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Maude Robicheaux
Eve Brenner As Maude Robicheaux
Days Of Our Lives
Current status Former, Recurring
Duration 2016
Cause/reason Dropped off the Canvas
Residence Unknown
Spouses Tim Robicheaux
Children John Black
Grandchildren Brady Black
Belle Black
Paul Narita
Great-grandchildren Claire Brady
Tate Black
Rachel Black

Maude Robicheaux is a character from the soap opera Days of Our Lives, portrayed By Eve Brenner in 2016.


Eduardo Hernandez first got the name of John Black's mother, Maude Robicheaux. She confirmed that John has been born John Robicheaux, and that she gave him for adoption after his father died. John drank the tea Maude had given him, and suddenly collapsed. A man entered, assuming John was out cold, but John suddenly sprang up and revealed he had been pretended to drink the tea. Maude tearfully confirmed that her story to John was true, and gave John a box of his father's things. John took a picture of the man, and refused to have any contact with his mother, hurt that she could betray him so easily.