hospital, and Dr. Daniel Jonas asked Karin if she had seen his bracelet. Karin said she hadn't, and told Daniel she would keep an eye out for them. Karin saw Theresa talking to Daniel, and Theresa took Karin for coffee where she dropped subtle hints that she and Daniel were sleeping together, but slyly told Karin not to say anything.

Karin later saw Theresa with Daniel's bracelet, and bumped into Theresa, causing a picture to of Daniel and Jennifer Horton to fall out of the bag Theresa was carrying. Karin said Theresa was sleeping with Daniel, and encouraged her to tell Jennifer. Karin offered to drop the bag of clothes Theresa was carrying.

Hope Brady heard Karin gossiping with another women about Theresa and Daniel "doing the nasty" Furious, Hope threatened to report Karin for gossiping, and Jennifer came Up and revealed it was all lies Theresa had made up. Karin walked away ashamed, and brought a wheelchair for Chad DiMera. Hope later helped a distraught Karin after she spilled some punch. Karin was upset that Theresa had overdosed because she considered her a friend.

Kyle Southern (Deceased)

Michael Cardelle as Kyle Southern

Kyle Southern played by Michael Cardelle in 2015, was a drug dealer that worked for Clyde Weston. He was a friend of Bev Walters and met JJ Deveraux through her. Kyle wanted JJ to become part of the drug dealing operation because of JJ's past affiliation with drugs, and JJ accepted Kyle's offer. Kyle also took a romantic interest in Paige Larson. Kyle is eventually killed by Clyde. In October, Clyde was arrested for drug shipping business as well as murder and sentenced to twenty five years to life with no possibility of parole.


Lazlow Graham Shiels

Graham Shiels as Lazlow

Lazlow (played by Graham Shiels) was a thug hired by Orpheus to help him get revenge on John Black and Steve Johnson. He planted bombs in Salem for Orpheus, and was eventually arrested by John and Steve.

Robin Mattson

Robin Mattson as Lee

Lee, played by Robin Mattson from October 2010-February 2011, was an inmate that worked in the prison infirmary. She helped Warden Jane Smith kill prisoners, and send their organs to Salem University Hospital, as part of an organ trafficking scheme. She attempted to kill Jennifer Horton by removing her heart, but she was stopped by Daniel Jonas and the authorities.

Leon was played by Richard Pines on October 19, 2016 and January 11, 2017. He is a loyal DiMera henchman that held Dario Hernandez at gunpoint when he threatened Andre DiMera.

Liam Frazier (Deceased)

Mark Collier as Liam Frasier

Liam Frasier, played by Mark Collier from December 18, 2013-May 6, 2014, is a Pharmecutical Representative and old high school friend of Justin Kiriakis, who dated Jennifer Horton briefly, until she broke up with him and reunited with Daniel Jonas. Liam has now become obsessed with Jennifer and tried to break up her and Daniel by framing him with a drug addiction.

When Nicole threatened to expose Liam's deceit, he blackmailed her with evidence that she had destroyed evidence that would prove Eric Brady was drugged by Kristen DiMera. When that didn't work, Liam held Jennifer and Nicole hostage. The two women managed to escape and Daniel showed up. He and Liam struggled and Liam ended up getting impaled on a sharp root. He died soon after.

Luca was played by Victor Turpin from February 4th to 5th in 2019. He was a thug that worked for Mateo. He tried to kill Chloe Lane in retaliation for killing Mateo. Stefan DiMera intervened and ended up getting shot in the arm by Luca. Stefan tackled Luca and they struggled over the gun, resulting in Stefan fatally shooting Luca. Before he died, Luca warned Chloe that she and her kids will never be safe.

Lyle was played by Gregory Sporleder on April 29 and May 1, 2017. He is a Kiriakis henchman, who Sonny Kiriakis had to threaten to learn that Deimos Kiriakis was in Canada. Later, Lyle had to tell Deimos what he told Sonny, and was expecting Deimos to kill him. Deimos admitted that he would under, normal circumstances, but since what Sonny knows works to his advantage, Deimos decided to spare his minion's life.


Madeline Peterson Woods (Deceased)

Jessica Tuck as Madeline Peterson-Woods

Madeline Peterson-Woods was played by Jessica Tuck from May 2010 to July 2010. Madeline was introduced as a Judge, the wife of District Attorney Charles Woods and mother of Chad DiMera. In June 2009, prior to Madeline’s introduction, Nicole Walker had mentioned that Chad's parents were Bill and Marsha Peterson and that they were lawyers. It was later revealed that Madeline worked as call girl for Stefano DiMera, and was old friend with fellow former call girl, and Stefano's wife, Kate Roberts. Madeline had been involved in the cover up Congressman Andrews, who Stefano had killed after he got rough with Madeline.

Madeline Peterson-Woods made her first appearance after Charles was attacked and hospitalized. Charles was adamant that detective Rafe Hernandez was his attacker because of how he had already attacked him for letting a suspect go. Madeline assured Charles that Rafe would pay for his crime, but Chad defended Rafe because of his relationship with Rafe's sister, Gabi Hernandez. Charles was angered by the fact that Chad would defend Rafe, and told him to for once think with his head instead of his, before Madeline cut him off. Charles mumbled that they should have left Chad in boarding school, and Madeline tried to defuse the situation between her husband and son.

Madeline would later meet Gabi, and was nice to her face, but then questioned Chad's choice in women. Chad accused his mother of being a snob, and Madeline agreed because she was too distracted when she suddenly saw Kate DiMera. Madeline was upset when Chad said that he and his friends were going to study at the DiMera mansion. Madeline demanded that Chad change the location because of the DiMera family's criminal history, and Chad did.

Madeline went to the DiMera mansion and demanded Kate keep Chad away from the DiMera's, or else she will destroy her life with Stefano by revealing their secret. Stefano later encountered Madeline and they threatened each other into staying away from their respective families. Despite this, Madeline would continue to encounter both Stefano and Kate.

Fearing, Madeline's threats were real, Stefano and Kate cleaned out Madeleine's safety deposit box, but Kate discovered Madeline's deepest and darkest secret. Madeline begged Kate not to reveal the secret and Kate showed compassion for her old friend, and agreed not to destroy Madeline's life. Eventually, Madeline and Kate started to repair their friendship.

Chad continued to hang around the DiMera mansion, so Madeline wanted to send Chad away as soon as possible. Charles was taken aback as Madeline had been the one to suggest they get Chad out of military school. Charles felt Chad should spend the summer with them, and said they have to trust Chad. Later, at a family dinner, Chad told his parents he wasn't going to Wakeforest and wanted to attend Salem University with his friends.

Madeline was just appointed as an Appellate court judge, and she and Charles were having a picnic to celebrate when Kate called Madeline and informed her that Chad had found about her past as a call girl. Madeline went to see Chad, who was angry and disgusted. Chad started insulting Madeline, and she slapped him. Furious, Chad ran up the stairs of the pier to get away from her. Madeline followed, and said she loves Chad more than anything. Chad pulled away, demanding her to never touch him again, and Madeline lost her balance and fell down the stairs.

Chad went to see if his mom was alright, and Madeline mumbled that everything she did was for Chad. Madeline was rushed to the hospital where she later died. Charles accused Chad of killing Madeline, but Lexie Carver revealed that Madeline had a brain aneurysm that could have exploded at anytime. Despite this, Charles still blamed Chad and refused to have anything to do with him. Kate tried to keep Madeline's secret that Stefano was really Chad's father, but got sick of Charles' treatment of Chad, and anonymously mailed Chad's birth certificate to him.

Marcus Joseph Ferrante

Joseph Ferrante as Marcus

Marcus was played by Joseph Ferrante on June 27, 2017. He is a henchman of Deimos Kiriakis', that brought Deimos his tuxedo that he was going to use to disguise himself as a waiter, so he could sneak into the Martin Mansion. Marcus wondered why Deimos didn't just leave town, but Deimos explained that he wanted to get an ancient amulet that was worth 20 million dollars, and in Sonny Kiriakis' possession. After getting dressed, Deimos ordered Marcus to get him to the Martin mansion, and said he would call him when he needed him after he retrieved the amulet.

Marge Bernardi

Elizabeth Roberts as Marge Bernardi

Marge Bernardi, played by Elizabth Roberts in 2013, was the crazed widow of Joe Bernardi. She believed Sami Brady had intentionally murdered Joe, and was determined to see her pay. When Sami was acquitted, Marge dropped off her and Joe's son Timmy with her parents. She went to the engagement party of Sami and EJ DiMera, and tried to shoot him. Chad DiMera was shot instead, and Marge was arrested for attempted murder. At first, Marge was sorry that she shot Chad, but changed her mind when she learned he was a DiMera.

Mark McNair

Connor Weil as Mark McNair

Mark McNair is a fictional character from the NBC soap opera Days of Our Lives portrayed by Connor Weil in 2016.

"DAYS" released a casting call for the short-term role of Mark in October. Mark was described as a "gorgeous, 17 or 18-year-old popular jock whose father is a strict judge, which makes Mark rebellious."Actor Connor Weil (Scream: The TV Series) has been cast in the role of Mark McNair on Days of our Lives. He is slated to first air the week of April 22, 2016.

Mark McNair is a fellow classmate of Ciara Brady, Claire Brady, and Theo Carver. As they were setting up for prom, Mark started hitting on Ciara, and said she could do so much better than Theo. Mark forced a kiss on Ciara, which resulted in Theo physically assaulting him. Mark later sabotaged the projector at prom to show inappropriate slides of Ciara and Theo. The teens decided to get payback by vandalizing Mark's car, which belonged to his father. As a result, the teens were arrested.

Maude Robicheaux

Eve Brenner as Maude Robicheaux

Maude Robicheaux was played by Eve Brenner In 2016. She is the biological mother of John Black. The grandmother of Belle Black, Brady Black, and Paul Narita. The great-grandmother of Claire Brady and Tate Black.

Eduardo Hernandez first got the name of John Black's mother, Maude Robicheaux. She confirmed that John has been born John Robicheaux, and that she gave him for adoption after his father died. John drank the tea Maude had given him, and suddenly collapsed. A man entered, assuming John was out cold, but John suddenly sprang up and revealed he had been pretended to drink the tea. Maude tearfully confirmed that her story to John was true, and gave John a box of his father's things. John took a picture of the man, and refused to have any contact with his mother, hurt that she could betray him so easily.


Alex Shipp as Marybeth

Marybeth (played by Alex Shipp from March 10-October 23, 2014) is Paige Larson's ex-best friend, who hates J.J. Deveraux. She recently assisted Paige's mother, Eve Donovan, to break up Paige and J.J., but it didn't work. Mary Beth wanted to protect Paige from J.J. because she was afraid that he'd hurt Paige. Mary Beth eventually left Salem.


Andoni Garcia as Mateo

Mateo also known as El Fideo, was played by Andoni Garcia in November 2016, and he reprised his role from May 11, 2018 to May 29, 2018. Mateo is a very dangerous drug lord and the ex-boyfriend of Theresa Donovan. Mateo was first mentioned by Shane Donovan, Theresa's father, who told her Mateo had tracked her down to Salem, and he wants her back. Theresa appealed to Victor Kiriakis to help her deal with Mateo, but he revealed that Mateo is more powerful than him. According to Shane, Mateo runs one of the biggest and most dangerous cartels in the world. Over the years, they are responsible for hundreds of death and the ISA have been unable to capture them in the act to this day.

Theresa met Mateo in a dark alley, and Mateo said he wanted her back. He gave her a fancy necklace, and Theresa asked Mateo to give her time to break up with husband Brady Black. Mateo had his associate, Guillemero, help Theresa make Brady think she was cheating on him. Theresa left town with Mateo for the safety of her loved ones on November 18, 2016. Unbeknownst to Mateo, Theresa has made herself as bait and is working with the ISA to bring him and his whole cartel down so she can finally return to her family.

After he watched Chloe Lane's performance in Vienna, he became fixated on her and on April 2018, he had his man Miguel offer her a job in Mexico. She refused which forced Miguel to kidnap her and bring her to Mexico. On May 14, it's revealed he and Xander Cook have a history, Xander sees him as a pig.

Mateo walks in and sees Theresa and Xander together. Theresa tells Mateo that She caught Xander trying to take the flash drive that has all of Mateo’s business dealings on it. Xander tells Mateo that he caught Theresa trying to take the flash drive. Mateo believes Xander as he knows Theresa has been looking for dirt on him to bring back to her father. Mateo prepares to have Theresa killed, but Xander asks Mateo to let him take care of her, and Mateo agrees.

Mateo visits Chloe in her room, and Chloe asks him why Theresa wrote her a note that said she was sorry. Mateo guessed it was because she was sorry that she was leaving Chloe all along since he had Theresa killed for trying to betray him. He assures a worried Chloe that he won’t hurt her as long as she doesn’t betray him. Mateo asks Chloe to sing for him, and admires her beautiful voice.

The next time Mateo goes to see Chloe, he sees Miguel give Chloe his phone and shoots him dead, saying that once he breaks Mateo’s trust, it can never be regained. Mateo receives a call from a very much alive Theresa, who warns him about her in laws John Black and Paul Narita, and begs him not to hurt them. Mateo disconnects and says he will send someone to clean up the mess and then leaves the room.

Mateo returns to the room and holds John and Paul at gunpoint. They pull guns on Mateo, and he is soon joined by two of his heavily armed men with machine guns. Mateo borrows a machine gun and prepares to shoot John and Paul himself when suddenly he collapses, and Chloe appears around the corner holding a bloody knife. Mateo dies from his stab wound as his men are neutralised by John and Paul. One of his men warns her that she will pay for her actions. With his long awaited death, Theresa and Chloe were finally free from him and were able to reunite with their families.

However, a year later, in February 1, Chloe receives a letter and finds a bloody knife. She starts to freak out and remembers it's the same knife she used to kill Mateo. She tells Stefan about killing the drug lord and scared, realizes that his thugs must have found her.

  • Chloe thinks Mateo is going to shoot her
  • Mateo kills Miguel
  • Mateo's deserved death
  • The bloody knife used to kill Mateo

DAYS Villain Ranks: Main Article: DAYS Villain Ranks


Laura Kai Chen as Melinda Trask

Melinda Trask, played by Laura Kai Chen, is the D.A. that was in charge of prosecuting Sami Brady for Joe Bernardi's murder. Sami was ultimately cleared when evidence proving that she shot Bernardi in defense of Rafe Hernandez, showed up. In 2016, Trask prosecuted Hope Brady for Stefano DiMera's murder, and got her 25 years in prison with no possibility of parole.

She has a vendetta against Gabi Hernandez for escaping justice for killing Nick Fallon.

She seems to be attracted to Stefan DiMera.

Meredith Jennings (Deceased)

Julie Tovar as Meredith Jennings

Meredith Jennings, played by Julie Tolivar from February 11-17, 2015 is the deceased wife of Aiden Jennings who appears in flashbacks and a video. Its first believed that Aiden killed Meredith, but via flashbacks, it's proven that she struggled to get her gun away from her toddler (Chase Jennings) and accidentally shot herself to death.

Philip Anthony-Rodriguez

Philip Anthony-Rodriguez as Miguel Garcia

Miguel Garcia has been played by Philip Anthony-Rodriguez from March 28, 2018 to May 25, 2018. Miguel works for a mysterious man, who became obsessed with Chloe Lane, and wanted her to star in her own opera in Mexico. Chloe gave the offer some thought, but since she was recently reconnecting with Lucas Horton, she turned down the offer.

Miguel’s boss ordered him to drug Lucas, so he anonymously had Julie Olson Williams send over some drinks. He drugged the club soda that Lucas would drink. After the club closed down, Miguel confronted Chloe and held her at gunpoint. Miguel ordered Chloe to come with him, so Chloe reluctantly did after having a brief conversation with Eve Donovan and leaving a letter behind for Lucas.

Miguel greets Chloe in Mexico, and tells her his boss, later revealed to be Mateo, is looking forward to meeting her. Miguel returns to find Chloe and Theresa arguing her. Miguel orders that they stop arguing and hands Chloe a dress, telling her that she and Theresa will be dining with Mateo.

Miguel walks in to give Chloe dinner while Chloe is in the middle of writing a letter to Lucas. Miguel grabs the letter and tells Chloe that now Mateo is the only person who matters to her, and even thinking of Lucas is a betrayal to Mateo. Chloe tells Miguel that Mateo gave her permission to contact her son, Parker, and asks Miguel if he has anyone that matters to her. Miguel says he has a daughter, and Chloe says that Parker’s father is dead, so Miguel gives Chloe his phone, while keeping his gun on her. Mateo walks in as Chloe is about to use the phone, and shoots Miguel dead after saying he broke his trust.


Miguel Moreno

Celestin Cornielle as Miguel Moreno

Miguel Moreno, was played by Celestin Corneille from September 14, 2014 to October 15, 2014. Miguel was a DiMera henchmen that worked as a bodyguard for EJ DiMera. He was payed off by Clyde Weston, and killed EJ when EJ punched Clyde. Clyde and Miguel make the scene look like EJ was robbed and killed by a low level drug addict. Miguel soon begins to panic and fears EJ's father Stefano DiMera will uncover the truth about EJ's murder. Clyde ordered Miguel to leave town, and then he was killed by Clyde's henchman Jeremiah and his death was staged to look like a suicide. Clyde tells Jeremiah to bury Miguel's body on Jeremiah's grandfather's farm in Missouri.

Mike Monahan

Robert Morgan as Mike Monahan

Mike Monahan (played by Robert Morgan in 2016) is an Irish thug, who confessed to killing Stefano DiMera. Monahan claimed that he had his men break into Hope's house, not knowing it was her house and steal Bo Brady's gun. Monahan than claimed he shot and killed Stefano after he had insulted his daughter and car. Monahan owned the construction sight where Stefano's body was found. Thanks to Monahan's confession, the Salem PD had no choice, but to release Andre DiMera from prison. Monahan was presumably released from prison when Hope Brady, Stefano's real killer, was exposed and sent to prison.


Andy Demetrio as Milos

Milos is played by Andy Demetrio, and debued on May 10, 2017. Milos was one of the the many Kiriakis henchmen that was guarding Nicole Walker on Xander Cook's private island. He guarded the front door and was later replaced by Eric Brady, who had come to rescue Nicole. Milos later helped Xander when he was being attacked by Eric and Nicole was trying to escape. He forced Nicole back into the room and held her and Eric at gunpoint until he and Xander left the room.

Bill Christian

Bill Christian

An unnamed man, credited as "Minion", was played by Bill Christian in February 2018. He was a fellow ISA Agent and was John Black’s contact, sent by their boss Pamela Van Damme to supply John with poison to use on Steve Johnson. A remorseful John lured the agent to the DiMera family crypt, and attempted to attack. The agent was about to shoot John, but he was shot in the back and killed by Billie Reed.

Myron Raditz

Craig Welzbacher as Myron Raditz

Myron Raditz, played by Craig Welzbacher since December 8, 2016, is a tech genius that was hired to work at GDR. Myron was tasked with figuring out how to utilize the Orwell device. Abby Deveraux-DiMera attempted to seduce Myron for information about Orwell, but it backfired when Dario Hernandez caught her.

When Chad DiMera and Gabi Hernandez were kidnapped, Dario ordered Myron to finish the Orwell program with the added incentive that his family will be indebted to should he succeed. Myron found that he couldn't get Orwell working because he didn't have the right technology. Dario asked if Myron knew what was at stake, but Abby calmed Dario down. After Abby left, Myron remarked that Abby was something else, and Dario agreed.

Myron heard Dario ask Abby to teach him how to dance, and asked Dario why he lied to Abby, noting that he has seen Dario dance with several women. Dario told Myron to focus on making then money now that the Orwell had been destroyed, and said he had an idea he wanted to run by Myron. It was later revealed that Myron and Dario has stolen funds from Countess Wilhelmina, and were planning on targeting a bank next. By late June, Myron was able to get his hands on a bundle of money that he was able to buy a new fancy car and some new suits.

In July 14, Abigail found out both Myron and Dario are doing a counterfeit business and they plan to hit Titan next. That very same day, the Salem PD got aware of a series of counterfeits happening in town, and both Eli Grant and Lani Price were assigned to investigate the matter. In July 20, Myron was brought into the Salem P.D., where he remained quiet to Lani and Eli's questioning and requested a lawyer. But in the end, he gave in and agreed to give them the identity of his boss who was of course Dario, who hired him into hacking and counterfeiting in DiMera Enterprises and other companies. He agreed to testify against him in exchange for immunity.

  • Abigail fools Myron


Rayna Tharani as Navidad

Rayna Tharani as Navidad

Navidad was played Rayna Tharani from February 18, 2015 to June 23, 2015. She was an associate of Xander Cook, and came to Salem to remind Serena Mason to do the job that Xander had sent her to Salem to do, and warned Serena of the consequences for disobeying Xander. Navidad later aided Xander in trying to kill Eric Brady and Nicole Walker. While Xander was apprehended, Navidad escaped because she wasn't identified, and Xander didn't need to rat her out to get out of jail. Xander eventually faced justice for his crimes, but Navidad was presumably never caught.

Noah Reed is the child of Austin Reed and Carrie Brady Reed. Baby Reed was born offscreen in Switzerland sometime in 2013. Noah has yet to appear on the show, but Carrie was pregnant when she left town in 2012 and their loved ones received the news of the baby's birth when he or she was born.



Martha Hackett as Pamela Van Damme

Martha Hackett as Pamela Van Damme

Pamela Van Damme was played by Martha Hackett from April 5-6 in 2016 and February 20-21 2016. Pamela was the head of the ISA, who had helped her agent Steve Johnson cover up the fact that his son, Joey Johnson, murdered Ava Vitali. Pamela broke a lot of laws helping with the cover up, and even coerced witness into keeping quiet about what they saw. Joey later confessed to killing Ava, which made Pamela afraid that her role in the cover up would be exposed. She ordered John to kill the entire Johnson family, but John convinced her to just let him kill Steve.

On February 20, Pamela arrived in Salem, and encountered agent Billie Reed, who had a body bag with her. Pamela questioned Billie’s presence in Salem, and Billie said that her mother’s husband, Andre DiMera, had been murdered. Pamela knew that Andre was’t the body in the bag, and demanded to see it. Billie pulled a gun on Pamela, and admitted that she and John had plotted to save Steve after Billie man aged to get evidence that Pamela was corrupt. Pamela shot Billie and made her escape.

Pamela showed up at the apartment of Steve’s son Tripp Dalton, and kidnaped him and Ciara Brady. Pamela phoned John and ordered him to finish Steve, but John, Hope Brady, and Rafe Hernandez cornered Pamela in the square. Pamela threatened to inject Tripp with a fatal dose of poison, but Ciara bit Pamela, and Tripp jabbed the needle into her. Pamela died soon after before an ambulance could be called.

Percy Ruggles

Ian Patrick as Percy Ruggles

Percy Ruggles, played by Ian Patrick from November 26, 2013-May 2, 2014 is an eccentric bird watcher who saw Gabi Hernandez, Sami Brady, and Kate Roberts dump Nick Fallon into the river. He took pictures and rescued Nick from the river. He then continued to assist Nick in all of his schemes, until EJ paid him off to leave town.

Allen Rowe as Pez

Allen Rose as Pez

Pez was played by Allen Rowe was seen on May 9, 2017. He is an associate of Snake's that was arrested and interrogated alongside Snake. The plan was to make one of them crack and reveal who their boss was, but neither man divulged the name of their boss, who was later revealed to be Deimos Kiriakis.



Rigo Brandon Morales

Brandon Morales as Rigo

Rigo has been played by Brandon Morales from March 2017 to April 2017. He is a henchman of Deimos Kiriakis, and was responsible for guarding Chad DiMera and Gabi Hernandez, and assaulted Chad. Rigo later kidnapped Abigail Deveraux, Gabi, and Chad. He injected poison into Gabi and Abby on Deimos' orders. Rigo was later apprehended by J.J. Deveraux, and offered a deal to rat on Deimos, but Rigo refused the deal.

Roger Fisher

John Enos as Roger Fisher

Roger Fisher was played by John Enos from October 30, 2017. He was the resident of a house that Sami Brady, John Black, Marlena Evans, Sonny Kiriakis, and Paul Narita visited in search of answers about Will Horton. Roger was first seen on Halloween, dressed as Elvis Presley. As Elvis, he claimed that he payed Dr. Wilhelm Rolf to bring him back to life. Sami and Sonny got frustrated with Elvis, and he pushed Sonny away, causing him to hit his head. The police are called, and Sami is arrested after scratching the officer's arm.

Roger appeared, out of costume, on November 1st, assuring Susan Banks that their houseguest won't be back and that he took care of everything.

  • Roger dressed like "Elvis Presley"
  • Roger accidentally scares Susan


Kevin Riggins as Rory

Rory, played by Kevin Riggins from May 13, 2013-August 4, 2015, is one of J.J. Deveraux's best friends who do drugs. Rory and his brother helped J.J. bust Theresa Donovan for blackmailing J.J. On March 16, 2016 , Rory was payed by Deimos Kiriakis to deliver him a potentially lethal drug. In May 2016, Rory was busted by J.J., who was now a cop, after his partners abandoned him. J.J. encoruaged Rory to turn his life around. Rory went on a date with Ciara Brady, but it didn't work out.

Roxanne Trenton was played by Andriana Manfredi from February 26, 2015 to March 2, 2015. Roxanne is one of J.J.'s friends from his years at boarding school in London. In winter 2015, J.J. called her to help him with a scheme. She came to Salem and J.J. told her that he needed her to pretend to be his girlfriend so that his ex-girlfriend would stop trying to find out who he had cheated with. Reluctantly, Roxanne agreed. However, Roxanne quickly found herself on the end of Eve Larson's wrath. It turned out that Eve was the woman J.J. was cheating with and now she was jealous of Roxanne. Not wanting to deal with the madness, Roxanne returned to Chicago and back to school at Loyola.

Bill Lippincott

Bill Lippincott as Roy

Roy has been played by Bill Lippincott since May 10, 2017. Roy is a pilot that flew Eric Brady to Greece to rescue Nicole Walker and Holly Jonas. Eric brought Holly back to Roy and told him to leave without him it both Nicole and Holly are on board, or to leave in twenty-four hours if neither of them are back.


Andie Bolt as Sarah Smith

Andie Bolt as Sarah Smith

Sarah was played by Andie Bolt from July 3, 2013 to October 1, 2013. She was a video editor that Kristen DiMera hired to edit the video of her drugging and having sex with Eric Brady to make it look like Eric was the one who initiated the sex.

5 TBA Scooter Nelson

Robb Derringer as Scooter Nelson

Scooter is played by Robb Derringer, and debuted on March 31, 2017, and last appeared on April 18, 2017. Scooter is a sex addict and a internet porn addict. He is married to Hillary, and is the next door neighbor of Nicole Walker and Brady Black when she they were hiding out in Canada under the aliases of Freddie and Bridget Smith. Scooter recognized Nicole as "Misty Circle" back when she was forced into doing pornography. He also knows her and Brady's real names, and tries to blackmail Nicole into having sex with her, threatening to tell Hillary who their next door neighbors really are.

Scooter sends Nicole a skimpy cheerleader outfit, and demands she dress in it for their rendezvous. Instead, Nicole convinces Hilary to dress in the outfit and tells Scooter to go he with his wife. Scooter realizes he still loves Hilary and they offically reconcile. Scooter stops by to apologize and thank Nicole for helping him desire Hilary again. He promises not to reveal who they are and says he and Hilary are going out of town on a second honeymoon.

Adam Leadbeater as Seth Malcolm

Adam Leadbeater as Seth Malcolm

Seth Malcolm, played by Adam Leadbeater in December 2015, was a man that was affiliated with the people that kidnapped and tortured Bo Brady. Hope Brady had him brought into the Salem PD, since he matched the info has she had gotten, but she didn't have enough evidence to charge Malcolm with a crime. Seth is eventually killed and Hope becomes the number one suspect in his murder.

Determined, Hope kidnapped Malcolm, and tried to torture him for information. Malcolm escaped and was later killed in the park by an unknown assailant. Hope later confessed to killing Malcolm in self-defense, so she could hide the fact that she murdered Stefano DiMera. John Black later discovered that Deimos Kiriakis had contact with Malcolm. Though Malcolm's murder remains unsolved, he was likely murdered by Deimos or an unknown associate.

Tionne Watkins

Tionne Watkins as Sheila

Sheila was played by Tionne Watkins from November 2016 to January 2017, and again from September 2017 to November 2017. She returned to the role in September 2018. Sheila and her friend Coco were prison inmates that harassed Hope Brady while she was in prison. They also attempted to intimidate any new inmates, but Hope protected them while she was protected by Chille.

Shiela and Coco realized they would never be able to get to Hope while Chille wasn't around, so they killed Chille by stabbing her in the chest. The duo later attacked Hope in her cell and stabbed her, but she survived and was admitted to the prison hospital. Hope intended to fight against the duo, but Hattie helped her escaped, so they attacked her and put her in the hospital.

In September 2017, Sheila was released from Statesville. Adrienne Johnson convinced her to go to the Kiriakis mansion and give a letter to Justin Kiriakis. Everyone thought Adrienne was Bonnie Lockhart, but Shiela decided to humour "Bonnie", and soon found out she was telling the truth when she came face to face with Bonnie, who was staying at the mansion. Sheila was persuaded to keep quiet by accepting payment from Bonnie and took a job as a maid at the Kiriakis mansion. Sheila reconnected with her old friend Eli Grant, and eventually fled town when Bonnie was exposed.

Sheila returned in late 2018 to help Bonnie when she was arrested. Shiela brought Bonnie’s assumed daughter with Lucas as a way for Bonnie to get out of prison. Shiela didn’t buy Bonnie’s claim that the child was hers and Lucas.

Sheryl Connors

Jade Harlow As Sheryl Connors

In January of 2014, Sheryl Connors traveled to Salem to interview for a graphic design job at Mad World Cosmetics. Lucas Horton and Kate Roberts were both pleased with her work and hired her immediately. However, Sheryl didn't know that Kate was behind the interview in the first place.

Kate had learned that Sheryl was the former roommate of Kate's new romantic rival, Jordan Ridgeway. Kate hoped that bringing Sheryl to town would help uncover some secrets from Jordan's past. Kate was on the right track. Sheryl and Jordan were uncomfortable when they saw each other for the first time. Jordan suggested to Sheryl that Kate was behind the job interview. Sheryl asked both Lucas and Kate about it and they both denied it.

Sheryl and Lucas struck up a quick flirtatious friendship as he helped her get settled in Salem and at Mad World. Their relationship developed into a romance. However, one day she was over at his house and heard a voicemail from Kate where Kate talked about their plan to use Sheryl to get information on Jordan. Sheryl was crushed, broke up with Lucas, and threatened to tell Jordan everything. But Kate warned her not to do that. In exchange for her silence, Kate transferred Sheryl to the Houston office immediately.


Sienna Goines as Simone Michaels

Simone Michaels was played by Siena Goines in 2016, Goines previously played Carol Michaels in 1995. She owns a commune and is the aunt of Jade Michaels.

Simone is the sister of Hal Michaels, and the aunt of Joey Johnson's girlfriend Jade. According to Simone, she and Hal have two other brothers, who she apparently despises. This makes it perfect for Jade when she and Joey run away to the commune, and Simone allows them to stay as long as they want, as long as they pull their weight. Simone feels the US is corrupt, and only serves the wealthy. She tells Joey they do whatever it takes to survive, and don't apologize. Joey was uncomfortable with committing robbery, so Simone said they will find something else for him to do.

Simone is later confronted by Steve Johnson, who is looking for Joey. After arguing with Steve, Simone ordered two teenagers to find a "man wearing a black eye patch", and said she wanted him gone "any means necessary". The cops later showed up, and told Simone they have connected a string of robberies to her convent. Simone denied it, but the police knew about the scorpion shaped scars, and demanded to see Jade's hands. Joey came into the room and told the police to leave Jade alone. He showed them his scorpion brand, and the police said Joey looked like the guy, who drove the getaway truck. Joey said he drove the truck, and refused to tell them anything else.

Kayla Brady and John Black showed at the convent, looking for Joey. Jade and Simone he had been arrested, and Kayla scolded Jade and Simone for their life choices. Simone taunted Kayla about how she was holding Steve and Joey back. After Kayla and John left, the police shows up to question Dirk about the shooting of a store clerk. Dirk panicked, and shot the officer. Simone stayed with the officer and put pressure on the wound as Dirk took the entire commune hostage. After everyone was let go (except Joey and Jade), Kayla told Simone that her teaching these children that the rules don't apply to them is what led to this situation. Simone showed up at the hospital after Joey was shot, to see how he was, but Steve ordered her to get out and blamed the shooting on her. Jade agreed with Steve, and told Simone that everything she taught them was a bunch of bull. She threatened to call the cops on Simone if she didn't leave, and a stunned Simone left after Steve yelled at her to get out.

Crimes Committed

  • Theft
  • Ordered a string of robberies
  • Inadvertantly caused the shooting of Joey Johnson

Maladies and Injuries

  • Held captive by Dirk

Snake Blake Gibbons

Blake Gibbons as Snake

Snake is played by General Hospital alumi Blake Gibbons from April 25, 2017 to May 9, 2017. He is a pimp and drug dealer, who is involved in smuggling the drug "Halo" into Salem. Lani Price went undercover as a prostitute to bust Snake, but ended up waking up on a bench disheveled. Snake called Lani, and she arranged another meeting with him.

During their second meeting, Snake for angry when Lani asked too many questions, and attempted to rape her. In the process, he found a wire, and discovered she was a cop. Snake pulled a gun on Lani, and forced her to down a bunch of Halo pills. J.J. Deveraux burst in, and Snake got him to drop his gun by holding Lani hostage. As Snake was leaving, J.J. managed to attack Snake and get Lani away from him. The cops showed up, and arrested Snake.

In the aftermath, it was discovered that Snake had a warehouse full of 7 girls that were drugged out of their mind on Halo, and even the jons were addicted to the Halo drug.



Ashley Dulaney as Tiffany

Tiffany was played by Ashley Dulaney in from March 3-5, 2017. She is a guest at the hotel Nicole Walker is staying at while on the run after kidnapping her daughter, Holly Jonas. Tiffany and her boyfriend later rob Nicole while she is away. They also contemplate stealing Holly for an ransom, but decide not to.

Timmy Bernardi was Joe and Marge Bernardi's son. He was sent to live with his grandparents.

Tim Robicheaux (Deceased)

Tobin Bell as Tim Robicheaux (a.k.a. Yo Ling)

Tim Robicheaux (a.k.a. Yo Ling) was portrayed by Tobin Bell in 2016. Tim is the biological father of John Black, who was presumed dead in the Korean War. In March 2016, a captured John came face to face with his father for the first time in his life. John couldn't believe that Tim was alive, and Tim explained that he faked his death. Taking the name Yo Ling, Tim formed a organization of assassins called the Phantom Alliance. Tim planned for John to become a part of it, but learned he had been adopted by the Alamain family.

Tim waited till John was old enough, and then bought him from the Alamains. John was trained at Winterthorne academy, and was said to be one of the best assassins. Tim admitted he thought about revealing himself to John, but decided it was better if John didn't know who he was. John was set to command his own team when Ilya Petrov betrayed Tim and handed John over to Stefano DiMera.

Tim claimed that he was dying from the infectious bacterial disease that Caroline Brady has. John realized Tim was responsible for Bo Brady being held captive and tortured. Tim waved off his role In Bo's death as unfortunate collateral damage, and that he needed John's blood to survive. Tim warned John the procedure would most likely kill him, but he could take solace in the fact that his blood would be used for a higher purpose. Tim also had his grandson Paul Narita kidnapped. Tim planned to brainwash Paul into becoming an assassin, so he could carry on for Tim.

Tim started the brainwashing process, but John broke free and tried to escape with Paul. They were caught by Tim and his men, but then rescued when Rafe Hernandez, Marlena Evans, and Steve Johnson burst into the room. Tim and his men were apprehended, so Tim committed suicide by biting into a poisoned capsule.

Crimes Committed

  • Faked his death
  • Created an assassin agency
  • Indoctrinated his son John Black and numerous others into becoming assassins
  • Planted a spy cam in the park square
  • Kidnapped Marlena Evans and Arianna Horton
  • Tried to shoot Rafe
  • Caused the shooting of Eduardo Hernandez
  • Held John captive
  • Hired Deimos Kiriakis to kidnap and torture Bo Brady for information
  • Kidnapped Ciara Brady
  • Held Paul Narita captive
  • Drugged Paul
  • Attempted organ theft; was going to drain the blood out of John Black
  • Brainwashed Paul
  • Held John and Paul at gunpoint
  • Had Steve strangled
  • Kidnapped Adrianna Hernandez
  • Drugged Adriana Hernandez
  • Germ weapons ;infected Arianna Horton ;Kayla Brady ,John Black , Paul Narita, Gabi *Hernandez and several models with a deadly sythetic virus

Tori Narita

Hira Ambrosio as Tori Narati

Tori Narita is the mother of Paul Narita. When she was younger, she worked for Stefano DiMera and had a relationship with John Black. Tori left Salem pregnant, and gave birth to a son. She named him Paul and raised him in Japan with her parents. Paul grew up to be a famous baseball player, and his family was so proud of him; but Paul had to retire due to an injury. Tori was stunned when Paul revealed he was gay, but she still loved him nonetheless.

Tori came to Salem to visit Paul, and was stunned to see Marlena Evans. She did her best to avoid John and Marlena. Marlena's grandson, Will Horton, realized that Paul's father was in Salem when he found a picture of Tori at the DiMera boathouse. This led Will to assume Paul was Stefano's son. He tried to blackmail Tori into getting Paul to leave Salem. It was eventually revealed that Paul was John's son.




Sean Douglas as Vargas

Vargas, played by Sean Douglas from February 8 - August 22, 2013, is an acquaintance of Nick Fallon's from prison, who protected Nick while he was in prison. Vargas comes to Salem and gets a job working for the church. He threatens Nick into making him money, but later changes his mind and becomes a friend of Nick's. Vargas almost sleeps with Nicole Walker until he realizes she has feelings for Eric Brady. Vargas later hooks up with Theresa Donovan, who has illegal drugs and he ends up getting arrested and going back to prison in Theresa's place.

Veronica was played by Zabeth Russell in August and September of 2017. She was a nurse that worked at Bayview Sanitarium and was in charge of administering electro shock therapy to John Black and Marlena Evans, but the warden shut it down as they had been admitted under false pretences. Veronica also cared for Ben Weston until he escaped and knocked her unconscious.


Wei Shin

Donald Li as Wei Shin

Wei Shin, commonly referred to as Mr. Shin, was played by Donald Li on August 14, 2014. Shin is a member of the board of directors at DiMera Enterprises, and an executive from Hong Kong.

Shin was first mentioned in 2014 when EJ DiMera often talked to him after Sami Brady, and Kate Roberts took control of DiMera Enterprises. Shin was worried because of the change of leadership, and EJ helped to reassure him that DiMera Enterprises was in capable hands.

In June 2017, Andre DiMera was seen arguing with Shin on the phone after Kate told him the board members felt he was too unstable to run DiMera Enterprises.

Denise Duff

Denise Duff as Wendy Taylor

Wendy Taylor was played by Denice Duff in December 2015. She was midwife, who Ben Weston foced into delivering Abigail Deveraux's baby. She was then shot and killed by Ben.

In December 8, Ben was arrested for the string of murders he committed as the Necktie Killer, including Wendy's murder. He was put in a mental institution for a couple of months till he escaped. He was later caught right after Abigail made him suffer for all of the lives he had taken including Wendys'. He was put in a maximum security prison and later in Bayview Sanitarium.

6 TBA Wyatt

Scott Shilstone as Wyatt

Wyatt Stone was played by Scott Shilstone who previously played a aged Zack Brady. His first air date was April 6 2017. He will return again in April 2018. Wyatt met Ciara Brady on a online dating site, and the two really hit it off. They went on a second date, and after the date, Wyatt sent a text to someone and thanked them for giving him all the information they had on Ciara, who turned out to be Ciara's childhood friend.

Theo knew Wyatt, and found it Wyatt had broken up with his previous girlfriend, so he decided to hook Ciara up with Wyatt, and told him everything about Ciara, so they could make a connection. When Wyatt hung out with Theo, Ciara, and Claire Brady; he noticed Theo seemed somewhat jealous of him being with Ciara. Theo starts to feel that Wyatt is using Ciara when he burrows money from her, and the finds out Ciara is writing his term paper for him. The whole charade is soon blow up, and it causes Ciara to dump Wyatt hard, as well as leave Salem. Wyatt returns to Salem sometime in 2018.




Zoe Browning

Miranda Mayo as Zoe Browning

Zoe Browning (played by Miranda Mayo from August 14, 2014 - July 9, 2015) is the editor of Sonix's Magazine. She used to be the editor of TruVista Magazine, which was owned by Titan. Victor Kiriakis had her hire Will Horton to write a tell all about Sami Brady's triumph over EJ DiMera. The article was a success, but Zoe was fired from TrueVista. She joined Sonix's Magazine, and hired Will to work at Sonix's Magazine. Sonix was later purchased by DiMera Enterprises, and Zoe started flirting with her attractive new boss, Chad DiMera. She wanted to bed him, offering herself to him more than once. In June 24, 2015, Chad kissed her and she believed they finally became intimate. However, in the end, she understood and accepted that he is in love with Abigail.

  • "So...I'm totally free all night."
  • "You know if I'm gonna reveal all why don't we just do it back at your place...over a glass of the good stuff."
  • C: "So your in the mood to reveal everything?"
    Z: "Yup...and I have a lot of ideas, could take all night."
  • Zoe reveals her intentions towards Chad.
    Zoe: "You said it flat out, that I was trying to get you into bed, because it'd be good for my career. Well, the only thing you got wrong was my motivation."
  • Chad kisses Zoe

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