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Here are a list of Days of Our Lives characters that appeared in the 2020s.

Allan Rhodes


Jason Downs as Allan Rhodes

Allan Rhodes was portrayed by Jason Downs from January 29, 2021 to February 19, 2021. He is revealed to have an alive Ciara Brady held hostage. Rhodes is a friend and associate of Vincent Belman, who is being paid to hold Ciara captive on his behalf.

The original plan was for Rhodes to take Ciara and Vincent away from Salem, but when Ciara got away from Vincent, Rhodes grabbed Ciara and took her to an undisclosed location where he locked her in glass box, and supplied her with books to keep her occupied.

In February 2021, Ciara confronted Rhodes about keeping her locked up. Ciara wondered what he got out of keeping her locked up. Rhodes said that Vincent was the mastermind. Ciara tried to scare Rhodes by saying her mother, and husband were looking for her. Rhodes was sure Ben would be convinced Ciara was dead, and admitted her mother was looking, but in all the wrong places.

Ciara informed Rhodes that Vincent has been arrested, but Rhodes said that Vincent still has tons of money, and as long as the cheques don't bounce, then she is his prisoner. Ciara begged Rhodes to let her go home, but he refused. Ciara then tried to bribe Rhodes since her grandfather could pay him whatever he wanted. Rhodes groaned that she mentioned it several times before, and refused the offer.

When Rhodes brought Chinese Food to Ciara, Ciara faked being sick, and collapsed. Rhodes rushed in to check on her, and then looked for his phone, Ciara got up and hit Rhodes on the head with the tray. Rhodes awoke when Ciara tried to grab the keys from his belt, and they struggled. Ciara got away, but Rhodes held a gun on her. Ciara was confidant that Rhodes wouldn't shoot her since Vincent wasn't paying him to guard a corpse. Rhodes said maybe he was tired of guarding her, and Ciara surrendered, fearing he would shoot her.

Ciara read Romeo and Juliet, and Rhodes went to check on her. Ciara claimed that she and Ben shared a dream. Rhodes laughed at Ciara claiming to have a psychic connection, and sneered that maybe Ben would commit suicide like in the play. Ciara said that wouldn't happen. Rhodes mocked Ciara's connection with Ben, saying it was a fantasy. Rhodes said he had to leave for a bit since it was Valentine's Day, and he has a date with a real woman.

Rhodes later returned after realizing he forgot his phone. He caught Ciara on it and ordered her to hang up the phone. Later, Rhodes went to Statesville prison and used the alias of Jospeh Glynn to speak to Vincent. Instead, he met a man named Orpheus, who explained that Vincent was fine, but he convinced him to take the meeting.

Rhodes went to leave, but Orpheus convinced him to stay. He told Rhodes that he knew he was holding Ciara Brady captive, and said he could go to the warden and tell him unless Rhodes agreed to work for him. Rhodes later learned Vincent was dead, and told Ciara. Ciara thought that meant Rhodes would let her go, but Rhodes said he had a new boss.

Ciara asked who the new boss was, and Rhodes asked why he should tell her. Ciara said that it had to be someone at the prison and speculated Vincent's old boss Eve Donovan, but Rhodes smirked that she was cold. Ciara wondered what Rhodes new boss would do to her, but Rhodes said he already said too much.

As Ciara walked away defeated; Rhodes leaned against the glass and taunted Ciara that nothing had changed and no one is coming to save her. Suddenly, Rhodes was unexpectedly shot from behind, and killed. He collapsed against the glass, and slid to the floor, smearing it with his blood, and revealing Evan Frears as his assailant.

Amanda Raynor


Victoria Platt as Amanda Raynor

Dr. Amanda Raynor is played by Victoria Platt, and was first seen in 2020. Amanda switched the deceased Mackenzie Horton for the alive Rachel Black at the behest of Victor and Xander Kiriakis.

Amanda continued to see "Mickey" when Mickey was diagnosed with cancer, but was wracked with guilt over her deception. After being threatened by Xander, she wanted to leave town, but Nicole Walker noticed the baby had the same birthmark that Rachel had and questioned Dr. Raynor about it. Later, Nicole with the help of Abe Carver tracked Amanda down in New York and she confessed to the whole switch.

In 2021, Raynor is revealed to have stolen Lani Price and Eli Grants new born twins under the order of Ivan Marais. She had a brief encounter with Bonnie Lockhart, who later identified her. Xander called Raynor, and offered to help her, but it was a set up and Eli and Lani confronted her. Raynor revealed she was blackmailed because of what she had done in Salem.

Raynor took them back to the hotel where she handed the babies off to Ivan, and remembered enough to say he was talking to someone. Raynor was then turned over the police to pay for her crimes.

Beth Howard


Beth Howard has been played by Donielle Artsy from March 10, 2022 to May 5, 2022. Beth is an actress and the ex-girlfriend of TR Coates. She was tracked down by Billie Reed and invited to talk to Eli Grant. Beth explained that TR hadn't changed, like he claimed, and was still an abusive drug addict. Beth received an unexpected call from TR, who had somehow found her number and convinced her to come to his room at the Salem Inn. Once there, TR offered her the role of Celeste Perrault in his new movie: Possessed: The Marlena Evans Story. Beth reluctantly agreed not to say anything in exchange for the role.

Beth continued to reluctantly keep TR's secret and met his daughter Lani Price, who was also Eli's wife. Beth also realized that Eli was currently in a coma after being shot by TR. Beth also learned from TR that he planned to get back together with Lani's mother Paulina Price and get her to finance the movie. Beth met with the director of the movie Johnny DiMera, who questioned why TR gave her the role without taking to him Johnny implied that she slept with TR for the role, and Beth admitted TR only gave her the role, so she would keep his secret. After hearing that, Johnny decided to keep Beth on in the movie.

Beth shared with TR what Johnny had told her, and TR assured her he would handle Johnny, but inquired if Beth told Johnny why he hired her. Beth lied and said she didn't tell Johnny anything. Later, Beth learned from Johnny's father EJ DiMera that Johnny had gone to Italy to find himself and he had no idea when or if he'd be back. Beth went to see TR to tell him, and realized he was high. TR assured her he can finance and direct the movie himself once he gets the money from Paulina.

Beth went to visit Eli and met Eli's grandmother Julie Olson Williams, who was confused on why she would visit Eli since she had no connection to him. Beth felt guilty because she was keeping TR'a secret. TR arrived and saw Beth there, who quickly left. Later, TR visited Beth at her hotel room and accused Beth of almost exposing him. TR entered the apartment and closed the door as Beth screamed.

Beth visited the hospital for the black eye TR gave her and was treated by Tripp Johnson. Beth lied and said that she tripped and fell. TR advised Beth to leave town and threatened to kill her. He told Beth that with her black eye, she can't act in the movie anyways, so Beth booked a flight out of Salem.

Carmine Merlino


Carmine Merlino has been played by Richie Stephens in October 2021. Years prior, Carmine and Jake DiMera were mob enforcers who worked for the Vitali family, and were sent to rough up Jed Zanetti. Carmine went too far and killed him. Now Carmine is claiming Jake killed Jed. Jake arranged to meet with Carmine and tried to get him to refuse to testify, even offering to pay him off. Carmine said he wasn't interested started to walk away, so Jake pulled a gun on him.

Carmine challenged Jake to shoot him, saying he could never shoot him or kill anyone. Carmine wrestled the gun away and pointed at Jake as Abe Carver came by. Carmine turned the gun on Abe, and Jake tried to pull Carmine's arm away as the gun fired and Abe was shot. Jake yelled at Carmine for shooting Salem's Mayor. Carmine blamed Jake, and said it was his gun. Carmine dropped the gun and ran away while Jake was arrested for the shooting.

As he was fleeing, Carmine ran into Jake's girlfriend Gabi Hernandez. Gabi grabbed Carmine's arm and recognized him from Philip Kiriakis's profile on him. Carmine denied who he was, but Gabi was sure it was him, and said she refused to let him pin Jed Zanetti's murder on Jake. Carmine sneered that Jake has bigger problems right now, tugged free of Gabi, and continued running.

Carmine showed up at the Kiriakis mansion to confront Philip and Ava Vitali. Philip demanded to know how Carmine got into the house. Carmine said someone in a monkey suit let him in. Philip said that Henderson wouldn't let him, and Carmine said he has to threaten him first. Ava asked what Carmine was doing there, and Carmine said they owe him and he is here to collect. Carmine blames them for him shooting Abe since they wanted him to pin Jeb Zenetti's murder on him.

Ava snaps that they never told him to come to Salem, and says Jake has been picked up and is probably singing like a canary. Carmine retorts that if the cops pick him up, he'll also sing like a canary about the two of them. Philip asks what Carmine wants, and he asks to be hid at the mansion until this blows over. Philip tells Carmine he'll have to think it over.

Carmine leaves to go to the washroom, and takes a tour around the mansion. When he comes back, Ava says she'll handle his accommodation. Carmine says she better, and Ava retorts that she may not be in the life anymore, but she is still Carmine's boss. Ava warns Carmine that she can till squash him like a bug, and tells him to come with her.

Ava takes Carmine back to her boyfriend Rafe Hernandez's house. She tells him to hide since Rafe'll be home soon. Carmine demands five star accommodations, threatening to take Ava down with him. Ava tells Carmine that she thought he was smart enough to not threaten her boss. Camine scoffs at the notion, and tells Ava she used to be able to wield a knife with the best of them, but now she uses it to cook, so he isn't scared of her anymore.

Ava tells Carmine to leave, but Carmine grabs Ava's scarf and threatens to wrap it around her neck. Suddenly, Carmine is spun around and fatally stabbed by Ava's undead son Charlie Dale. His body is later found by Rafe when he comes home.

Clay Snyder


Michael Lowry as Clay Snyder

Dr. Clay Snyder has been played by Michael Lowry since April 2021. Clay was Jan Spears doctor until she woke up from her coma, and was released from the hospital. Snyder was also hostile towards Tripp Johnson when he saw him touching Allie Horton's hand, believing he was being inappropriate.

Snyder lectured Tripp and said that their job is to treat patients and not comfort them. As Snyder turned away, Tripp mumbled that he thought it was supposed to be both, and Snyder slightly heard him.

Snyder started getting somewhat aggressive by poking Tripp's chest as he ordered him to keep his hands off his patients. Tripp's mother Ava Vitali came by and demanded Snyder take his hands off her sons.

Snyder told Tripp that he almost lost his career altogether, alluding to the fact that he had been falsely accused of rape. Ava snapped that Tripp had been cleared, and Snyder told Tripp that he had been given a second chance and not to blow it.

Snyder was later visited by Shawn Douglas Brady and Belle Black, who accused Jan of being awake from her coma and being involved in Charlie Dale's murder. Snyder was shocked and refused to believe it, but pulled up security footage which proved Jan was awake in the night of Charlie's murder. Snyder was shocked and said the hospital wasn't responsible for Jan's actions.

When Gwen Rizczech fell down the stairs and claimed it caused her miscarriage, she blamed her half-sister Abigail Deveraux. Snyder found Gwen's chart that confirmed she had a miscarriage before she fell down the stairs. Snyder used this information to blackmail Gwen, threatening to tell her father Jack Deveraux the truth.

Snyder was furious that both Jan and Gwen were attempting to make a fool out of him, so he forced Gwen into becoming his drug mule. Snyder also confronted Jan about her deception and revealed that Shawn and Belle has came to see him and forced him to pull up security footage that showed Jan was awake much sooner than she said she was.

It was, also, revealed that Dr. Kayla Brady has had problems with Snyder. The doctor got a taste of his own blackmail when Kate Roberts was faking her amnesia and blindness. Dr. Snyder figures it out, but Kate told him that she knew that he'd been in trouble with the hospital and since she is a member of the Hospital board, she would push him out of the hospital if he said anything.

Dimitri Von Leushcner


Pete Porte as Dimitri Von Leuschner

Dimitri Von Leuschner was played by Pete Porte. He is the cousin of Carly Manning and Frankie Brady. Dimitri posed as an ISA named Kyle Graham and teamed up with Billie Reed to find the Alamain family peacock. It actually belonged to the Von Leuschner family, and he wanted it back. He also teamed up with Drew Donovan, and they returned the Peacock to Sebastian Alamain.

Kyle and Drew were exposed, and Kyle revealed his real name as Dimitri, and explained that the peacock was part of Carly's dowry when she was supposed to marry Lawrence Alamain the first time, but even though the wedding never happened, the Alamain's never returned it. Sebastian pointed out that Carly and Lawrence did eventually get married, and that she later killed him. Dimitri still wanted his family heirloom back, but he and Drew were apprehended and sent to prison.

Ed Mitchell


Ed Mitchell was played by Richard Bramhall in July 2022. Ed is the governor of Salem in 2022, who plans to retire when his term ends in the fall. Ed is called to meet with Paulina Price and her husband Mayor Abe Carver. Paulina hopes that Ed will consider Abe a suitable replacement when his term ends. Before Ed could give an answer, he receives a phone call from convicted felon Orpheus, who lets Ed know he knows everything about him and wants to meet with him.

Ed got the meeting. Under the guise of checking on his prison form reprogram. Orpheus reminded the governor that his prison reform program was a scam, used to defraud taxpayers out of their money. Orpheus warns Ed that if this got out, he would spend the rest of his life in prison. Ed wanted to know what Orpheus wanted, and Orpheus said he wanted a full pardon for him and Evan Frears. Later, Orpheus called the Governor back and said he wanted him to give Kristen DiMera, Wilhelm Rolf, and Gwen Rizczech.



Frank was played by Michael Varde from March 10, 2022 to March 11, 2022. Frank is a drug dealer, who sold TR Coates some heroin. TR later forced Frank, at gunpoint, to help him hide the fact that he had shot Eli Grant TR then gave Frank an overdose of heroin, which killed him.



Greg was played by André Tempfer in July 2022. Greg attempted to rob Nicole Walker and Eric Brady. Eric had seen Greg try to steal from a tip jar earlier at Brady's Pub. Greg threw down Nicole and ran off. He tried to take Ava Vitali's engagement ring by gunpoint but Jake DiMera attempted to stop Greg who fatally shot him. Rafe Hernandez and Jada Hunter arrive, and Jada shoots and kills Greg.

Harrison Lord


Kevin Sizemore as Harrison Lord

Harrison Lord was played by Kevin Sizemore in flashbacks on September 15, 2021. He was the husband of Calista Lockhart and the brother-in-law of David and Bonnie Lockhart. Harrison worked at Buddies Burger Barn in the corporate office. In 2003, Buddies Burger Barn was running a promotional scratch ticket that could cause someone to win a million dollars. They did this to improve their sales and profit,

Harrison decided to take the lucky ticket, and have Bonnie scratch it and proclaim she won the million dollars. The deal was she would split it fifty-fifty with Calista and Harrison. Bonnie wasn't sure, so Harrison asked Calista to get them a Buddies meal while he tried to convince Bonnie.

Bonnie was worried about the cops coming after her, but Harrison assured her he'd handle anyone that came after her, and showed her the gun in his jacket pocket. Bonnie was bothered by this, and Harrison started coming onto Bonnie and then tried to rape her. Bonnie grabbed the gun from Harrison's jacket, and they struggled over it. The gun went off and Harrison was shot and killed.



Hutchins was played by Joe Basile on February 25, 2022 and April 14, 2021. He was one of three prison inmates who Ava Vitali had recruited to help her send Rafe Hernandez to prison by claiming he had falsified evidence against them.

Nicole Walker visited Hutchins, pretending to be Jennifer Horton. Nicole attempted to trick Hutchins into giving up Ava by saying she had proof and that Ava was going down. Hutchins could save himself by making a deal and testifying against her.

Hutchins implied that he is an old associate of Ava's by saying those that betray Ava end up dead like her old associate who ended up with a knife in his back. Nicole inquired Hutchins statement, and Hutchins backtracked. Melinda Trask came in to talk to Hutchins, and ratted Nicole out before ordering her to leave.

Jackie Cox


Drag Queen Jackie Cox (real name Darius Rose) played a fictionalized version of himself on April 20, 2021. Darius first appeared in the spin off Beyond Salem in September 2020. Jackie Cox debuted as Leo Stark's contact in trying to find the Alamain family's heirloom. Jackie and Leo later married offscreen, and conspired for him to seduce Craig Wesley, marry him, and then divorce him for money. However, Leo signed a prenup, so Jackie outed Leo at his wedding to Craig.

James Giddens


Terrell Tilford as James Giddens

James Giddens was played by Terrell Tilford in February 2020. James is the current district attorney of Salem. He tried to get Gabi Hernandez to cut a plea deal after she was arrested for attempting to kill Julie Olson Williams. Because she did it in public, James believed he had enough evidence to win against Gabi in court and throw in prison for a long time.

Jason Smith


Noel Gugliemi as Jason

Jason Smith was played by Noel Gugliemi in November and December 2021. He worked for Lucas Horton along with a man named Pete and held Sami Brady hostage in a Wisconsin cabin since August 2021.

In November, Sami knocks out Jason with a tray and takes his phone. She knocks him out again as he starts to wake up and gives Lucas her location. Lucas finds and rescues her but Jason gets away. Lucas later revealed he met Jason and Pete in prison, and found out they had a cabin in Wisconsin, so he paid them to keep Sami there.

When Jason was apprehended and brought in for questioning, he threatened to expose Lucas, who begged him not. Lucas promsied he would get him out of this mess, but Jason remain unconvinced. Jason told Lucas that he'll take him down unless he thinks of a better way for them to both walk out of there. Jason ends up claiming that Sami's husband EJ DiMera hired them, leading to his arrest.

Jed Zanetti


Jed Zanetti is a mentioned character. Years prior, Carmine Merlino and Jake DiMera were sent to rough up Jed and Carmine went too far and killed him. In 2021, Carmine claimed that Jake killed Jed.

Jimmy Giacomo


Jimmy Giacomo is a mentioned character. He is the father of Charlie Dale.

Judge Kirk Barnes


Judge Kirk Barnes is played by Jay DeVon Johnson Richard Steinmetz in January 2022. He presides over E.J. DiMera's trial regarding Sami Brady's kidnapping.

Judge Robert Smails


Judge Robert Smails is played by Richard Steinmetz in October 2021. Gwen Rizczech tried to proposition him to help Xander Kiriakis but her blackmail failed.



Luca was played by James Black in June 2020. Luca is the right hand man of Angelo Vitali that Jake Lambert worked for. Luca was tasked with supervising the return of the book that Jake had stolen. Luca was apprehended by Eli Grant and Lani Price, but was later released and left Salem after Jake handed over the book.

Miles Faversham

Ned Grainger


Ned Grainger is played by Chris Kalhoon in January 2022. He is a DiMera pilot, who was paid by Kristen DiMera to dropped Sarah Horton off on a DiMera owned island. Ned later disappeared, but was found and interrogated by Abigail DiMera and Xander Kiriakis. Ned was later paid to drop off Steve and Kayla Johnson. He later ended up dropping off Abigail as well. Tony DiMera and his wife Anna were friends with Ned and his wife, so he was able to get Ned to tell them the truth.

Ned later showed up in Salem, and demanded one million dollars from Gwen Rizczech since she was involved in Abigail's abduction. Gwen told Ned that if he could get Ava Vitali out of trouble, she could pay him. Ned went to the police station, posing as lawyer Saul Goodman. Ava recognized Ned, who told her his fee was pretty steep, but he was hired by Gwen to help her. Realizing what Gwen was up to, Ava smiled and hired "Saul".

Nurse Kessler

Sebastian Alamain

Sebastian Alamain NH.jpeg

Sebastian Alamain was played by Noah Huntley in Beyond Salem. He is a relative of the Alamain family that sought the return of the Alamain peacock. It was returned to him by agents Kyle Graham and Shane Donovan, but Shane was exposed as Shane's twin Drew Donovan and Kyle was his partner. Kyle revealed himself as Dimitri Von Leuschner, Carly Manning's cousin. The Alamain peacock was actually a Von Leuschner family heirloom that was supposed to be part of Carly's dowry when she and Lawrence Alamain got married the first time.

The Alamain family failed to return the peacock, and Sebastian points out that Carly and Lawrence did eventually get married before she later kills him, but Dimitri still wants it back. After Dimitri and Drew are apprehended, Sebastian invited Billie to have dinner with him at the Alamain castle.

Sophie Faversham


Adrienne Frantz as Sophie Faversham

Sophie Faversham was played by Y&R and B&B alumi Adrienne Frantz. Sophie and her husband Miles hosted sex parties at their mansion. Ben Weston and Ciara Brady. posed as Princess Gina Von Amberg and Austin Reed respectively. Sophie didn't buy the excuse as she met the real Austin at one point. She busted Ciara handcuffing Miles to the bed, and believed Ben and her were roleplaying, saying it was one of her favorite things to do.

Tiffany Rizczech


Emily O'Brien as Tiffany Riczchech

Tiffany Rizczech was played by Emily O'Brien in flashbacks on February 2, 2021. Tiffany was the mother of Gwen Rizczech. She worked as a cocktail waitress and had a one night stand with Jack Deveraux, who fathered Gwen.

Tiffany raised Gwen by herself for eight years when she decided to track Jack down, and make him pay child support. Tiffany found Jack in Salem, and went to the house he was staying at. Instead, she met Laura Horton. Tiffany explained how she knew Jack and that she was here to collect child support from him. Laura told Tiffany that she would have Jack contact her.

Instead, Laura met Tiffany at the Brady Pub, and posed as Jack's secretary. After asking Tiffany for proof of Gwen's existence, she paid Tiffany off. Tiffany showed some brief disappointment that Jack apparently didn't want to see his daughter. Tiffany accepted the money and told Laura to keep paying her, or she'll be back. Laura continued to send money to Tiffany until she died a few years later from a drug overdose, and her account was closed.

Warden Floyd


Warden Floyd was played by John Eric Bentley in March 2020. Floyd was the warden of Statesville prison and was present when Ben Weston was set to be executed for the murder of his half-sister Jordan Ridgeway. Dr. Marlena Evans fried tried to get the execution stalled since a lead in the true killer had been found, but Floyd refused.

Floyd was forced to stop the execution when Ciara Brady brought Evan Frears into the execution room at gunpoint and forced him to admit that he killed Jordan. Ben is at deaths door, but the doctor manages to revive him with adrenaline.

Warden J. Pettibone


Warden J. Pettibone was played by Cassandra Relynn on August 10, 2022. Pettibone was the warden of Statesville prison and was distracted by Sarah Horton causing an emergency causing her to leave Xander Kiriakis, who was posing as an Irish priest. Xander let Sarah into the room to break into Pettibone's computer.

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